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Yale Access Control System Design & Integration in Chicago, IL

Forbel (Alarms) is a Chicago-based, top-grade security system design and engineering company. We specialize in turn-key security solutions for multi-family complexes, medical offices, and even commercial buildings. We work with developers, property managers, architects, and contractors. At Forbel, we are always in partnership with the best local installers who provide door lock installation services for our projects. We understand that doing the best job means partnering with the best in the industry and Yale is one of them. For almost ten years, we’ve been using Yale smart locks as complete access system solutions for hundreds of our satisfied clients, not only in Chicago but also across the whole Midwest.

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Yale Certified Partner in Chicago

At Forbel, we partner readily with Yale, a part of the ASSA ABLOY group for door lock installations. Yale lock installation is a tested and trusted smart lock innovation providing the best security access systems for businesses and multifamily complexes.

Popular among our services is the nest Yale lock installation. We obtain our materials from integrated Yale door lock distributors across Chicago and the Midwest at large.

Yale Access Control Security Solutions & Benefits

Yale’s security solution is smart, convenient, and secure. Yale Accentra is the single system that grants different users mobile access to Yale door locks using cloud-based software. Yale Accentra enables multifamily access control and multiple security access systems for businesses. The Yale locking system also enables smart lock control from any part of the world.

Yale Accentra™

Yale Accentra™

Accentra is Yale’s cloud-based wireless access control technology. Through Yale connect, Accentra helps users manage access rights and customize system settings for their nest Yale lock installation.

Yale Accentra™ is the perfect smart lock door solution for convenient and secure access to multi-family or business properties through a single Yale digital door lock installation system.

Access updates can be applied instantly through the mobile access app or an online updater. The Yale smart lock installation system also saves you the hassle and cost of managing or accessing every door in your building with keys.

Yale Accentra™ is the perfect smart lock door solution for convenient and secure access to multi-family or business properties through a single Yale digital door lock installation system.

Access updates can be applied instantly through the mobile access app or an online updater. The Yale smart lock installation system also saves you the hassle and cost of managing or accessing every door in your building with keys.

Access Control for Property Managers

Access Control for Property Managers

Yale locks also present property managers with swift access to all of the properties they are managing. As a property manager, you stand to gain the following benefits by using Yale smart lock installation:

  • Immediate access to doors during emergencies
  • Access to your entire security system from any connected device
  • Ability to set up a secure smart lock solution for a building within seconds
  • Less hassle dealing with outdated physical keys

Access Control for Developers

Access Control for Developers

Homes with smart features are becoming highly sought after by both renters and homeowners, which is why developers that install wifi locks and access control systems are making a solid investment in the homes they build. Modern tenants want advanced features as well as the benefits that come with those features, including:

  • One simple, easy-to-use system that provides access to the entire property
  • Smart lock door emergency access for first responders
  • Ability to control home locks and more with the touch of a connected device
  • Peace of mind that comes from cutting-edge tech and security features

Access Control for Condo & Multi-Family Properties

Access Control for Condo & Multi-Family Properties

Yale door locks are ideal for multifamily access control. They are also suitable for use in condo access control systems. Increasingly, residential apartments are switching to smart lock door solutions – from WiFi locks to voice-activated locks, app-controlled locks, and many more.

Yale smart lock installation offers top-notch security while granting the convenience and swift control that every homeowner desires. Moreover, Yale locks allow for one thing many other smart locks do not offer – multifamily access control.

Yale Access Control Security Solutions for Business or Multifamily Property

Yale presents users with integrated, convenient, modern, secure, and innovative access control solutions. Yale’s technologies include the Yale Accentra™, Yale Connect, nest Yale lock installation, and many more. All of these are suitable for creating condo access control systems, business security systems, and multifamily access control. All of Yale's smart lock systems are easy to install and manage.
Yale Accentra™ employs cloud-based software which makes handing out or revoking access feasible and permits multiple access.

