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Wired Home Security and Burglar Alarm Systems in Chicago

Integrating a home security alarm system is a must-have security choice, ensuring your home is safe and secure when you’re home or away. With a wire alarm system, you can achieve customized security for the ultimate peace of mind and your home’s safety.

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Why is it important to have a home intrusion alarm system?

A home intrusion alarm system is a security system we recommend to every house and building - and for good reason. Home alarm systems are one of the most effective measures you can take to prevent unwanted intrusions and make you feel more comfortable and secure in your home. Trust us, it’s a home security step you don’t want to skip.

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Monitored vs Unmonitored Wired Alarm Systems

There are two main categories of home security alarm system options - monitored and unmonitored. With a monitored system, your system has a private company that can alert the police if anything is awry, or is self-monitoring so you receive a message if something comes up. On the other hand, unmonitored systems rely on on-site sirens and lights, alerting surrounding people of a break-in.

We Work with the Best Wired System Brands in the Business

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In order to deliver effective video surveillance with thermal cameras in the Chicago area, it was first important for us to pinpoint renowned brands to work with. We’ve highlighted some of the brands that we consistently work with below to provide insight on their quality and reliability.

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We serve your industry

We serve apartment buildings, educational, religious and medical facilities, auto dealerships, logistics and distribution facilities, cannabis dispensaries and growings, commercial offices and warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities, hospitality, retail and industrial properties.

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Our Process

Contact us


You contact us via contact form or a personal call to discuss your video surveillance project in detail and choose the best security system for your business.

We provide you with a quote


After discussing and estimating your project, we provide you with a quote and specify all the guarantees Forbel offers for your business.

We install


We integrate security cameras bringing all our experience and expertise thus proving to be the premier custom security system integrator in Chicagoland.

Why our clients think we are the best Thermal Cameras installers in Chicago

As Chicago’s premier Thermal Cameras company, we provide unmatched dedication and service in monitoring your systems. Our tailor-made security systems are designed for maximum coverage and optimal safety of your commercial property.


We only have one Mother Earth, so we are doing our part to take care of her. All of our services operate on key sustainability principles.

Helping Small Businesses

Don’t mistake small for inexperienced! Yes, we are a small business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide services that are reliable, budget-friendly and efficient.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Finally, with +10 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes for a system to be successful.

our completed projects

Here are a few of the many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service that includes consultation, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.

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Client's Reviews

Liz J.

I travel a lot, so I wanted to be sure I had a great home security alarm system, and Forbel helped me find the best one. They came to check out my home, and I felt like they really took the time to find the right option for my needs. I already feel so much more peace of mind when I’m away from my home!

Alex K.

I cannot thank Forbel’s team enough. They were so patient as we worked out how to secure my home with an intrusion alarm system, and they worked efficiently to install it in no time. They make the process totally seamless. Well done!

Hank G.

Forbel truly offers the best customer service. Their team is really knowledgeable of the equipment they use and took the time to explain our new wire alarm system so I understood how it operated once they were gone. I highly recommend them.

Want your business to be secured?

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FAQ: Professional Thermal Cameras Installation

What other security solutions can help to make my home safer?

The best security solutions for your home depend on your unique space and preferences. For a home, video surveillance can also be a great solution on top of an intrusion alarm system, however, we offer a range of additional security solutions if you require more. At Forbel, we are all about making you feel safe and secure, so we are happy to discuss what you need most.

What types of people should have an intrusion alarm system?

Anyone can benefit from an intrusion alarm system! Whether you’re someone that travels a lot and is away from home or simply wants some added peace of mind while you sleep, a home security alarm system is a great solution. If you’re not sure if it’s the right security solution for you, give us a call at 847-595-1900 and our team will be happy to explore your options.

If the power goes off, will my alarm system work?

Yes! Our team at Forbel relies on only the best alarm systems that are equipped to provide security, even in the case the power goes out. If your power does go out, your system is equipped with a backup battery that will go into effect for several hours, continuing to allow your system to operate. 

What happens if I press the panic button on the alarm panel?

Great question! A panic button on your alarm system is in place to request immediate police, fire, or medical assistance. This will send a signal from your security system to alert the station, and typically cannot be reversed, even in cases where it’s an accident.

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