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Access Control Installers

If you're looking for an access control installer in the Midwest, our Chicago-based team is here for you. We know that safety is the top priority for everyone, and our engineers can help with the integration and installation of your custom access control system on your property. From using blueprints to map the design to executing the project management of the access control system, at Forbel, we do it all.

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Access Control Systems from a Local Certified Security Company

Forbel is your go-to access control system installer for customized commercial solutions. We design access control systems in great detail to allow you to determine what personnel is authorized to enter and exit, helping to avoid anyone who isn't allowed from gaining facility access. This allows business owners to have peace of mind that access control is a nonissue for their company without the need to use clunky or difficult-to-manage technology.

Package room access security panel.
The Importance of Commercial Access Control Systems

The Importance of Access Control System for a Business

The right access control system is essential to the safety of your overall business. More and more companies are looking into professional access control installers to assist them in ensuring the safety of their commercial property around the clock. This can help to minimize theft and closely monitor entry and exit to the location.

Even if you want to provide remote access, we make the process simple. We allow authorized personnel to gain access with streamlined authorization methods and business owners can control access from anywhere.

The Importance of Access Control System for Multifamily Complexes and Condos

In addition to security systems and installing access control for commercial properties, we also work with multifamily complexes and condos. Through our multifamily security system design, we evaluate each property and make tailored recommendations to ensure that only authorized residents, staff, and visitors are able to access the right areas of the building. We use top-of-the-line access control hardware and control panels to make the process simple and easy for guests and visitors. Whether you're interested in using key fobs or card readers to grant access to the property, the whole process is easy with our team. Other access control installations could include using a cloud-based solution, mobile access control, keypads, or other solutions.

The Importance of Commercial Access Control Systems
how we can help

Access Control Installation Services Near You

We design, install, service, and support security keys for virtually any environment and application in the Midwest including Chicago and all surrounding suburbs, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Madison, and more. Before we install your access control system, we take the time to evaluate the access control needs of your property, something that we can do remotely. This allows us to provide our access control solutions to nearly any location in the United States. By looking at your property beforehand and having a better understanding of your needs, we can provide you with customized solutions that can give you peace of mind.

Before we control your access control system, our reliable subcontractors will go to your location before our Forbel technicians will follow up to ensure the entire system is installed properly. As one of the best access control installer companies in the area, we pride ourselves on ensuring that there are no security vulnerabilities that could impact your property.

Here are some of the residential and commercial security systems that we provide:

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IP-Based Access Control System

IP-Based Access Control System

With IP door access control systems, Forbel offers mobile control of doors, allowing you to maintain the security of your business while giving your team secure access to the area. If needed, we can quickly revoke access to former employees or to those who no longer need access to your building.

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Key Fob Entry Systems

Key Fob Entry Systems

Both secure and convenient, a key fob entry system expertly protects any building - from an office to a commercial property, apartment, or business. You will no longer need access to traditional keys and the fear of losing keys is no longer necessary.

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Web & Cloud-based Access Control Systems

Web & Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Forbel can help implement an easy-to-use yet scalable web-based access control system that allows you to remotely manage your security system for convenient monitoring. This means that your whole operation will be able to access your building from afar, as needed, an ideal access control solution if you're not constantly on-site at your building.

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Proximity Card Door Entry Systems

Proximity Card Door Entry Systems

The proximity card reader system is ideal for a range of locations, from commercial properties to apartment complexes, office space, and businesses.

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We Integrate Access Control Devices Into Designed Security Systems

Whether you run a business, oversee a facility, or are a property owner, security is top priority. One way to improve the security of your property is installing an access control system. If you don't know where to start, Forbel is here to help. We offer a comprehensive approach to access control system implementation. Not only do we provide a detailed assessment of your existing system, but we also handle design planning and procurement, CAD security systems design and engineering, security implementation, and project management and commissioning. Our expert team ensures clients can feel confident that their property is well-equipped with the right system to fit their needs.

