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How to Сhange Smoke Alarm Batteries: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Сhange Smoke Alarm Batteries: Step-By-Step Guide

Fire alarms are a key element to home safety, we must ensure it works well so we can sleep peacefully at night. It is important to know when and how to change the batteries on our fire alarms. Even the ones plugged in have a backup battery that must be replaced regularly. It is optimal to choose 2 days at 6 months intervals to change all the fire alarm batteries. It is highly recommended to change all alarm batteries on the same day.

  • Remove the fire alarm from the ceiling
  • Replace the battery as directed in the instructions
  • Place the fire alarm back onto the ceiling
  • Test the alarm

How to Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries in Models with Rear-Loading Batteries?

Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

For a fire alarm to work properly, routine battery changes are inevitable. It is crucial to know exactly how to replace the batteries as not to destroy the device.

Step 1: Remove the alarm from the mounting plate

Prior to changing the battery, it is important to turn off the power to avoid any incidents. Afterwards, twist your fire alarm to loosen it, if it isn’t coming off, you may need to disengage the locking pin before being able to remove it.

Step 2: Remove the Quick Connect wire harness from the back of the alarm

It is important to loosen the screws that keep the mounting bracket on tight, remove the mounting bracket once screws are loose. Afterward, you can disconnect the harness from the wires.

Step 3: Insert the battery

Once your fire alarm starts chirping it is a clear sign that the battery must be replaced urgently. It is important when replacing a battery that the battery is inserted correctly but it is also essential that the new batteries are fresh.

Step 4: Re-connect the Quick Connect wire harness

Once the battery is replaced, it is important to reattach the Quick connect wire harness correctly. It is crucial to tuck the wires into place to prevent having loose cables from hanging down from the ceiling.

Step 5: Re-install the alarm onto the mounting

Once you are sure that the fire alarm is wired correctly, it is important to give the device a twist to make sure it is secured properly. Then comes time to turn the power back on and test the alarm to make sure it functions adequately.

How to Replace Smoke Detector Batteries in Models with Front-Loading Batteries?

Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

In these fire alarms, it is easier to replace the battery since no wires are involved, the long and large part of it is to open up the battery compartment and replace the faulty batteries with fresh ones.

Step 1: Open the battery compartment door

To replace the battery, you must press down the battery compartment door so that the latch that houses the battery pops open.

Step 2: Insert the battery

Once the latch is opened, remove the used batteries, and pull them out of the compartment. Upon that removal, you can then insert the new batteries. Please note that the battery connectors need to match the battery with the + - signs.

Step 3: Press down on the battery compartment door

When the fresh batteries are in place it is valuable to press down the battery compartment door to ensure that the latch is closed properly.

Step 4: Press the test button to make sure the alarm operates

It is critical to test the fire alarm. You need to press the test button, a faulty battery can be the cause of the malfunction, at which point you’ll need to replace the faulty batteries with new ones.


Fire alarms save lives. Please make sure what you care about is protected in all the ways that matter. Learn more about fire alarms by contacting Forbel Alarms today! Do not hesitate, it is a matter of life and death.


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