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Avigilon Installer in Chicago, IL

Video surveillance and analytics solutions provider Avigilon has teamed up with Forbel – a frontrunner security system company located in Chicago, IL. As an Avigilon certified partner, Forbel supplies commercial organizations with reliable video security technologies enhanced by advanced AI and monitoring software to ensure unparalleled surveillance.

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Avigilon Certified Partner

Avigilon Security System is a high-end solution for video monitoring and analytics which seamlessly integrates with the majority of third-party video monitoring systems (VMS). As one of the best certified Avigilon installers, Forbel can adapt the implementation of Avigilon security solutions to your specific environment.

Avigilon offers sophisticated AI-powered systems for face recognition, motion detection, object tracking (across multiple devices), electronic access control and video analytics with lossless compression. In addition, the service comes with features like contact tracking, face mask detection, social distancing and even thermal screening.

Avigilon is equipped with a straightforward and intuitive interface that allows users to access and control live footage, review past recordings, and flag critical information.

Industries Using Avigilon ACC and Cameras

The best security solutions for our clients must be both effective and convenient. And we believe that only a few companies in the industry today have advanced in this department as much as Avigilon.

Forbel is a leading commercial security company that sets up alarm systems, electronic access controls and smart doors in any commercial environment. We are also certified Avigilon integration partners and can install these top-quality video surveillance solutions for any company in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Our team of vetted security experts will analyze your technological environment and install Avigilon video, cloud and access control solutions to protect your business. You can be confident that Forbel will find the optimal servers, software and places to set up video surveillance systems to negate any potential vulnerabilities.

As a qualified Avigilon CCTV installer, Forbel also offers training and education services. Our experts can teach your staff about the Avigilon video surveillance features so you can leverage this state of the art system to the fullest.

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Dedicated Service

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