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Authorized ButterflyMX Installer in Chicago, IL

Forbel is a local installer and integrator of the ButterflyMX security systems for the Chicago area. Offering installation and integration of this advanced video intercom, security app, and property management tool, our security experts ensure your space is safe and secure. The ButterflyMX intercom adds both security and convenience to any Chicago condo building, easing both residents' and managers’ minds.

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ButterflyMX Certified Installer in Chicago, IL

Whether you’re searching for a new security system or just want to update your existing network, our expert ButterflyMX-certified installer will assist. By creating a custom solution built for your needs, we will equip you with the ideal access control systems for your building. Contact us at Forbel today to learn more!

ButterflyMX Security Solutions

There are several ways in which the ButterflyMX intercom system can elevate your property access and security equipment. With a host of different elements, here’s what you can expect from a ButterflyMX installation.

Video Intercoms

For high-tech property access experiences for residents, visitors, and staff, video intercoms make a world of difference. Easily incorporated at door entries or gates, tenants and staff can open locked entries from their smartphones or computers with ease. Connected through a control system, these virtual keys make entry to the building more secure and convenient.

The video intercoms are built to withstand weather conditions, ensuring they withstand the test of time and are ready to use, no matter what. With video calling and virtual keys, plus a resident directory and access pins, they make your building’s security easy to navigate, yet secure.

Elevator Controls

The ButterflyMX intercom system additionally allows for elevator controls. This means permitted users can unlock key-fobbed elevators from the mobile app, bringing all your security-related technology together for seamless use.

This system works once a resident permits property access, temporarily unlocking the key-fobbed elevator for a set period of time to allow for a guest or permitted visitor’s entry into the building, without a bunch of different roadblocks.

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Smart Access for Multifamily Properties in Chicago

When it comes to multi-family properties, a ButterflyMX system can make a world of difference. This technology will enhance the building’s security while allowing for more ease for tenants when entering, exiting, and permitting others to do the same.

Benefits for Developers & Owners

Benefits for Developers & Owners

There are many reasons a developer or owner can benefit from turning to a video intercom contractor. The ButterflyMX system can do a great deal to cut installation costs due to its elimination of building wiring and in-unit hardware. In fact, the system requires just three wires - internet, power, and door strike. Additionally, the ButterflyMX intercom system helps maximize NOI with an in-demand amenity.

Benefits for Property Management

Benefits for Property Management

Property Managers will be able to elevate their resident’s experience while enhancing their safety. Features include the ability to review all door release events with the time-stamped photos stored for 365 days, managing permissions for tenants and couriers, and integration with property management software. 

Benefits for Residents

Benefits for Residents

With the fully-integrated smartphone app, residents can unlock the front door with their phones, see a video of who is trying to access the building before letting them in, send friends and family virtual “keys,” to access the building, unlock their key-fobbed elevator through the app, and even use voice controls to unlock their doors. 

This system can be integrated into several ways, including:

  • Enabled for Siri and Lexa to open doors with voice commands.
  • Apps like Mobile Doorman, Realpage, RentManager, Stratis, and more. 

Who Else Will Benefit from ButterflyMX Installation?

Multi-family units are not the only ones that can benefit from the ButterflyMX intercom system. In fact, there are a number of different industries and property owners that can utilize these access control systems. Let’s break it down. 

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial office buildings have plenty of different personnel going in and out, and with a ButterflyMX system, they can not only have convenient access as permitted but owners and overseers can have clear documentation of who is there and when for additional safety monitoring.


Warehouses are typically home to a host of new products and important tools. To ensure the safety of these buildings and the equipment that lays within, a ButterflyMX certified installer can ensure every entrance and gate is secure, providing you with visibility to see the comings and goings, no matter where you are.

intercom Manufacturing 


Ensure you understand who enters and exits a manufacturing building with ButterflyMX. The daily monitoring this system can provide not only keeps the space secure, but can identify any inefficiencies occurring, and prevent unauthorized entry to the building.

intercom school


With so many of our loved ones and the future of our world within a school’s walls, protecting children is a top priority. Thankfully, a ButterflyMX system can ensure both education professionals and school children stay safe with access controls that identify unlawful behaviors from unauthorized entry, and can even recognize potentially life-threatening situations.


With building sites having many moving parts, ensure that only employees enter the area with ButterflyMX. This will help not only ensure that only authorized personnel enter but allow overseers to monitor their actions, too. This can help prevent equipment loss, and provide video evidence if lawsuits arise.

Why Choose Forbel?

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Full-Scale Project Management

When we say "turn-key," we mean you won't have to lift a finger. With Forbel you'll experience in full what it means to let a professional team take care of your "security question." Forbel offers full-scale project management for all your security systems. Choose Forbel for complete peace of mind that your security system is up-to-date and working optimally!

Remote Security System Assessment

We offer an onsite/remote technical assessment of your existing security system or site survey that helps ensure the best solution for your specific architecture, business, and industry needs. Our team of experts will provide you with up-to-date advice on the best security solutions for your individual needs. Count on us to make sure all your security system needs are met!

Planning and Procurement

No need to worry about procurement and finding good installers. Forbel will take care of everything. Being an official distributor of Eagle Eye brand concerning surveillance systems and many other well-known brands of other security systems, you can rest assured you'll get the best options on the market!


No need to mention that we're a company widely known for our quality focus. Learn what our customers say about us and will have no doubts left.

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Does ButterflyMX require a dedicated internet account?

Great question! In some cases, a ButterflyMX-certified system will require a dedicated internet account. This is because when multiple networked products share one internet account, there may not be enough bandwidth to support them all. With a dedicated internet account, you can ensure you have the minimum network requirements needed for the system to run smoothly.

Why is a UPS device required?

Due to the fact that a ButterflyMX intercom is a complete Windows computer, it does require its own Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. This device allows the intercom to have constant power. Since this is an IT asset, having a UPS device is essential. 

How do ButterflyMX virtual keys work?

Understanding the ButterflyMX virtual keys is essential. These work pretty simply, with virtual keys being conveniently shared through text or email. Your guest will then receive the key in the form of a QR code with associated instructions on how to use it. To use it, all a visitor must do is click “Virtual Key” on the ButterflyMX and present their QR code to the intercom. 


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