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Commercial Security System Retrofitting

Elevate Your Existing Security Infrastructure

In the ever-changing landscape of security threats, it's essential to stay updated. With Forbel's security system retrofitting, you don't just upgrade; you elevate. Seamlessly integrating the old with the new, our retrofitting services are an essential part of our turnkey solution, ensuring you harness the best of both worlds without compromise.


Why a Security System Upgrade Is Crucial for Every Business

In an age where security threats are both diverse and constantly evolving, businesses can't afford to lag behind. Upgrading security systems isn't merely about staying current; it's about proactively defending your business assets, data, and personnel. Here's why it's non-negotiable:

  1. Adapting to Emerging Threats: As technology advances, so do the tactics of those with malicious intentions. Regular upgrades help businesses stay ahead of potential security breaches.
  2. Optimized Functionality: Older systems can suffer from wear and tear or become obsolete, which compromises their efficacy. Upgrades ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Industries, especially those dealing with sensitive data, often face stringent regulatory standards. Regular system upgrades help maintain compliance and avoid potential legal repercussions.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Over time, maintaining outdated systems can become more expensive due to repair needs or inefficiencies. Upgrades, though an investment, can lead to long-term savings.
  5. Enhanced Features: Newer security systems often come with enhanced features and offer improved monitoring, analytics, and user-friendly interfaces. This results in a more comprehensive security approach.
  6. Integration Capabilities: Modern security systems are designed for seamless integration with other technologies, allowing businesses to have a unified, holistic security approach.
  7. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your business is safeguarded with the latest security technology provides immeasurable peace of mind to stakeholders, employees, and clients alike.

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Security Systems We Help Upgrade

At Forbel, we offer comprehensive solutions that empower you to fortify your security infrastructure. From cutting-edge video surveillance to state-of-the-art electronic access control and more, we're your partner in safeguarding what matters most. Explore our services below to discover how we can elevate your security measures.


Video Surveillance

Upgrading your video surveillance system is key in today's dynamic threat environment. Our team will help you transition from outdated cameras to high-resolution, smart monitoring devices. Rest assured that enhanced features like motion detection, night vision, and cloud storage ensure that every moment is captured with pristine clarity.

Electronic Access Control

Take charge of who enters and exits your premises at any time. Upgrading to a state-of-the-art electronic access control system ensures restricted areas remain off-limits. With features like biometrics, smart card readers, and mobile credentials, you get to enhance security while streamlining accessibility for authorized individuals.

Intrusion Detection

Break-in tactics are evolving, and so should your defenses. Retrofitting your intrusion detection system with Forbel means integrating advanced sensors, motion detectors, and wireless connectivity. This ensures quicker response times and real-time alerts, helping to fortify your property against modern security threats.

Fire Alarms

Even a slight delay in fire detection can be catastrophic. Upgrading your fire alarm system with us means incorporating the latest in smoke and heat detection technologies. Enhanced synchronization with sprinkler systems and instant connectivity to emergency services guarantees a rapid response to safeguard both assets and lives.

Intercoms & Door Entry

Communication is vital for security. Modernize your intercom and door entry systems to ensure crisp audio, clear video feeds, and seamless integration with other security components. Whether it's screening visitors or ensuring secure deliveries, upgrade to a system that’s robust and reliable.

Our Retrofitting Process

1. Evaluation of the Existing System

Before initiating the retrofitting, we'll thoroughly assess your existing wired security system. This step helps us understand the current state of your home security and identify areas that need improvement.

2. Planning the Upgrade

Based on the evaluation, we draft a strategic plan that outlines the integration of smart devices, alarm systems, and potential wireless additions. This ensures that the proposed upgrades align with your security objectives.

3. Integration and Monitoring Solutions

Modern security needs go beyond traditional alarm systems. Our team integrates advanced monitoring solutions to keep a vigilant eye on every corner of your business, enhancing the responsiveness of your security system.