Building security systems assessment
Design planning and procurement
CAD security systems design and engineering
Security implementation
Project management and commissioning
Building Security Systems AssessmentDesign Planning & ProcurementCAD Security Systems Design and EngineeringSecurity ImplementationProject Management & Commissioning
We will start by analyzing any access control and existing systems that you have in place to see what is working and where we can improve. This assessment gives us a baseline to help improve your overall level of security.
Once we have a better understanding of your current access control solution, we are able to better make recommendations and design plans, recommending specific products and solutions at various entry points throughout your property. One critical component that we never overlook is a fire alarm system.
We have a team of talented engineers and designers who will work with project managers and other people on our team to ensure that your access control is the right system for your property.
From there, we will assign an experienced installer to your property to handle the execution of your system installation. The specifics of your new system will dictate the timeline of our installation partners.
You won't have to lift a finger! Included in your access control system costs is the full installation process so you can rest assured that we can handle everything for you.

Our Top-Rated Brands for Commercial Access Control

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The key to the best access control system installation is one that is efficient, effective, and fully integrated for seamless security. While a great deal of this comes down to a professional team and access control installer leading the way, top-notch security also relies heavily on the make and design of the system itself. This is why our team at Forbel relies only on the best of the best brands in the security industry when it comes to installing access control systems in Chicago.

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Industries We Serve

Access control in Chicago, IL is essential to a number of businesses, and our team at Forbel has experience with each. With extensive experience developing and installing electronic access control systems for a variety of industries, our experts work diligently to customize solutions to specific locations and needs for a truly secure environment. From design to integration with your current system, we are here to help every step of the way.

This includes examples such as:

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Our Installation Process

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Before we start the installation process, you'll need to get in touch with us! We encourage you to call us directly at 847-595-1900 to speak with one of our Forbel consultants about your security needs. From there, we will collect more detailed information and schedule a full consultation.

We provide you with a quote

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We know that you're likely curious about the design and installation costs for your systems. In order to provide an accurate cost, our team will come to your location to assess your location and provide you with a quote.

We install


Once we have the information that you need, the installation process can begin! We will schedule a day and time to install your new access control system and make sure it integrates with any software or existing systems that you have in place.

Access Control Technologies We Use

The best access control installation systems use technologies that are commonly used for communication between various components of your access control system. Here is an overview of the technology often used to control access to your property:

Near Field Communication (NFC)

This is used when two NFC-enabled devices establish communication via an air interface by developing an electromagnetic induction field when they're brought near one another.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This is an IP-based system that occurs between IP-enabled smart devices. Through an internet connection, they establish communication with each other.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Information is stored on a tag that's attached to a carrier; when it comes near a reader device, it sends electromagnetic waves to read the information and allow or deny access to the information.

Physical Access Control System (PACS)

This uses personal information card verification and a card reader. It's often used for security-related areas, particularly in the government. It also uses two-step authentication.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

This uses cables that house data signals and power to supply access control to IP cameras, routers, access points, and more. It is a cost-effective addition to your security system.

Mobile Access Control

Mobile devices are turned into key fobs by installing an application on them. This establishes wireless technology communication.

Bluetooth Access Control

Bluetooth-enabled devices are in control of this system and data transfers between two devices through a frequency hopping spectrum spread radio interface.

Wired Access Control Technologies

These include traditional wiring solutions, PoE access, and CAT6 cable communication and it takes place through various communication protocols.

Wireless Access Control Technologies

This is a generalized category of technologies that are used including Bluetooth, RFID, mobile, NFC, and more.

Why Our Clients Think That We Are The Best Access Control Installers In the Midwest

As a local business in the Chicagoland area, Forbel goes the extra mile to support our clients and neighbors with secure, reliable security solutions that keep businesses and properties safe. With a vast knowledge of the best security systems and brands, as well as an expert team to handle installation, we are proud to be the go-to access control installers in Chicago.

Honest Solutions

Our mission is to serve each and every client with a unique solution for their location. With this in mind, we only recommend what your property needs, with no frills or intense sales tactics.

Small, Local Business

At Forbel, we are proud of our Chicago roots and have a keen understanding of the city and surrounding neighborhoods to provide just the security solutions your property needs.

