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11 Benefits of Using a Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems present a multitude of benefits over traditional security measures, along with opportunities to save money and even improve the effectiveness of your current setup.

11 Benefits of Using a Video Surveillance System

With Illinois video surveillance experts from Forbel at hand to help and advise, and with a surveillance setup designed to meet your building’s exact needs, you can protect your building from criminals while also ensuring anyone who does vandalize or burglarize your home or business is caught in the act.

Security camera benefits are wide-ranging, so let’s take a look at them.

Why You Should Use Video Surveillance

Why You Should Use Video Surveillance

1. Collect Evidence For The Police

One of the primary reasons for security cameras in the first place is to provide evidence to authorities. In the event that your home or business premises are burgled or impacted by criminal activity, your security cameras can provide valuable evidence to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice. Whether it’s a traditional CCTV system or some more high-tech, video footage ensures that anyone responsible for committing a crime is caught.

2. Automatically Alert The Police

The advantages of security cameras go beyond catching criminals after they’ve committed a crime. While this is an important function of these cameras, modern security systems can be set up to automatically alert the authorities in the event of an intrusion.

Using sensors and expertly positioned cameras, your video surveillance system can recognize an unauthorized entry and immediately alert you, the police, and any other relevant authorities. Thanks to software and hardware advancements, your security system can take immediate action to give law enforcement the information they need to make an arrest or stop an intrusion before the perpetrators leave.

This is a great reason to trust video surveillance pros to install your setup. Get the right angle, and your cameras will catch absolutely everything and inform the authorities the moment an intrusion occurs.

3. Maintain Accurate Records

For businesses, in particular, the help that video surveillance offers in terms of maintaining records. With video surveillance, you can easily keep track of activity in different areas across your business premises. Whether you run a factory or an office space, backup recordings of activity in your property allow you to recall things you may otherwise have forgotten, verify that certain actions or events took place, and keep track of activity in any way you require.

4. Monitor Ongoing Issues And Events

Whether there’s an incident occurring outside your home and you’re at work, or there are projects taking place in your business property that you need to monitor, video surveillance is your perfect solution. Footage can be viewed in real-time on monitors in your property, or a stream of what is happening live can even be accessed on your smartphone.

Video surveillance gives you the ability to tap into live feeds wherever you are and whenever you need to monitor any business events or potential problems in your property.

using video security cameras reasons

5. Deter Criminals

Among all the benefits of surveillance cameras in public spaces, which include the primary benefit of providing evidence for police officers, these cameras also help deter criminals. Whether your camera is in a public space or on private property, their presence alone will give criminals a reason to think twice about committing a crime.

Burglars will spend time scoping out properties to ensure that there are no cameras, and when they discover them, they immediately present an obstacle and give them cause to reconsider. Even if a burglar (or vandal) thinks that they can disable or cover up your camera – which in most instances they can’t – the fact that the camera is there usually indicates that the property owner takes security seriously.

They might have found one camera, but what if there are more cameras indoors? What if there is an automatic trigger that alerts the authorities? These are the questions that make criminals think twice.

6. Reduce Insurance Payments

Did you know that effective video surveillance systems can help reduce your property insurance payments? Whether it’s a home or a business, the presence of video surveillance cameras shows insurers that you take your property’s safety seriously. Insurance companies typically offer lower premiums for policies that cover water damage, fire, or break-ins, when you show a monitored security system.

That’s because video surveillance helps you stay track of what’s happening in your home all the time, wherever you are. Some policies could be reduced in price by as much as 20%, just for having video surveillance installed. It’s win-win.

7. Protect Residents or Workers

Protecting your property is important, but so is protecting the people inside it. Whether it’s a business property or a home, your video surveillance cameras can help protect your loved ones or your workers really effectively.

Video surveillance can immediately alert you in the event of a trigger, chosen by you. Whether that’s a fire, a flood, or a break-in, your video surveillance alerts you and the people inside your home when there is a problem. And that can save lives.

8. Save Money On Security Personnel

What more is there to say? You don’t need security personnel manning the door when a camera is always monitoring the situation and lets you know when there’s a problem!

why use video surveillance

9. Higher Resolution Cameras Means Better Footage

We’ve covered one of the primary benefits of surveillance cameras being capturing criminals in the act, but modern technology improves on this significantly. Traditional CCTV systems capture grainy footage that can easily be stored on digital storage, and it offers a basic and effective function. More modern systems, however, offer higher resolution images and video that ensure perpetrators are clearly and visibly identifiable in the event of a break-in.

10. Get Instant Alerts

This one’s pretty simple, but it’s so important. With instant alerts, your video surveillance system will let you know when something bizarre is picked up on camera. You’ll be told what’s going on and given the chance to check in and see, but even if you don’t see the notification, your cameras will certainly be rolling.

11. Prevent Vulnerabilities In Security Measures

Video surveillance can be the keystone of your security measures, as well as providing an important backup when other measures fail. Where other security measures don’t do what you need, video surveillance picks up the slack.


CCTV cameras installed by a reliable security service provider are the guarantee of the safety of your commercial property. Not only they prevent and protect your business but also save you money.

For a quote and a customized security installation plan, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Forbel. We’ll help you spend less on your security and insurance long-term, while maximizing the effectiveness of your surveillance setup.

Contact the team today and arrange your consultation!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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