NexTouch Cylindrical Keypad Lock

The nexTouch Cylindrical Keypad Lock combines modern smart lock features and access control technology with the typical heavy door lock installation design of conventional locks. The lock features a heavy-duty design and ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certification.
The nexTouch Cylindrical Keypad Lock presents the following benefits:

  • Free-wheeling lever style that is highly resistant to break-ins
  • Can be seamlessly upgraded into from retrofits mechanical cylindrical locks
  • Easy to clean and disinfect using common household cleaning products
  • Perfect for offices, restrooms, and storage closets

NexTouch Sectional Mortise Keypad Lock

The robust security, decorative lever styles, and beautiful finishes of the nexTouch Sectional Mortise Keypad Locks make them feasible for use in commercial and residential buildings. You can customize your nexTouch Sectional Mortise to come with its unique Yale door lock finish.
The ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified smart lock comes with the following benefits:

  • All of nexTouch’s original features present in an attractive mortise design
  • Modular technology that allows for convenient upgrade to wireless or data-on-card functionality
  • Available in several decorative levers and a variety of finishes
  • The Yale lock is available as keyed, keyless, and with or without a Yale deadbolt lock
  • Suitable for commercial, multi-family, and assisted living situations

NexTouch Keypad Exit Trim

The nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim is the perfect Yale lock for achieving keyless entry and exit without sabotaging security. This smart lock is suitable for heavily trafficked exits such as delivery doors and stairwells and is therefore very suitable for use in commercial facilities.
The main features of nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim are:

  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certification promising reliability and long life
  • Easy-to-use access control that works well for heavily trafficked exits and grants optimum security
  • Retrofit-friendly technology that can be installed on exits that once had mechanical door locks
  • Fit for installation on many push pad exit devices, including those from other smart lock door models.
  • Key-free convenience that eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining keys

Yale Assure Interconnected Lock

The Yale Assure Interconnected Lock features a technology that makes it the best fit for panic-proof exits. It combines the passage lever and electronic deadbolt system. When used, the latch bolt and deadbolt are retracted simultaneously to grant swift exit.
Yale Assure Interconnected Lock is available in 12 lever styles and can be standalone, or with Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-wave configurations. The Yale lock is fit for multi-family complexes, public restrooms, assisted living facilities, and offices.

Yale Assure Deadbolts

The Yale Assure Deadbolt creates a smarter way of locking and unlocking your deadbolt door. You wouldn’t need to carry your keys around again as you can control the lock using the backlit touchscreen keypad.
The Yale deadbolt lock allows you to create unique entry codes for friends and family members. These codes can be changed anytime for optimum security.
The smart lock is suitable for multi-family complexes, offices, public restrooms, and assisted living facilities.

Why Choose Forbel?

Yale Certified Partner in Chicago

Full-Scale Project Management

When we say "turn-key," we mean you won't have to lift a finger. With Forbel you'll experience in full what it means to let a professional team take care of your "security question." Forbel offers full-scale project management for all your security systems. Choose Forbel for complete peace of mind that your security system is up-to-date and working optimally!

Remote Security System Assessment

We offer an onsite/remote technical assessment of your existing security system or site survey that helps ensure the best solution for your specific architecture, business, and industry needs. Our team of experts will provide you with up-to-date advice on the best security solutions for your individual needs. Count on us to make sure all your security system needs are met!

Planning and Procurement

No need to worry about procurement and finding good installers. Forbel will take care of everything. Being an official distributor of Eagle Eye brand concerning surveillance systems and many other well-known brands of other security systems, you can rest assured you'll get the best options on the market!


No need to mention that we're a company widely known for our quality focus. Learn what our customers say about us and will have no doubts left.

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What is Yale Access Module?

The Yale Access Module allows a Yale door lock user access to a better Bluetooth experience. The app alongside the Yale Access Kit allows users to unlock doors, use door position sensing, and remote access through the Yale Connect WiFi bridge.

Does Yale Smart Lock require a subscription?

There are no monthly fees or subscriptions required to use Yale door locks.

How Does the Yale Access app work?

The Yale Access App helps you manage your Yale smart lock products from your mobile device. The app allows you to use the auto-unlock function and also works with other smart features such as the Yale Connect Bridge, to which your Smart lock must be connected, and the Yale Smart Keypad.

How Can I Control my Yale Lock from My Phone?

With the Yale Access App, you can control all your Yale locks from your mobile device. You should download the Yale Access App and follow all of the guidelines on Yale’s website for installing and managing the app.


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