High Performance

We take the functionality of your commercial access control solutions in Chicago seriously, so we use only the best systems, brands and materials for each and every project.

Our Completed Access Control Projects

At Forbel, our work speaks for itself. With extensive experience installing a range of security solutions, we are proud to share our completed commercial access control systems in Chicago.

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Client's Reviews

Nick L.

My new facility has a few entry points, and I wanted to secure each, so Forbel equipped us with a great, convenient access control system. They integrated it with our existing security measures and took the time to explain just how it works - I highly recommend their team.

Kevin K.

Forbel installed an electronic door access control system at my new office incredibly efficiently, meeting the timelines they shared exactly for a really reliable installation. To make it better, they installed a system that actually makes a lot of sense to me, and I’m thankful for their patience in explaining it.

Cooper P.

I worked with Forbel in the past to install security cameras at my business and knew I could rely on them to integrate an access control system, too. They fully integrated it with the system they previously installed, and I know I will continue to go back to them for my security needs.

Want your business to be secured?

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FAQ About Access Control Integration in Chicago

What is the most widely used access control method?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a security system. While some projects include access control installation, others might be a matter of integrating multiple existing systems together for more accuracy and ease of use. Our team is happy to work with you to figure out what's best

What are the challenges of access control?

As an access control installer, we know that there are some challenges that you and your business must overcome. There must be consistency and the option for various solutions that suit your needs. Other factors include determining your control model, improving your authorization measures, and providing flexibility when needed. We are here to help you overcome these challenges.

Which is the simplest way to break into an access control system?

There are many avenues for breaking into a system, but cloning RFID cards or passing along key fobs are only some examples. It's important that you choose the right installer to help walk you through these types of practices to minimize the chances of someone unwanted from breaking into your space.

How common is broken access control?

When using a server-based system and when the system has been installed properly, the chances of a break-in are low. The best installer will triple-check the system and make sure that it's functioning properly.

Is there a major disadvantage of an access control system?

There are no major downsides to having an access control system. Not only can it save time for your company and employees but it can give you much-needed peace of mind.

What is the main purpose of access control?

The main purpose is to keep your property secure and safe at all times. It allows you to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit your property during authorized times.

What are the best practices for using an access control system?

Your system should be updated, simple enough for everyone to understand, user-friendly, affordable, and effective. Make sure that you educate your staff or those coming in and out of your building so they understand how to use the system properly.

What happens if a card is lost or stolen?

One of the great perks of an electronic key access control system is the convenience of handling any lost or stolen access cards. No matter what happens to a card, you can easily decommission that card and equip employees or residents with a new one, so they have secure control without anyone else gaining access. Plus, none of the locks will need to be changed like with a traditional system!

How much does an access control system cost?

The price of access control systems in Chicago depends on your unique location and needs. For instance, securing one door with an access control system versus five will impact the final cost. However, our team will work to provide an estimate in advance so you know just how much your security solution is estimated to cost. Contact us at 847-595-1900 to get started with your estimate today.

Do access control systems work when the power is out?

Great question! Relying on only the most premium systems and brands, we can ensure that your access control system will still work in the case the power goes out - keeping your property safe no matter what. Our experts will be happy to walk you through just how this is done, so you feel safe and secure.

What are the steps involved in creating an electronic access control system?

At Forbel, we make the process of installing an electronic door access control system simple. It starts with a consultation when you call us at 847-595-1900. Then, we will come to visit your property to better understand what solutions are best for you and to what scale. Then, our team will install your new solution, and voila - you’re all set and secure.

A Chicago-Based Security System Design & Installation Company Servicing The Whole Midwest

Although we are headquartered in Chicago, we proudly serve many areas of the Midwest. We are a top security company that specializes in the design and integration of complex security systems, including custom systems, that include video surveillance, access control, fire alarms, and more. Our professional and experienced team of engineers can handle any of your security demands at an affordable price.

Mon – Fri: 08.00 am – 5.00 pm

No more fretting about the safety of your property. For trusted security solutions consulting, get in contact with our team at Forbel today. To begin on the journey to find your best security solutions, contact us at 847-595-1900 now.

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