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Doorbird Intercoms Installer in Chicago

Forbel is a local Chicagoland Doorbird certified partner and an installer of a high tech video intercom system that will allow you to monitor and control your gates, doors, entryways, and driveway gates with advanced security features. Complete with iPhone app integration, IP video, door stations and more, Doorbird is a sleek modern approach to video surveillance and entryway control.

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Doorbird Integration Partner

Security is increasingly important these days, but setting up an intercom system can be a time-consuming and costly hassle. As a professional installer and integrator of the Doorbird systems, Forbel can save your time and money by taking care of your video surveillance and intercom solutions for buildings with 6 and more units. Forbel can help you implement the Doorbird brand technology in the most aesthetically pleasing yet effective way for optimal surveillance and monitoring of your home.

If you’re constantly on the go but want to be able to easily monitor your home, and even control your home’s doors, without hassle, call us and we’ll have a Doorbird intercoms installer quickly and effectively set up a full solution for you based on your unique needs. No longer stress about wondering if you’ll be able to receive a package, if all your doors are locked, or if someone is chasing your home for possible burglary, with Forbel’s implementation of the Doorbird security system, you’ll rest easy.

DoorBird Intercom Features

The Doorbird Intercom Systems are some of the sleekest and most advanced security solutions on the market today, combining stunning aesthetics with robust features and functionality. While the visitor, delivery man, or tenant will see a minimalist interface, the multitude of features available to the user are far from simple. As Doorbird installers in Chicago, Forbel can help you take advantage of the following features:

  • Seamless intercom installation onto your existing door chime or older intercom.
  • A live feed via the app directly from the Doorbird intercoms to your phone.
  • Save and record any visitor interactions in the cloud, accessible from your app at any time.
  • 2 – way communication between your phone and the Doorbird intercom.
  • Contact up to 8 smartphones or tablets with push notifications with video and voice or IP phones via IP video or voice calls.
  • Record your exterior with HD video and 180º wide-eye hemispheric lens, infrared night vision, and bank-level encryption.
  • Connect to any and all doors in your home, including your door chime, garage opener, door opener, or gate to receive parcels at any place in your residence.
Intercom on wall with color features.

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Leave the hassle of wiring, installing, and setting up your new SureCall signal booster to us. With a commitment to safety and security and an expert team to match, we will work to secure your system to finally eliminate dropped calls and enhance data speeds.

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From the first consultation to on-site surveys and installation, we work with you every step of the way to produce the best solution for your business needs.

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We partner with you when setting up your SureCall amplifier, performing an analysis of your signal strength, and optimizing it for heightened cell phone service.

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