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Multi Door Access Control System - Guide for Property Owners

In this article, we will take a closer look at what is multi-door access control systems and their features that will help secure your commercial property.

Multi Door Access Control System - Guide for Property Owners

Buildings usually have more than one door, and to be able to secure your building fully, you must ensure that all entryways are protected equally. A multi-door access control system allows a property owner or manager to secure and manage all entry points into the building for maximum security.

What Is a Multi Door Access Control System?

Multi door access control systems allow for property managers to manage access points to multi-unit buildings with the use of 1 system for all doors. This is especially pertinent for commercial facilities such as hotels, hospitals, university campuses, government buildings, and large office buildings. There are many types of multi-door access control systems, but their components are generally the same:

  • Credentials: Access cards, fobs, mobile devices. Fingerprints and other forms of credentials.
  • Access reader: A component that will read the credentials and grant access.
  • Access control buzzer: For guests without credentials, to allow them to request access.
  • Electric lock hardware: a security mechanism that will keep the doors locked unless access was granted, or the right credential was submitted.
  • Access controllers within the buildings.

Multi Door vs Single Door Access Control

Single-door access control systems consist of one reader that is connected to one door. This means that the reader will only manage the access for that one location. These systems are usually smaller, however, up to 4 doors can be added onto that system, but it means that the reader will need to be reprogrammed. IP wireless technologies or Ethernet can be used to add on these additional doors.

On the other hand, multi-door systems provide a more centralized approach allowing better and easier access management for all entry points into the building. This kind of system will either use an on-site computer that will control all access or a cloud-based system that will utilize mobile apps and the web to allow you more comprehensive access control management. Multi-door systems are a flexible and secure method of protecting all entries, gates, and garages from unauthorized access attempts.

What Features to Look for When Choosing a Multi-Door Access Control System

Choices are abundant when it comes to multiple door access control systems and finding the one that will suit your business’ needs can seem complicated but let’s break down some of these to get a clearer picture.

Mobile App

Systems with mobile apps are a great option for buildings that require many people to have access, it allows staff or tenants to enter a building using an app on their phone, therefore eliminating keys, key cards, or fobs. This also allows for flexibility for granting access remotely even though nobody is in the building.


Cloud-based access control systems

Cloud-based access control systems allow property managers and staff to manage access with an off-site system. This system does not require additional storage space or in-person monitoring since everyone with credentials can access the system online.

Visitor Management

It is important when choosing an entry system that the visitors are not forgotten. A business priority is the guests that it attracts. Entry systems must be able to conveniently cater to the demands of individuals who don’t have credentials to be able to request access comfortably.


A multi-door access control system is incomplete without the video feature. A video entry system allows the people inside the building to see who is at the door before granting them access.

Touchless Access

Keyless access control systems have risen in popularity since Covid-19. It is a convenient feature to allow people to access the property with a touchless feature such as a smartphone.


Choose a multi-door access control system that has integration features that are compatible with the other security systems in the building. This ensures better management, and with wireless technologies, you can manage your systems online or via an app.


Forbel is a highly experienced security systems integrator. Contact us for the design and installation of a multi-door access control system on your commercial property. Isn’t it time to step into the future? Contact our access control specialists who will help you find the perfect multi-door access control system that will best suit your property.


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