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How Many Security Cameras (CCTV) Do I Need in 2021?

How Many Security Cameras (CCTV) Do I Need in 2021?

There is no definitive answer to the question “how many security cameras do I need for security,” it depends greatly on two factors: whether you want to surveil a business or a private home and the other is how big the area is that you wish to surveil. For a private home, it is recommended to have around three cameras indoors and three outdoors, but the number can vary according to your needs.

Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras offer you and your family an additional level of security, and with that comes comfort. Indoor and outdoor cameras share many similarities, for they have the same functionality.

When shopping for an indoor camera, the features that are essential are HD resolution, motion detection, night-vision capability, and wireless features.

Outdoor cameras must have the same features as indoor cameras but with some additions. Outdoor cameras are designed with durable materials that can withstand a variety of weather conditions and external tampering. It is recommended that outdoor cameras be housed in a casing to discourage anyone from damaging them. It is important for outside cameras to have a wide-angle of recording capabilities as not to miss anything.

What's Your Budget?

When choosing a surveillance system for your home, it is wise to plan. This entails identifying the budget for the security system and, most importantly, figuring out how many security cameras you will want. The way to discern how many cameras you will need is to figure out what areas are important for you to surveil.

Unfortunately, there sometimes is a gap between how much security we want and how much we can afford at any given time. Sometimes, compromises need to be made to fit our budget. It is important to keep in mind that even if you start with only three outdoor cameras and three indoor cameras that you can, over time, add on more cameras and upgrade your system.

The price of a security camera can range from 100$ to 600$, this is where the plan will be useful. Identify what you need versus your budget, and you have a well-designed plan of action.

What Areas Do You Need to Cover?

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need for My House

The amount of security cameras needed varies on whether you want to surveil a private home or a business. You could also divide this into further categories, such as primary and secondary locations for surveillance.

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need for My House?

Primary locations

  • Exterior front and back doors
  • Exterior garage and driveway
  • Exterior yard
  • Interior staircase and hallways
  • Interior common living areas such as living room and entrance

Secondary locations

  • Exterior sides of the house
  • Exterior windows
  • Interior basement
  • Interior bedrooms
  • Interior kitchens and other rooms

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need for My Business?

Primary locations

  • Exterior all entrances, this includes side entrances and loading docks
  • Exterior parking lot area, it is advised depending on the size of the parking lot to cover the entire area
  • Interior reception and lobby
  • Interior common customer areas
  • Interior cash register and safe locations

Secondary locations

  • Exterior street view
  • Exterior sitting area
  • Seating areas and waiting rooms
  • Kitchen or cafeteria area
  • Employees only areas

What Type of CCTV Cameras Do You Need?

There is a wide range of different types of cameras on the market today. Some are standard wire-connected cameras, but more recently, wireless cameras have taken the lead. Since wireless cameras are more versatile, easy to install, and don’t require any professional installation, they are a clear choice for most home or small business owners.

When choosing a camera, it is important to consider the “movement” of the camera; do you want a fixed or a motion detection camera.

Another factor to consider is the size and shape of the camera. This is important since there is a wide range of cameras that vary in size, and everyone must decide what size and shape most suit their needs.

According to your needs, you must also discern if you require a camera with a specialization, such as night-vision, high megapixel resolution, thermal or infrared camera.

The last point to consider is the housing of the camera. You must identify whether you want the camera to be hidden or visible. In addition, outdoor cameras usually require a special security casing to protect them from the weather and to prevent the tampering of the camera.

What Security Cameras to Choose?

What Cameras to Choose

It is necessary to identify your own personal needs for the use of your security system. Often it is best to choose a system that is useful, simple, and comfortable to use rather than an expensive one with bells and whistles that you don’t need.

In conclusion, whatever choice of security system you decide upon, remember that security and peace of mind do not have a price. Please do not waste any more time, keep your family safe. Contact us today!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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