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The 5 Best Intercom Systems for Business in 2023

Are you looking for the best intercom system for business? We compare the leading intercom systems' core features, prices, pros, and cons.

The 5 Best Intercom Systems for Business in 2023

A powerful intercom system is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your business. With the right intercom system, you can monitor visitors remotely and deter unauthorized entry into your office.

The bottom line: When criminals see a business using a video intercom system, they're less likely to vandalize, break in, or steal packages.

Modern commercial intercoms can seamlessly integrate into most environments thanks to their wide variety of styles and features. This in-depth guide discusses the five best intercom systems for commercial building security.

Best Commercial Intercom System for Your Business

Today's intercom systems come with an impressive array of options and supporting features that enhance everything from security and convenience to aesthetic considerations like the screen's layout. Below are some of the best commercial intercom systems:

1. ButterflyMX Intercoms

intercom system for office

Despite being a very young intercom system brand (founded in 2014), Butterfly MX seems motivated and ambitious to take a significant share of the US intercom market. A key feature of Butterfly MX is that it uses mobile devices instead of indoor phones or intercoms, making it easy for office and enterprise visitor management.

The company offers a mobile-first cloud-based video intercom solution with two-way video calling, elevator control, and remote access. ButterflyMX created its video intercom system to be compatible with major property management, access control, security, and lock systems.

ButterflyMX Pricing

ButterflyMX software is priced based on the number of units. Commercial pricing is based on the number of employees and starts at $2400/yr, according to pricing available in September 2020.

  • 7” Surface Intercom: $3995, with a 2-year warranty
  • 7” Recessed Intercom: $4150, with a 2-year warranty 
  • 11.6” Surface Intercom: $5650, with a 2-year warranty
  • 11.6” Recessed Intercom: $6995, with a 2-year warranty 

ButterflyMX Features

ButterflyMX has the following commercial intercom system features:

  • Easy installation next to the doors using DC power and CAT5 and CAT6 internet cables.
  • Remote access management.
  • Access to door-release event history for up to 365 days.
  • Virtual keys in the form of shareable QR codes.
  • Remote unlocking using the ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Two-way video calling.

ButterflyMX Advantages

  • A leading security solutions provider for more than a decade.
  • Integration with multiple devices and property management software platforms.
  • Broad touchscreens with steel casings.
  • A 6-digit access PIN is available if keys or phones are inaccessible or misplaced.
  • Remote elevator access management through the mobile app.
  • AI-enabled voice controls.

ButterflyMX Disadvantages

  • Pricier than other options
  • Additional components, such as lock power supplies, increase installation costs.
  • Challenging to install large hardware panels in some locations, and intruders may see them as an easy target.
  • Impossible to embed QR codes in delivery instructions, which leads to lapses in delivery management.
  • Does not support cascade calling: multiple recipients cannot be added for call transfer if the first call is unanswered.

2. 2N Intercom Systems

commercial intercom system

2N® is a European company that manufactures and develops commercial intercom systems. A global leader in analog, IP, and LTE intercom systems, access control systems, elevator systems, and telecommunications equipment, the company is known for its tough, resilient products.

2N® offers robust, durable business intercom systems with many models and functionality. Its modular design provides a lot of customization and flexibility. 2N® can make your business better and safer with its best-in-class portfolio of commercial video intercom systems.

2N® Intercom Pricing

The company's website has no pricing information, but its modular design likely means varied costs. For the central unit, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,500, excluding keypad modules, access readers and tokens, and mounting accessories sold separately.

2N® Intercom Features

Some of 2N®'s impressive features include:

  • The 2N® Mobile Video cloud service allows the 2N® IP Force intercom to call a mobile phone or tablet.
  • A 135° wide viewing angle and night vision.
  • Integration with existing CCTV or surveillance systems.
  • SIP protocol supports linking business intercom systems with IP phones and PBX from other producers without connecting to the server. 
  • A tamper switch that detects unauthorized opening of the device itself.

2N® Intercom Advantages

  • A 120-degree field of view camera can be paired with an external camera to cover blind spots.
  • Free remote configuration and technical support from 9 am-8 pm Eastern time.
  • Audio induction loop to enable visitors with hearing impairments to communicate.
  • Receive email snapshots of the visitors.
  • Highest coverage on the market according to the IP69K and IK10 standards.
  • Control access via a reader, keypad, or integrated camera.

