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Building Security System Design & Integration

When choosing security system design & engineering company, it is important to choose the best the world has to offer. For comprehensive turnkey solutions in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas, Forbel Alarm offers expertise and security assessment that will ensure your property is fully protected.

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Security System Design & Engineering

Business security design is a high priority for every type of business owner. When security designing and security engineering, it is key to consider the type of business, the layout of the facility, and the needs, which vary from business to business. Every business owner wants to safeguard their assets, and this begins with cost savings while not compromising the security goals, discretion, flexibility, and efficiency of the security system that has been uniquely designed. Technical security is a key component of ensuring the best security results for all types of commercial properties.

Video Surveillance from Chicago Certified Security Company
Why are Commercial CCTV Systems Important for your Business?

Why Is a Security System Consultant Important for Your Building?

When you need a CCTV system, electronic access control system installation, a fire alarm, or any other security system installation, you can turn to any installer in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas. However, more complex facilities require customization and planning that few can perform. For example, the security system design and engineering process at a medical facility, a warehouse, a vast multi-family apartment building, or a building under construction must be performed by an experienced team that can make all security assessments and considers the best options for your property.

Forbel Alarm is a highly professional team of technical security specialists, designers, and engineers who come together to design the right security system for your business. We specialize in turnkey security solutions and will manage your project from start to finish, commissioning the best security systems that will perfectly suit your needs.

Technical Security Systems Consulting Services

Our security design process includes several separate services of technical security and security engineering for maximum results. We lay out a comprehensive security system plan and set up achievable goals to offer the service that will enhance your design security system.

Building Security Systems Assessment
Design Planning & Procurement
CAD Security Systems Design and Engineering
Security Implementation
Project Management & Commissioning
Building Security Systems AssessmentDesign Planning & ProcurementCAD Security Systems Design and EngineeringSecurity ImplementationProject Management & Commissioning
The first step when designing a security system must be the technical security assessment which is a key component of the consulting process. Site surveys must be conducted to best analyze the type of security system that each facility requires. We define the security needs and the critical points of your existing system to identify future opportunities for more efficient security performance.
A security specialist will outline a security system plan and guide you on what equipment to use and where to install it. A security system layout plan will cover video surveillance, intercoms and door entry, fire alarms, electronic access control, and an all-encompassing commercial audio/video and other security features to ensure your property is safe. Forbel works with the best equipment brands. We communicate with our clients to define their exact security needs, suggest the best security solutions, and lay out the basic drawings of the future project so our clients can visualize the security goal.
In the same way, as no one would build a house without an architect, security specialists are the architects of your security system. At Forbel we use computer-aided drawings to map out alarm system designs, access control system designs, video surveillance designs, and role-based access control system designs so you can envision your security goals. We work with our clients to modify as we go along to ensure that the security documents we have prepared align with the security needs of our clients. When preparing CADs for our clients, we make sure they are easily understood, and we maintain control over the sensitive information to ensure total privacy.
Once all the drawings have been presented and approved, we move on to the next phase — security implementation. We coordinate with our clients, and we cooperate with security equipment suppliers and installers, to provide the best integrated security systems with winning results. It is our business model to ensure we offer superior service coupled with security equipment and integrated systems that our clients can completely rely on.
We manage every project with attention to detail from start to finish. We are in constant communication with developers, contractors, designers, architects, elevator installers, electricians, and suppliers to ensure the smooth implementation of every security system design. Our priority is to ensure that the project yields the best results and that all equipment is installed in full accordance with legal requirements, blueprints, and architectural and design layouts in mind.

We Work with the Best Security Equipment Brands in the Business

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At Forbel we are dedicated to our clients and our service, and we work with only the most reliable security equipment distributors. We understand that security is of the utmost importance, having the right security system and using the right products matters. We rely on the best security technologies provided by the strongest brands to ensure your facility’s protection.

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Industries we serve

At Forbel Alarm we recognize that it doesn’t matter what type of commercial property you own or manage, the potential risks are present. The only way to mitigate the dangerous situations that may arise is to rely on a trustworthy company that understands the uniqueness of each industry. Multifamily complexes, office buildings, warehouses, medical facilities, commercial properties, new constructions, new home developments, and other facilities have their unique security challenges that we meet head-on to design the most efficient security system that will serve your property. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the different security requirements to ensure your property, your employees, your clients, and your assets are protected.

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Why Our Clients Think We Are the Best Security System Design Consultants Across the Midwest

As a local Chicago security solution company with over a decade of experience, our team at Forbel has cemented themselves as the go-to experts in the field of security and security design and consultation. We work with the most reliable security brands and the most talented local installers to bring forth an impeccable service that is trustworthy and superior.

At Forbel Alarm we understand the unique security challenges that companies face these days. Security planning and design are of the utmost priority for all types of businesses, whether you manage or own a multifamily complex, a medical facility, a retail store, a warehouse, an office building, and any other type of commercial property, big or small.

Commercial security system design involves intricate assessment plans that range from security cameras to access control solutions and everything in between to find the exact security system layout plan that will unambiguously cater to your commercial needs. When it comes to security, all businesses can be vulnerable, and it is important to take on a proactive role to ensure that your facility, your employees, your clients, your goods, and the integrity of your business are protected and safeguarded by the best.


We only have one Mother Earth, so we are doing our part to take care of her. All of our services operate on key sustainability principles.

Helping Small Businesses

Don’t mistake small for inexperienced! Yes, we are a small business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide services that are reliable, budget-friendly and efficient.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Finally, with +10 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes for a system to be successful.

Our Completed Turnkey Security Solutions Projects

With over a decade of expertise in the security world, Forbel is a beacon in the Chicago area and the surrounding cities. We are a team of trustworthy security system design consultants who will transform your facility to make it as secure as you require. Our security solutions are a stellar example of turnkey solutions with immediate results to protect what matters to you.

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Client's Reviews

Tim G.

FIf you’re looking for office security systems at a competitive price, Forbel is it! They installed multiple security systems at my business and had insights into all of the options on the market. They made it easy for me as a new business owner.

Wendy T.

If you’re looking for office security systems at a competitive price, Forbel is it! They installed multiple security systems at my business and had insights into all of the options on the market. They made it easy for me as a new business owner.

Chicago Intermodal Transportation

I’ve a great day and easy experience with Forbel and there weren’t any hassles to deal with. They were upfront and honest about anything regard cost. I’ve a great day and easy experience with Forbel and there weren’t any hassles to deal with.

Want your business to be secured?

Want your business to be secured?

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FAQ: Security System Design Consultants

What is a security system design?

Security systems design allows for security directors, consultants, installation managers, and facility managers to come together to compile the best security model for each property.

What are the key elements of a security system design?

The key elements of a security design include interdisciplinary coordination, specifications, digital drawings, product selection, project, and client management.

What is a technical security assessment?

A technical security assessment incorporates a range of security tests, assessments, and audits to identify security risks and vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

Why do we need engineering blueprints for security systems installation?

Engineering blueprints allow security system designers and consultants to design the most accurate turnkey security solution for each facility using the technical drawings to identify vulnerabilities.

Areas We Serve

Headquartered in Chicago, Forbel provides its security system design & consulting services throughout the whole United States but mainly in the following areas:

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No more fretting about the safety of your property. For trusted security solutions consulting in Indianapolis, get in contact with our team at Forbel today. To begin on the journey to find your best security solutions, contact us at 847-595-1900 now.

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