Security installation

4. Cost Analysis

Upgrading doesn’t always mean escalating costs. We break down the expenses to show you how retrofitting can lead to long-term saving benefits, especially when considering the repair costs of outdated systems.

system Integration

5. Installation of Advanced Systems

This step involves seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art security devices with your existing system, be it upgrading from wired home security systems to a combination of wired and wireless, or enhancing alarm responsiveness.

system Integration

6. Testing and Support

Once the upgrade is complete, our team tests the system rigorously. This ensures flawless functioning, and we don't leave you to figure things out alone. Plus, our phone support line is always available to homeowners with questions or needs.

system Integration

7. Continuous Monitoring and Feedback Loop

Post-installation, our services don't just end. We continuously monitor the efficiency of the retrofitting, ensuring the alarm and security systems are always at their best. Regular feedback is sought, and any tweaks or adjustments are made promptly.

Who Will Benefit from Security System Retrofitting?

Our retrofitting solutions cater to a range of industries, each with its unique needs. Explore our tailored solutions to stay ahead in your industry, ensuring safety, trust, and efficiency.

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Commercial Offices

Modern businesses require modern security solutions. Retrofitting ensures commercial spaces stay ahead of evolving threats, providing tenants, employees, and clients with an environment that’s not just productive, but also protected.

Multifamily Apartment Complexes and Condos

Multifamily Complexes

For residents to truly feel at home, safety is essential. Upgrading existing security measures in multifamily complexes offers residents peace of mind, while property managers benefit from streamlined operations and enhanced trust.

Medical Facilities


With valuable inventory and assets, warehouses can be prime targets. Retrofitting bolsters defense mechanisms, reducing risks of theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access. Advanced systems also streamline inventory tracking and enhance operational efficiency.

Office Buildings

Educational Institutions

Learning environments deserve the best protection. Upgrading security systems in educational settings helps safeguard students and staff and ensures a conducive environment for learning that's free from external threats.

Manufacturing Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

In spaces where well-being is the primary focus, security shouldn't be a concern. Retrofitting in healthcare facilities ensures patients, staff, and sensitive medical equipment are shielded from potential security breaches.

Medical Facilities

Manufacturing Units

Efficiency and safety go hand-in-hand in manufacturing. Upgrading security mechanisms ensures the integrity of production lines, protects intellectual property, and keeps workers safe. This contributes to smooth operations and trusted products.

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Why Choose Forbel?

Vast Experience & Expertise

With 10+ years of experience under our belt, Forbel has a deep understanding of diverse security landscapes, ensuring we tailor upgrades that fit each client's unique context.

Turnkey Solutions Approach

We don't just upgrade; we offer a holistic approach, ensuring every security facet—from installation to integration — is addressed, providing a seamless security experience.

Latest Technological Insights

In the fast-evolving world of security, we stay ahead. Our team is constantly trained on the latest advancements, guaranteeing you get state-of-the-art solutions.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

We understand the importance of budgeting. Our retrofitting solutions aim to leverage your existing system to its maximum potential, saving costs while enhancing security.

Client's Reviews

Gina L.

I had never explored CCTV systems before for my store but decided to after a string of burglaries. Forbel handled the installation process efficiently, finally making my store feel secure, and we haven’t had an issue since. They are the best security service near me!

Taylor J.

If you’re looking for affordable installation of CCTV camera solutions, Forbel has it! Their team was really knowledgeable and provided a quote that was right within my budget, which was hard to come by in Chicago. They made my project feel like a priority, which I really appreciated.

John F.

Forbel offers the best service - I swear by them! Their team worked efficiently after assessing my property to provide an estimate and then installed my new camera system quickly, I was really impressed.

Explore Our Comprehensive Services

Along with site surveys, Forbel offers a variety of security services. Explore our offerings and fortify every facet of your premises.

Security System Installation
Security System Integration
Security System Design
Security System Assessment


How do I know if my current security system needs retrofitting?

Signs include outdated technology, frequent false alarms, or security vulnerabilities. A security assessment by professionals can determine if retrofitting is necessary for your specific situation. Get a free assessment at Forbel!

Can I customize my security system retrofit to meet my specific needs?

Absolutely! Retrofitting solutions are tailored to your unique requirements. You can choose from a range of options, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and more, to create a customized solution.

What's the typical timeline for a security system retrofitting project?

The timeline varies based on the complexity of the retrofit and the scope of work. Small-scale retrofits can be completed in days, while larger projects may take weeks. Your security provider will provide a more accurate estimate during the assessment phase.

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