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Feeling safe and secure is a top priority for everyone. With access control systems in Chicago, you will better protect your assets, employees, and visitors for a truly safe space. To secure your location today with access control in Chicago, Forbel’s team of experts is here to help.

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Access Control Systems from Chicago Certified Security Company

Forbel is the go-to security solutions provider in the Chicagoland area, expertly installing commercial access control in Chicago for customized, precise, and secure access. The systems we install allow for locations to have set authorized personnel who may enter and exit, avoiding anyone who isn’t permitted from gaining access to a facility. This way, a business can run smoothly without security personnel or clunky, hard-to-use technology that slows down the day.

The Importance of Commercial Access Control Systems

With safety being a focus for many these days, commercial access control in Chicago is a security solution gaining in popularity. These systems are essential to the safety of a commercial location, not only making the property safer day-to-day but working to minimize theft and monitor entry and exit from the location.

Electronic access control systems make monitoring a location simple, allowing only authorized individuals to gain access with efficient authorization methods. This way, your location only permits those you’ve authorized and no one else.

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Access Control Installation Services in the Chicago Area

We design, install, service and support security key for virtually any environment and application in Chicagoland area. Some of those system types include:

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IP-Based Access Control System

IP-Based Access Control System

With IP door access control systems, Forbel offers mobile control of doors, allowing you to maintain the security of your business while giving your team secure access to the area.

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Key Fob Entry Systems

Key Fob Entry Systems

Both secure and convenient, a key fob entry system expertly protects any building - from an office to a commercial property, apartment, or business.

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Web & Cloud-based Access Control Systems

Web & Cloud-based Access Control Systems

Forbel can help implement an easy-to-use yet scalable web-based access control system that allows you to remotely manage your security system for convenient monitoring.

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Proximity Card Door Entry Systems

Proximity Card Door Entry Systems

The proximity card reader system is ideal for a range of locations, from commercial properties to apartment complexes, office space, and businesses.

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Our Top-Rated Brands for Commercial Access Control

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The key to the best access control system installation is one that is efficient, effective, and fully integrated for seamless security. While a great deal of this comes down to a professional team leading the way, top-notch security also relies heavily on the make and design of the system itself. This is why our team at Forbel relies only on the best of the best brands when it comes to installing access control systems in Chicago.

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Industries We Serve

Access control in Chicago, IL is essential to a number of businesses, and our team at Forbel has experience with each. With extensive experience developing and installing electronic access control systems for a variety of industries, our experts work diligently to customize solutions to specific locations and needs for a truly secure environment.

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Our Installation Process

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It starts with an appointment. Call us at 847-595-1900 to speak with a Forbel consultant about your security needs and schedule a full consultation.

We provide you with a quote

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The right security solution must fall within your budget, so our team will come to assess your location and provide a quote based on your needs.

We install


We will schedule a day and arrive to install your new access control and fully integrate this security solution with any existing systems.

Why Our Clients Think We Are the Best Access Control Installers in Chicago

As a local business in the Chicagoland area, Forbel goes the extra mile to support our clients and neighbors with secure, reliable security solutions that keep businesses and properties safe. With a vast knowledge of the best security systems and brands, as well as an expert team to handle installation, we are proud to be the go-to access control installers in Chicago.

Honest Solutions

Our mission is to serve each and every client with a unique solution for their location. With this in mind, we only recommend what your property needs, with no frills or intense sales tactics.

Small, Local Business

At Forbel, we are proud of our Chicago roots and have a keen understanding of the city and surrounding neighborhoods to provide just the security solutions your property needs.

High Performance

We take the functionality of your commercial access control solutions in Chicago seriously, so we use only the best systems, brands and materials for each and every project.

Our Completed Access Control Projects

At Forbel, our work speaks for itself. With extensive experience installing a range of security solutions, we are proud to share our completed commercial access control systems in Chicago.

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Client's Reviews

Nick L.

My new facility has a few entry points, and I wanted to secure each, so Forbel equipped us with a great, convenient access control system. They integrated it with our existing security measures and took the time to explain just how it works - I highly recommend their team.

Kevin K.

Forbel installed an electronic door access control system at my new office incredibly efficiently, meeting the timelines they shared exactly for a really reliable installation. To make it better, they installed a system that actually makes a lot of sense to me, and I’m thankful for their patience in explaining it.

Cooper P.

I worked with Forbel in the past to install security cameras at my business and knew I could rely on them to integrate an access control system, too. They fully integrated it with the system they previously installed, and I know I will continue to go back to them for my security needs.

Want your business to be secured?

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FAQ About Access Control Integration in Chicago

What happens if a card is lost or stolen?

One of the great perks of an electronic key access control system is the convenience of handling any lost or stolen access cards. No matter what happens to a card, you can easily decommission that card and equip employees or residents with a new one, so they have secure control without anyone else gaining access. Plus, none of the locks will need to be changed like with a traditional system!

How much does an access control system cost?

The price of access control systems in Chicago depends on your unique location and needs. For instance, securing one door with an access control system versus five will impact the final cost. However, our team will work to provide an estimate in advance so you know just how much your security solution is estimated to cost. Contact us at 847-595-1900 to get started with your estimate today.

Do access control systems work when the power is out?

Great question! Relying on only the most premium systems and brands, we can ensure that your access control system will still work in the case the power goes out - keeping your property safe no matter what. Our experts will be happy to walk you through just how this is done, so you feel safe and secure.

What are the steps involved in creating an electronic access control system?

At Forbel, we make the process of installing an electronic door access control system simple. It starts with a consultation when you call us at 847-595-1900. Then, we will come to visit your property to better understand what solutions are best for you and to what scale. Then, our team will install your new solution, and voila - you’re all set and secure.

We will contact you within one business day.

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