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Multifamily Residential Security Systems Design & Engineering

When running a multi-tenant apartment building, security challenges are at the forefront. Security system design & consulting becomes a priority for building managers who are looking to offer tenants turnkey security solutions. At Forbel, we can implement apartment complex video surveillance solutions and walk you through the operations and control system management.

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Our security systems for multifamily and condo buildings will significantly improve the protection and access management of your property. We offer superior security systems design that will directly cater to your building’s needs. With Forbel, you will have a state-of-the-art security camera system for your apartment complexes and an ability to oversee what happens in and on your property.

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Our Multi-family & Condo Turnkey Security Solutions

Multifamily complexes and condo buildings look to turnkey security solutions to offer their tenants a secure living environment, while also trying to reduce the risk of liability on the site of their property.

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Video Surveillance.

Video Surveillance

Improve the protection of your assets and the safety of your staff and tenants with our wide range of video surveillance systems designed to monitor your office, commercial, industrial and multi-family residential property 24/7 all year long.

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electronic access control.

Electronic Access Control

Control who and when is entering and leaving your commercial or residential building with our integrated biometric and smart-card access control systems designed to keep your assets safe and operate your building and/or company in a more secure and efficient way.

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Intrusion detection.

Intrusion Detection

From traditional wired to 128-bit AES encrypted wireless intrusion detection systems, Forbel will design, install the system to suit your organization’s goals and requirements for building and asset protection.

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Fire alarms

Fire Alarms

Forbel’s range of code-compliant and UL-listed fire alarm systems will ensure your property provides the highest level of life-safety for its occupants as well as meets all necessary requirements of the local fire prevention bureau.

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Our Multifamily Security System Design & Consulting Process

Security system design is the pinnacle of a successful and efficient security system for multifamily and condo buildings. Planning and execution go hand in hand when securing a property.

Building Security Systems Assessment
Design Planning & Procurement
CAD Security Systems Design and Engineering
Security Implementation
Project Management & Commissioning
Building Security Systems AssessmentDesign Planning & ProcurementCAD Security Systems Design and EngineeringSecurity ImplementationProject Management & Commissioning
The primary role of a security assessment is to plan, execute, and retrofit a security system to enhance its efficiency, performance, and usefulness. An upgraded security system may also be required upon the completion of a site survey which will define your security needs and the critical points of your existing security system for your multifamily complex or condo building.
Security system design relies entirely on the security planning and design of a security system layout plan. This stage requires the consultants to communicate with the clients so they can design the most fitting security system. At Forbel, we work with the best security equipment brands to deliver successful results.
CAD drawings are essential to any type of alarm system design. Condo security systems rely on efficient drawings that can paint a comprehensive picture when it comes to access control system design, video surveillance system design, and role-based access control systems.
Once the planning stage is complete and the CAD drawings are in place, the next step is security implementation. It is key to implementation to consider integrated security systems and communicate with condo property managers to obtain the best results.
When implementing a security system design, it is critical to follow the blueprints and communicate with all parties, from the property manager to supplier and installers. It is important to oversee the implementation of the security system to ensure the most efficient and secure system.

Brands we work with

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When it comes to security systems, Forbel has the expertise you need to ensure your system runs smoothly. Our team relies on the best brands, and when paired with our skilled installation, you can ensure your space is safe and secure.

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Why Our Clients Think That We Are the Best Security System Integrators in Chicago

There’s a reason the experts at Forbel are the go-to security integrators in the Chicagoland area. With knowledge of an array of systems and the expertise to match, we ensure your facility is equipped with the finest security systems for a truly secure, safe environment.

We Focus on Quality

Using only the most highly regarded brands and systems, we integrate the best security solutions into your facility, taking the time and care to ensure it’s right for your space.

Adjustable to Your Needs

No matter the size or budget of a project, our team will work to equip your location with the most premium security option, scaled to fit your needs while meeting your budget.

Backed by Expertise

Our team of experts has years of experience with a wide range of security solutions, making them the perfect partner and guide to find the right system for you.


How can I make apartments more secure?

To make your complex in Chicago (IL) and adjacent areas more secure, you must: - Eliminate (wherever possible) all dark spots by adding more lighting in the building and outside (this includes parking lots, storage rooms, mailrooms, and other areas) - Determine the best placement for security cameras and sensors to eliminate “blind spots” - Install reliable and effective security and video surveillance systems.

What is the best alarm system for a residential building?

The best alarm systems for apartment complexes are the ones that are robust yet easy to manage and control. You don’t want to get an expensive security system that requires a professional operation. We recommend installing reliable CCTV solutions from Forbel. Our specialists will set up the cameras and sensors for you in optimal spots around your property and even train you and your staff on how to use them.

Why is access control important for vast multifamily complexes?

Tenants need to have a sense of control over who can access the premises. Multifamily complexes are often populated with individuals who have different schedules; however, security is still important to everyone living in the complex.

Does Forbel provide a turnkey security solution for condos?

We value communication every step of the way from the genesis of the security system design, through the planning stage, to the implementation and execution of the project for any condo or multifamily property.

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