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Warehouse Security Systems Design & Consulting

Developers, architects, and contractors who are building or own warehouses need turnkey security solutions. For any commercial building, Forbel is the best choice in Chicago and the whole of the Midwest for security system design and engineering.

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Welcome to Forbel

Forbel specializes in the design and engineering of security systems, we value quality and professionalism. Whether you are setting up a new security system or upgrading an existing one, at Forbel, we bring you industry experience.
Logistics and distribution centers require more complex security systems than just a simple video surveillance or access control or fire alarms systems installation. At Forbel, our security system consulting services are all-encompassing. We are here to help you design the perfect security system for your warehouse.

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Logistics & Distribution Center Security Solutions Offered by Forbel

At Forbel, we pride ourselves on the knowledge our experts have of a wide range of office security solutions. Whether you’re looking for a camera surveillance system for a business or an office alarm security system, Forbel has the expertise to install and integrate a range of solutions.

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Video Surveillance.

Video Surveillance

Improve the protection of your assets and the safety of your staff and tenants with our wide range of video surveillance systems designed to monitor your office, commercial, industrial and multi-family residential property 24/7 all year long.

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electronic access control.

Electronic Access Control

Control who and when is entering and leaving your commercial or residential building with our integrated biometric and smart-card access control systems designed to keep your assets safe and operate your building and/or company in a more secure and efficient way.

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Intrusion detection.

Intrusion Detection

From traditional wired to 128-bit AES encrypted wireless intrusion detection systems, Forbel will design, install the system to suit your organization’s goals and requirements for building and asset protection.

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Fire alarms

Fire Alarms

Forbel’s range of code-compliant and UL-listed fire alarm systems will ensure your property provides the highest level of life-safety for its occupants as well as meets all necessary requirements of the local fire prevention bureau.

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Our Warehouses Security System Design & Consulting Process

Securing a warehouse, logistics, and distribution center with the most efficient and reliable security system design is a priority for all warehouse owners or managers. Let’s look at the different steps of this process.

Warehouse Security Systems Assessment
Design Planning & Procurement for Warehouse Security Systems
CAD Security Systems Design and Engineering
Security Implementation for Warehouses, Logistics, and Distribution Centers
Project Management & Commissioning
Building Security Systems AssessmentDesign Planning & ProcurementCAD Security Systems Design and EngineeringSecurity ImplementationProject Management & Commissioning
Whether you are looking to upgrade your security system or retrofit your security system, the first step is a site survey where we can complete a security assessment of your warehouse and distribution center’s needs.
Forbel works with the highest quality security equipment brands in video surveillance, intercom and door entry alarms, electronic access control systems to create a security system plan that will best secure your facility. Security planning and design are critical components of a security system layout plan that will best serve your warehouse.
Computer-aided design, known as CAD, is an extremely important tool when designing a warehouse security system. This is the case for any type of alarm system design, including access control system design, video surveillance system design, and role-based access control design.
After the CAD is ready, the next step is the implementation; this is especially important for warehouses that rely on an integrated security system that comprises many different types of security measures.
At Forbel, we take security to heart, and we understand that warehouse security is essential. We communicate with developers, contractors, architects, electricians, and suppliers to ensure that the security system designs are implemented according to architectural and design layout for the best results.

Brands we work with

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When it comes to security systems, Forbel has the expertise you need to ensure your system runs smoothly. Our team relies on the best brands, and when paired with our skilled installation, you can ensure your space is safe and secure.

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Why Our Clients Think That We Are the Best Security System Integrators in Chicago

When it comes to warehouses, logistics, and distribution centers in the Chicago area, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and the whole of the Midwest, Forbel is your security system design consultant. We offer unparalleled experience and professionalism to ensure that your facility is equipped with the best security system in the region.

We Focus on Quality

Using only the most highly regarded brands and systems, we integrate the best security solutions into your facility, taking the time and care to ensure it’s right for your space.

Adjustable to Your Needs

No matter the size or budget of a project, our team will work to equip your location with the most premium security option, scaled to fit your needs while meeting your budget.

Backed by Expertise

Our team of experts has years of experience with a wide range of security solutions, making them the perfect partner and guide to find the right system for you.

Client's Reviews

Manuel G.

I’ve been looking for a security warehouse solution near me and came across Forbel. The team was knowledgeable and offered a free estimate, so I could gauge what my warehouse needed. Their team was really knowledgeable about how all the different cameras and alarms work together, and I knew I could rely on them. Thank you, Forbel!

Ralph M.

I was in need of a major logistics security solutions upgrade, and Forbel helped really quickly. Their team made the whole process seamless, and now I don’t have to worry about my space anymore. Highly recommend.

Will K.

I never realized how much goes into distribution center security until I attempted to do it myself! Thankfully I found Forbel, who installed cameras, fire detection, and video surveillance to my Chicago center. They are great!

Tim G.

Forbel is the best company I’ve found for installing a warehouse security system in Chicago. It’s a truly knowledgeable and efficient team - you can’t go wrong!


Does video surveillance help to control thefts in the warehouse?

One of the biggest perks of warehouse video surveillance is the ability to prevent theft, vandalism, or any intrusion. With video surveillance, as well as additional cameras and alarms, your warehouse will be super secure, providing footage for a quick response to any attempted intrusions. This is essential, particularly in warehouses with a lot of products and materials!

How much does a warehouse alarm system cost?

A warehouse alarm system’s cost depends on how many are needed to secure your space. Understandably, a smaller location will require fewer alarms to ensure the safety and security of your warehouse and staff, but a larger location will need multiple throughout. Our team at Forbel will provide a free estimate to help gauge how much an alarm system will cost at your location, working within your budget to provide ample security.

Do you offer complex security solutions for distribution centers?

We do! With over a decade of experience, Forbel’s team is skilled and equipped to install a range of complex security solutions, expertly integrating multiple solutions into one cohesive security system that’s custom to your space. With our team, you can guarantee your distribution center is safe and secure with the most up-to-date technology.

Does Forbel only integrate warehouse security solutions in Chicago?

Based in the Chicago area, Forbel services the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, and the whole of the Midwest. We are waiting for your call at 847-595-1900 to partner with you to secure your warehouse, logistics, and distribution centers.

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