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Office Security Systems in Chicago, IL

When was the last time you checked your office security cameras? Or maybe you aren't sure if you have any. Commercial access control is an essential part of running and operating a safe and secure business. Whether you need to improve your key card systems or you're hoping to leverage integrated access control, our team at Forbel is here to help.

See how the right commercial security system can give you peace of mind and protect your property. 

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Why Does Security In Offices Matter?

There are many reasons that you need to protect your commercial buildings. We've outlined only some of them:

  • Protect your assets: Your office contains valuable assets such as computers, data, and equipment that need to be protected from theft, damage, or unauthorized access.
  • Keep employees safe: Your business wouldn't operate without your employees so their safety and well-being are paramount. A secure office environment can protect employees from harm, harassment, or violence.
  • Comply with regulations: Many industries are subject to regulations that require them to implement certain security measures. For example, healthcare providers must protect patient data under HIPAA regulations, while financial institutions must comply with FDIC and SEC regulations.
  • Business continuity: Security incidents such as theft, vandalism, or cyber-attacks can disrupt business operations and result in financial losses. With a comprehensive security plan, you can minimize the impact of these incidents and ensure business continuity.
  • Manage your reputation: The last thing you want is a security intrusion to damage your reputation. By implementing effective security measures, companies can demonstrate their commitment to protecting their assets, employees, and customers. Without a building security system in place, you run the risk of damage that could cost you financially as well as impact your reputation.
Video Surveillance from Chicago Certified Security Company
Why are Commercial CCTV Systems Important for your Business?

Forbel Is the Chicago Leader in Security System Design & Engineering

With the experience and skills to match, Forbel customizes your security solution plan to your specific office needs. Our customized solutions that equip your commercial space with the best security monitoring systems for business locations are what put us at the top of the list of business alarm companies in Chicago. We integrate security systems from scratch, taking care of everything from blueprints, CAD drawings, installation, procurement, fire alarms, and more. Access control and video surveillance are key offerings of our security company.

Types & Costs of Office Security Systems

You might be wondering about the best building security systems on the market and how to determine which is right for you. At Forbel, we offer various commercial access control and building security systems that are custom-fit to your specifications. Rest assured that our security experts will work with your desired budget and we never have any hidden charges. On average, organizations pay anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 for hardware plus any installation costs. It is well worth the price to keep crime away.

Our team will evaluate your individual building systems to identify potential risks. From there, we will work with you to ensure your access points are secure and recommend different types of sensors, software, and technology. Examples of our services include managed access, security alarms and surveillance, fire alarm systems, and digital security.

Video Surveillance from Chicago Certified Security Company
how we can help

Office Security Solutions Offered by Forbel

A home security system is different from what you need for commercial security systems. Whether you need new business security systems or you're hoping to make improvements to what you currently have, our team can help you navigate your options.

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Video Surveillance.

Video Surveillance

For businesses from medical facilities to office buildings, having video to capture what's happening in and around your property is crucial. Our systems can monitor your property at all times to give you peace of mind.

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electronic access control.

Electronic Access Control

Commercial security requires you to control who is coming in and out of your building at any moment. We utilize integrated biometric and smart-card access control systems designed to keep your assets safe and operate your building and/or company more securely and efficiently.

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Intrusion detection.

Intrusion Detection

Keep your commercial building safe with door entry and intercom systems. These allow you to identify visitors before they enter your property. Plus, we enable cloud-managed systems so you're always informed on what's going on.

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Fire alarms

Fire Alarms

Another part of commercial security is fire protection. We can evaluate your needs and install the right fire protection system that keeps your whole property safe. Our engineers and installers can help you with fire and smoke alarm systems.

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Turn-Key Office Security System Design & Integration Solutions

Security system design is the pinnacle of a successful and efficient security system for multifamily and commercial buildings. Planning and execution go hand in hand when securing a commercial property.

