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How to Boost Your Cell Phone Signal: 10 Ways to Do It

How to Boost Your Cell Phone Signal: 10 Ways to Do It

These days, cell phone reception is critical in our ability to perform even the simplest tasks. There are cell phone boosters that can help you improve your reception but there are also so many little tricks that can help you improve your cell phone reception without any additional equipment. We will show you how to boost your cell phone signal in a fast and easy way.

Reboot Your Phone

One of the simplest ways to get a better signal is to restart your phone. Simply, press down a button and wait for your phone to reboot. This may seem too easy, but too often, phones can get a bit overwhelmed, and restarting it can clear a lot of the bugs that may prevent you from getting a good signal. It is a highly effective way to solve many problems and issues that can arise with phones. When rebooting a phone, you are clearing random memory and allow your device to reset itself.

Check The Bands

Cell Phone Signal Bands

Another useful tip to boost your signal can be to switch networks. Sometimes switching bands can give you clearer reception. It is a matter of switching between networks until you land on the one that best suits your needs at any given time. To do this, go to “settings” and then go to “networks.”

Learn What Objects Interfere With The Cellular Reception

Nowadays, phone towers are placed far and wide, which facilitates cell phone use. However, there are still many factors that can affect our phone reception. Once you are aware of these elements, you can boost your signal at home or on the road. The strain on bandwidth can play a significant role, the more apps you have, for example, can have a negative effect on your signal. Poor weather conditions, building insulation, network traffic, and glass can be responsible for a weak signal.

Know The Location of The Closest Cell Tower

Closest Cell Tower

It is undeniable that a lot of factors can interfere with our cell phone signal. A great way to remedy this is knowing the location of the cell towers around you, by facing the direction of where the tower closest to is your signal can improve dramatically. The way towers work in relation to our connectivity is not only linked to the proximity of the tower but also the traffic at each given time.

Change Your Mobile Network Operator

There is an extensive competitive market when it comes to network providers. The reasons why people often switch network operators are mainly linked to cost, but often it is also the network quality. Switching network operators comes down to suitability, flexibility, cost, and quality.

Change Your Cellular Property

Another way on how to boost your phone signal is to play with your phone properties. You can see how good your reception is by looking at the bars on your phone. Sometimes, the nearest cell tower will not always be able to provide you with a clear reception for numerous reasons, and switching to a different tower using property settings can make a significant difference.

Use Wi-Fi

Use Wi-Fi for Boosting Cell Phone Signal

When underground or calling from a remote area, your signal can be much better using wi-fi if there is an internet connection. This is especially valuable and relevant in isolated locations far from any cell phone coverage. In addition, this can also help you conserve battery power on your phone.

Don't Block Antenna While Holding The Phone

Cell phones today have internal antennas that operate much like the external phone antennas from a decade ago. To enhance your signal, try to hold your phone in an upright position as to not obstruct the antenna in any way. This is a sure way to improve the quality of your phone reception.

Too Many People Might Be The Issue

In crowded areas there is often a likelihood to experience shady signals, dropped calls, slow internet connection. Some events take that into consideration and plant portable wi-fi stations to remedy this problem but often that isn’t enough. This occurs when too much pressure is put on cellular networks.

Install Signal Booster

Install Signal Booster

A cell phone booster is the most effective solution to the problem of a weak network signal. A booster is a device that boosts a weak signal and amplifies it, to improve connectivity in relation to smartphones, tablets and other devices that require a good communication signal. The price of a signal booster varies depending on the strength of the signal it can provide.

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Dzmitry Beliayeu

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