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Latch Installer in Chicago, IL

As a certified partner of Latch, Forbel provides easy installation and integration of Latch keyless entry solutions for multi-tenant buildings and commercial organizations in Chicago, IL. Latch smart lock and access systems are designed to take the security and comfort in your building to the next level.

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Latch Certified Partner

Forbel is a leading security company with a stellar performance record leveraging the most innovative technologies. We provide companies with innovative and reliable smart door locks, electronic access systems and intercom solutions for buildings with 6 and more units. In addition, Forbel is a certified partner and installer of Latch security access hardware and software.

Whether you’re a private landlord of a small building or run a large commercial property, Latch offers affordable & scalable solutions that can fit virtually any client.  You won’t have to worry about integration either. Our qualified staff can implement the Latch key system into any third-party environment.

With Forbel at your side, you can make your property more comfortable and secure at an affordable price. As for your staff – we can teach them everything they need to know about Latch smart locks and intercoms.

Turn to us today if you want to modernize your building with intelligent and secure digital solutions.

Why Choose Latch Installed by Forbel

Latch digital locks fit any building and apartment.

Do you want to modernize your property? The C and M series Latch key systems for residential buildings are designed for your tenant’s convenience.

If you are looking to enhance your security, consider the power of Latch R series locks. These devices work with Bluetooth and NFC wireless standards, WiFi, and support Android and iOS devices for seamless entry.

You can control who enters your building with a reliable and straightforward Intercom that connects via Ethernet, WiFi, and LTE.

Latch Bluetooth locks, Intercoms, and other smart access solutions work with any technological environment – but only if you turn to a right installer.

Keyless door locks.

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why choose Forbel

Leave the hassle of wiring, installing, and setting up your new SureCall signal booster to us. With a commitment to safety and security and an expert team to match, we will work to secure your system to finally eliminate dropped calls and enhance data speeds.

Dedicated Service

From the first consultation to on-site surveys and installation, we work with you every step of the way to produce the best solution for your business needs.

Customized Design

We partner with you when setting up your SureCall amplifier, performing an analysis of your signal strength, and optimizing it for heightened cell phone service.

A Decade of Proof

With more than 10 years of experience, our team has the expertise to install your SureCall system and show you the ins and outs to eliminate any complications down the road.

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