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Fire Alarm System Design & Engineering Services

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Chicago Fire Alarm Designer

We get it – fire safety isn't the most exciting topic. But at Forbel, we're passionate about protecting your people and property. We specialize in designing and engineering custom fire alarm systems for commercial buildings and multifamily complexes throughout the Midwest.

No two properties are alike, and neither are their fire safety needs. That's why we take the time to understand your unique requirements before crafting a system that's both effective and affordable. We believe that fire safety shouldn't be a burden, but a peace of mind.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems We Design

Components of a Fire Alarm System Usually Included In Designs

Benefits of a Well-Designed Fire Alarm System

Enhanced Safety

A fire alarm system isn't just about equipment; it's about people. Early detection and swift alerts are crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone in your building.

Reduced Property Damage

Rapid response to a fire significantly minimizes damage, protecting your investment and reducing downtime.

Regulatory Compliance

Knowing you've taken the necessary steps to comply with fire safety regulations and standards gives you peace of mind. Our designs are fully compliant with NFPA 72, the International Building Code (IBC), and all applicable local codes.

Insurance Benefits

A compliant fire alarm system can lead to lower insurance premiums, recognizing your commitment to fire safety.

  • Why Choose Forbel for Fire Alarm System Design?

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      Customized Solutions

      We understand that a cookie-cutter approach won't cut it. We design fire alarm systems that are tailored to the unique needs of each commercial property. Whether you have an office building, an industrial facility, or a healthcare center, we have a solution that's right for you.

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      Compliance with Regulations

      Our designs adhere to local, state, and national fire alarm codes and regulations, including NFPA 72, the International Building Code (IBC), and local requirements. Ensuring code compliance with these standards is crucial for occupant safety and legal adherence.

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      Cutting-Edge Technology

      We believe in harnessing the power of innovation to protect your property. That's why we use the latest technology in fire detection and alarm systems. From intelligent control panels to user-friendly interfaces, our systems are both advanced and reliable.

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      Expert Team

      Forbel’s team comprises certified engineers and designers with extensive experience in fire alarm system design and installation. Our NICET-certified life safety professionals have in-depth knowledge of NFPA codes and work closely with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Our expertise guarantees that your fire alarm system will be both effective and compliant from start to finish.

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Our Fire Alarm System Design Process

Design Considerations

Designing your fire alarm system starts with a conversation. We'll discuss your building's occupancy, layout, and any potential fire hazards to create a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. We'll work together to assess the risks and determine the right level of protection for your property.

Site Survey & Risk Assessment

We'll roll up our sleeves and get to know your property inside and out. Our thorough site survey and risk assessment identify potential fire hazards, allowing us to design a system that addresses those risks head-on.

System Planning & Design

We take a thoughtful approach to system design, carefully considering the placement of fire alarms, smoke detectors, and control panels. This ensures optimal performance and compliance with all fire safety codes and regulations.

Wiring and Power Supply

We don't cut corners when it comes to the backbone of your system. We ensure that all wiring and power supply components are installed correctly and up to code, including backup power sources to keep your system running even during an outage.

Integration with Existing Systems

Your fire alarm system doesn't have to work in isolation. We can integrate it with your building's other systems, like HVAC, access control, and fire suppression. This creates a smarter, more responsive system that can automatically take actions like shutting down ventilation to prevent smoke spread in the event of a fire.

Installation & Commissioning

Our professional installation services ensure that all components are correctly installed and operational. We conduct rigorous testing and commissioning to confirm system performance.

Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance

A fire alarm system is only as good as its maintenance. Forbel offers comprehensive ongoing support to ensure your system stays in top shape. Our team will conduct regular testing, inspections, and maintenance, keeping your system up-to-date and fully operational.


Forbel installed fire alarm system in our condo building in 2016. Very nice clean install and system functions well. Needed maintenance on our system and issues were resolved promptly. Fair pricing and good selection of products if you are considering cameras or access control devices.

Rob N

I was really impressed with how our school buildings felt so much safer after they installed the security systems we requested. I can see CCTV everywhere in our buildings and they set up Door and Access control so user friendly that we can also use them efficiently. They’ve also upgraded our Fire Alarm systems here. Truly masterful work from these guys. Any school principals out there, do yourself a favor and get their systems installed in your schools ASAP!

Michael D.

I’ve worked with Forbel on multiple commercial projects where paging systems and intercom systems were needed to be installed or upgraded. One of the projects required a tricky integration with a new phone system. They did quality work from the beginning planning phases through the installation and testing. Great, knowledgeable staff!

Shawn M.

I didn’t realize how much of a pain installing fire detection devices would be in my large warehouse, but thankfully the team at Forbel took it off my plate. The skilled team worked quickly to install all the alarms - very reliable!

Joe B.

I’ve been looking for a security warehouse solution near me and came across Forbel. The team was knowledgeable and offered a free estimate, so I could gauge what my warehouse needed. Their team was really knowledgeable about how all the different cameras and alarms work together, and I knew I could rely on them. Thank you, Forbel!

Manuel G.

I never realized how much goes into distribution center security until I attempted to do it myself! Thankfully I found Forbel, who installed cameras, fire detection, and video surveillance to my Chicago center. They are great!

Will K.
there are two fire extinguisors in a large building

Don't leave your property and occupants at risk. Contact Forbel today for a free consultation and let our experts design a customized fire alarm system that ensures the safety of your building and its occupants

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FAQ: Professional Lighting Control & Automation Installation

What is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and how does it relate to fire alarm systems?

The NFPA is a global non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire, electrical, and related hazards. They develop and publish codes and standards, including NFPA 72, which sets the guidelines for the design, installation, and maintenance of fire alarm systems. At Forbel, we strictly adhere to NFPA standards to ensure the highest level of safety for our clients.

How can Forbel's life safety solutions benefit building owners?

Forbel's life safety solutions, including fire alarm systems, are designed to protect building occupants and assets while ensuring compliance with local, state, and national regulations. By investing in a well-designed system, you're not only protecting lives but also mitigating property damage and potential legal liabilities. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

What are voice evacuation systems, and how do they enhance fire safety?

Voice evacuation systems are advanced fire alarm systems that use pre-recorded or live voice messages to guide occupants during an emergency. These messages provide clear, concise instructions tailored to the specific situation, helping to reduce confusion and panic during an evacuation. Forbel's expertise in designing and installing these systems ensures a safe and orderly exit from your building in the event of a fire.

How does Forbel's team stay up-to-date with the latest fire alarm system technologies and regulations?

Our team includes NICET-certified professionals who are dedicated to continuous learning. Through ongoing training, certifications, and active participation in industry associations, they stay informed about the latest advancements in fire alarm technology and regulations. This allows us to offer you cutting-edge solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

Can Forbel design fire alarm systems for high-rise buildings?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience in designing and installing fire alarm systems for high-rise buildings. We understand the unique challenges these buildings pose, such as longer evacuation times, complex layouts, and the need for advanced detection and notification systems. We'll work closely with you and local authorities to develop a customized solution that addresses these challenges and ensures the safety of everyone in your high-rise.

How does Forbel work with electrical contractors during the fire alarm system installation process?

Forbel collaborates closely with electrical contractors throughout the fire alarm system installation process. Our team provides detailed system designs, specifications, and guidance to ensure that the installation is completed according to our high standards and all applicable codes and regulations. We also offer on-site support and training to your electricians, ensuring a smooth and successful installation.

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