Building Security Systems Assessment
Design Planning & Procurement
CAD Security Systems Design and Engineering
Security Implementation
Project Management & Commissioning
Building Security Systems AssessmentDesign Planning & ProcurementCAD Security Systems Design and EngineeringSecurity ImplementationProject Management & Commissioning
No two commercial security alarm systems are the same. We will evaluate your property and make tailored recommendations to better suit your needs.
Planning your building security systems is another way that we can help. We'll then order the needed parts and install them on your behalf.
CAD or computer-aided design security systems and engineering can keep your property safe.
Once we have the above systems selected, we will take further steps to ensure security implementation.
You won't need to worry about any portion of the process. We will oversee everything and loop you in as needed.

Forbel Is an Official Distributor of the Best Security Brands

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When it comes to security systems for your company, whether it’s a medical facility or an industrial building, Forbel has the expertise you need to ensure your system runs smoothly. Our team relies on the best brands, and when paired with our skilled installation, you can ensure your commercial space is safe and secure at all times.

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There’s a reason the experts at Forbel are the go-to security integrators in the Chicagoland area. With knowledge of an array of systems and the expertise to match, we ensure your facility is equipped with the finest security systems for a truly secure, safe environment. We work with anyone from business owners to office managers to make sure that no access point is overlooked.

We Focus on Quality

Using only the highest-rated brands and systems, we integrate the best security solutions into your facility, taking the time and care to ensure it’s right for your space.

Adjustable to Your Needs

No matter the size or budget of your commercial project, our team will work to equip your location and your premises with the most premium security option, scaled to fit your needs while meeting your budget.

Backed by Expertise

Our team of experts has years of experience with a wide range of commercial security solutions, making them the perfect partner and guide to finding the right system for your business.

Our Completed Projects

See how our security experts have transformed commercial access control and improved the security of many businesses like yours. Regardless of the level of access you and your team require, we're here to help.

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Client's Reviews

Wendy T.

If you’re looking for office security systems at a competitive price, Forbel is it! They installed multiple security systems at my business and had insights into all of the options on the market. They made it easy for me as a new business owner.

Randy L.

We have been struggling with our video surveillance system at our office in Chicago for years, but Forbel got it all worked out. Their team took the time to explain our options and quickly upgraded our system to a better option - awesome!

Sam H.

I had a really easy experience working with Forbel. I don’t always understand the technology side of things, but the team at Forbel made all of my business security solutions clear, so my Chicago office is secure. They are the best near me!

Nick L.

I’ve been looking for office security solutions for the last few months and finally stumbled across Forbel. The team was knowledgeable and seamlessly connected a new camera and alarm system at my office. I don’t know how they do it, but they are great!


How many cameras do you need for a video surveillance system in a small office?

The amount of cameras and sensors required for a small office or commercial building depends heavily on the floor plan. Depending on the layout of your office, there may be some “blind spots” that one camera may not be able to pick up on, requiring another to ensure the whole office is secure. Our team at Forbel will evaluate your location, ensuring that your unique office space has just the right amount of office video security systems.

What is the best security system for business owners?

Great question! While one simple solution would be nice, the best security system for each business owner depends on the layout of the space, the size, and the goals of installing security solutions. We'll work with you to understand your needs to ensure your business has just the right security system and controlled access while offering a competitive security system for business prices.

How much does a business security system cost in Chicago?

The cost of a business security system in Chicago depends on the solution you choose and the scale of the system your business requires. An office door security system on one single entry point will cost less than an array of cameras, but our team will work with you and your budget to find the best, most secure solution. Forbel offers free estimates to gauge your prices and budget for your security system. For an estimate or to answer any questions, contact us at 847-595-1900.

How much does an alarm system cost for a small office?

A business alarm system cost will depend on how intricate of an alarm system your office needs. Our team at Forbel will offer an estimate based on your location so you can get a better understanding of the potential final price. For more information, call us at 847-595-1900.

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