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Fire Alarm Systems Installers in Chicago, IL

Forbel is a premier fire alarm installation company in the Chicagoland area that has been handling fire alarm installations for years. Keeping in mind that fire safety is a number one concern for any business, we offer fire systems that can cater to all your commercial fire alarm needs.

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What We Do

‍Whatever the cause, our custom security solutions will help you detect fires before they go wild and avoid possible loss of life or massive damages to property. Secure your investment and protect the people around you with Forbel.

Fire/smoke sensor.
Fire Alarms

We Have Over 10 Years of Experience Helping to Keep the Chicagoland Area Safe

‍What’s left for you to do now is to protect what’s yours. Building a safer home and place of business begins with choosing reliable fire alarm systems that are built to respond to your security needs.

how we can help

Fire alarm systems from Chicago certified security company

Forbel offers fire alarm systems that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a small office or a large industrial complex, Forbel provides fire safety solutions that are perfect for your needs.

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Conventional Fire Alarm Systems Installation Service

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems Installation Service

Conventional fire alarm systems have multiple components connected to a single control panel. These components send a signal to the control panel whenever a fire is detected.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems integrators

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems integrators

Alerts coming from separate components of such a system are easier to locate because each component has its own connection with a unique identifier.

We Work with the Best Fire Alarm Brands in the Business

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We serve your industry

We serve apartment buildings, educational, religious and medical facilities, auto dealerships, logistics and distribution facilities, cannabis dispensaries and growings, commercial offices and warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities, hospitality, retail and industrial properties.

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Our Process

Contact us

Contact us

You contact us via contact form or a personal call to discuss your fire alarms project in detail and choose the best security solution for your business.

We provide you with a quote

We provide you with a quote

After discussing and estimating your project, we provide you with a quote and specify all the guarantees Forbel offers for your business.

We install

We install

We integrate the fire alarms system bringing all our experience and expertise thus proving to be the premier custom security system integrator in Chicagoland.

Why our clients think we are the best fire alarm installers in Chicago

As Chicago’s premier fire alarm company, we provide unmatched dedication and service in monitoring your systems. Our tailor-made security systems are designed for maximum coverage and optimal safety of your commercial property.


We only have one Mother Earth, so we are doing our part to take care of her. All of our services operate on key sustainability principles.

Helping Small Businesses

Don’t mistake small for inexperienced! Yes, we are a small business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide services that are reliable, budget-friendly and efficient.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Finally, with +10 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes for a system to be successful.

our completed projects

Here are a few of the many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service that includes consultation, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.

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Client's Reviews

Rob N

Forbel installed fire alarm system in our condo building in 2016. Very nice clean install and system functions well. Needed maintenance on our system and issues were resolved promptly. Fair pricing and good selection of products if you are considering cameras or access control devices.

Andrey Lomsky

Customer service at Forbel is top notch. Very responsive and fairly priced. Would recommend Dmitry and his crew to anyone.

Andrius Talandzevicius

Awesome company to work with! Great service and attitude!

Christopher Andersen

Used their services a few times for work, copper, fiber, cameras, everything- Excellent! Thanks Guys! High standards, Willing to do any-everything need to get the job done right!

Beth Kuk

I would recommend Forbel to anyone looking for a solid security system for their commercial warehouse/office needs! From explaining how the systems work, to installation and monitoring, Forbel made the transition very easy for the company I work for.

Want your business to be secured?

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FAQ: Professional fire alarms Installation

What are the different types of fire alarm systems?

There are two main types of fire alarm systems. The conventional fire alarm system has wired components that all connect to the main control panel, which contains displays about the status of all its components. Meanwhile, the components on the addressable fire alarm system have separate connections with unique identifiers. This makes the identification of each component easier on the fire alarm control panel. In case of emergencies, the areas then become easier to locate.

Why are fire alarm systems required?

Employers and business owners are required to install fire alarm systems in their place of business by law. These include workplaces that are especially at risk of fires. Fire alarm systems function as early detection systems for fires to protect workers, the employer’s business, and adjacent buildings and avoid the loss of life and property.

How do fire alarm systems work?

Fire alarm systems have a number of components that can detect smoke and fire. These include smoke detectors that detect the presence of smoke, carbon monoxide detectors that detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas from smoke, and heat detectors. Once any of those signals are received, automatic warnings through visual and audio components are issued to warn the people of the presence of a fire.

What are the advantages of a fire alarm?

The biggest benefit of having fire alarms is its ability for early detection. They can be installed in just about any room in your home or building, which can then sound alarms or issue warnings about impending danger to avoid the fire from ever spreading into something catastrophic.

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