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Intercom System Design & Engineering Services

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Chicago Intercom System Designer

In the fast-paced world of today, where security and effective communication are top priorities, a reliable intercom system is essential for businesses, homes, and industrial sites across the Midwest. Our team of skilled intercom system designers and engineers is here to provide custom-tailored solutions to match your specific requirements, ensuring smooth operation, dependability, and cutting-edge features.

Types of Intercom System We Design

Components of Intercom Systems Included in Designs

Benefits of Our Intercom Systems

Stronger Security

Screen visitors, deter unauthorized access, and keep an eye on activity within your property, all with the simple push of a button.

Improved Communication Efficiency

Connect instantly with staff, residents, or guests, streamlining coordination and saving valuable time.

Increased Convenience

Effortlessly connect with residents, staff, or visitors from a central location, saving time and steps.

Potential Cost Savings

Intercom systems can deter unauthorized access and vandalism, potentially reducing security expenses and insurance premiums.

  • Why Choose Forbel for Intercom System Design?

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      Expertise and Experience

      At Forbel, we bring a wealth of industry experience and technical knowledge to each and every project we undertake. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians stays up-to-date on the latest intercom technologies and best practices, guaranteeing that we deliver top-notch solutions tailored specifically to your unique needs.

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      Customized Solutions

      We understand that every facility has unique requirements. That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Forbel designs and engineers intercom systems that are customized to meet the precise needs of your business, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

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      Comprehensive Services

      From the very first consultation to the final design, installation, and ongoing maintenance, Forbel is with you every step of the way. We take care of every aspect of your intercom project, so you can relax and enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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      Integration Capabilities

      Our intercom systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure. Whether it’s CCTV, access control, or alarm systems, we ensure not only optimal performance but also complete satisfaction for you and your team.

Upgrade Your Security: Design Your Intercom System

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Our Intercom System Design Process

Needs Assessment & Planning

We kick things off by truly understanding your needs and goals. This involves a detailed discussion about the size and layout of your property, the number of users, and all the features you want in your intercom system, whether it's audio, video, or access control.

Site Survey & Risk Assessment

We perform a detailed site survey to assess potential challenges and opportunities for intercom placement. This includes identifying noise sources, traffic patterns, and potential security vulnerabilities.

System Planning & Design

We carefully consider a range of design factors, including the building size and layout, your specific user needs, security requirements, and budget constraints. This allows us to create an optimal system layout with strategically placed intercom stations, ensuring effective communication coverage across your property.

Wiring and Power Supply

Our team handles the wiring and power supply for your system, guaranteeing reliable operation at all times. We use top-quality cables with proper routing and ensure primary and secondary power sources, including battery backup, so your communication stays uninterrupted, even during power outages.

Integration with Existing Systems

Modern intercom systems can seamlessly integrate with other building management systems. Imagine granting access remotely through the intercom after verifying a visitor via a linked security camera. Integration with fire alarms can trigger intercom announcements for safe evacuation during emergencies.

Installation & Commissioning

Our technicians handle professional intercom installation. They strictly adhere to industry standards and building codes, ensuring a safe and reliable setup. And to make sure everything is working perfectly, we perform thorough testing and commissioning before handing over the reins to you.

Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance

We don't just stop there. We offer ongoing support and maintenance plans to ensure the continued smooth operation of your intercom system. This includes regular checkups, troubleshooting, and system upgrades to keep your technology current.


My condo association just replaced our intercom system and Dzmitry from Forbel made the process easy as can be. His team was quick to quote and very responsive throughout the process. They did a great job installing and programming the new system and taught us how to program it for future use. Great experience, would highly recommend!

Adam Friedberg

Forbel Alarms, Inc. installed a fire alarm system and an intercom system at our recently completed 15 unit, 25,000 square foot adaptive reuse project in Evanston. Dzmitry and his crew were courteous, knowledgeable and capable. All facets of the work (bidding, system design and specification, drawing production, permit acquisition, installation and programming) were handled in a professional manner and the finished product looks and functions well. The process went smoothly and was completed on schedule. Dzmitry provided solid communication throughout. I highly recommend them.

Matt Berry

Forbel Alarms installed and configures our new 43,000 sqft manufacturing location for HD video surveillance, intrusion alarm, key fob access control system and structured cabling. The quality of work, their responsiveness, knowledge and customer support is outstanding. We are very happy with the decision to go with Forbel for our needs.

Laurentiu Vlad
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FAQ: Professional Lighting Control & Automation Installation

How does an intercom system work?

An intercom system enables communication between two or more locations. It typically consists of a base station (usually at the entrance) and substations (placed throughout the building or property).

When a visitor presses a button on the base station, it sends a signal to the chosen substation – either through wires or wirelessly. This signal triggers the substation's speaker and microphone, enabling two-way conversation. Some systems even include video for added security and visitor identification. From the substation, the user can then remotely unlock the door to grant access.

What is the basic concept of an intercom?

The core purpose of an intercom is to make communication between different areas more efficient and convenient. It provides a secure way for people to talk and even see each other (in the case of video intercoms) without having to physically move to the same location. This is especially useful for granting access to visitors or managing communication within larger buildings.

How much does a building intercom system cost?

The cost of a building intercom system varies widely depending on several factors:

  • Type of system: Audio-only intercoms are generally more budget-friendly than video intercoms.
  • Number of stations: The more substations required, the higher the cost will be.
  • Features: Additional features like smartphone integration, video recording, or multiple entry points can increase the price.
  • Installation: If the installation requires complex wiring or custom configurations, this can also add to the cost

On average, a basic audio intercom for a smaller building might start around $500, while a more sophisticated video intercom system for a larger building could cost several thousand dollars.

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