2N® Intercom Disadvantages

  • Commercial video intercom systems are modular and must be ordered and assembled separately.
  • Design options are limited, with only black and housing finishes available.
  • Verso intercoms have an IP54 rating, which is lower than competitors with IP65 ratings.

3. DoorBird Intercom Systems

wireless intercom system for business

As Germany's leading manufacturer of IP Door Intercoms, DoorBird aims to combine an exclusive design with innovative technology. Its commercial video intercom system products are made from corrosion-resistant precious metals and are designed to be simple, sleek, and smooth.

DoorBird's product line isn't as extensive as some security camera companies, but that is because they manufacture doorbell replacements for households. Most of its intercom systems for offices and buildings have more or less the same features. Conveniently, DoorBird also builds custom units to match your business intercom requirements.

DoorBird Intercom Pricing

Doorbird’s price range reflects the number of commercial intercom system features and processing capabilities. Generally, prices are $384 and $2502.

DoorBird Intercom Features

DoorBird's wireless intercom systems provide modern, convenient, and fast communication. Notable features include:

  • Mobile access to all DoorBird products.
  • Connectivity over a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Control building entry points remotely or from a central location.
  • Secure access with a password, Touch ID, or Face ID.
  • Live HD video with day and night vision.
  • Download events to smartphones and tablets.

DoorBird Intercom Advantages

  • Contact up to 8 smartphones or tablets via push notification with video and voice or IP phones via voice or video call.
  • Free Cloud recording with single images. No monthly fees. No hidden costs.
  • D Video. 180° Wide-Eye hemispheric lens. 4D Motion Sensor. RFID. API. PoE. SIP. IP65. Infrared Night-Vision. Bank-level encryption.
  • Open doors from anywhere in the world via smartphone.
  • Connect to existing door chimes, door openers, and garage openers.
  • Aesthetically appealing in up to 50 different shades.

DoorBird Intercom Disadvantages

  • Only send push notifications to non-IP phones.
  • Limited access control functionalities.
  • The camera lens should be at a minimum height of 57 inches, compared to the ADA compliance height of a maximum of 48 inches.
  • The noise cancellation function isn’t always effective.

4. Latch Intercom Systems

video intercom system for business

In 2014, Latch was founded in New York City to enable people to control their door locks from their smartphones. In addition to smart locks installed on apartment doors, Latch provides access solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

Latch simplifies delivery management and guest access with a single tap. Its Intercoms are available in one size and must be mounted on walls or pedestals.

Latch Intercom Pricing

Latch's intercom system for business starts at $2,999, plus $2 per month/per unit, and there is an installation fee. Their website states that the software pricing depends on the number of units and the length of the contract.

Latch Intercom Features

Latch intercoms have a modern design and water-resistant body, among other convenient features:

  • Intuitive user interface with tactile buttons.
  • Receive audio calls at any US phone number.
  • Receive video and audio calls in the Latch App (video requires an external camera)
  • Remote unlock.
  • Flexible connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular.
  • Made with stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced resin, and impact-resistant glass.

Latch Intercom Advantages

  • Easy to manage everything with Latch's fully integrated system.
  • Assign building staff different permission levels based on their responsibilities.
  • Designed with only four buttons for easy use.

Latch Intercom Disadvantages

  • Not possible to connect with other third-party systems.
  • External camera required for one-way video communications.
  • Only one size option, which is smaller than some competitors' 11.6-inch displays.
  • New to the market and lacks an established track record of success relative to some of its competitors.

5. Linear Intercom Systems

best intercom system for business

Linear has been a leader in security products and intercom systems for over 50 years. Linear is a member of Nortek Security & Control, which provides wired and wireless products that serve security, access control, health & wellness, and home technology markets.

Its intercom systems integrate high performance, reliability, and flexibility to prevent unauthorized access. Access controllers developed by Linear offer the broadest, most effective, and most durable range on the market.

Linear Intercom Pricing

Like its competitors, Linear doesn’t list pricing online. However, research indicates prices range from $1,299 to $3,816. Of course, it’s best to contact them directly for an accurate quote.

Linear Intercom Features

A Linear intercom is a reliable solution for commercial buildings with existing telephone lines. Its commercial intercom system features include:

  • Tenants answer visitors' calls from their phones.
  • Installs to regular telephone lines
  • Support from 2 doors to up to 64 doors or more. 
  • Compatible with commonly used long-range readers and VoIP adapters

Linear Intercom Advantages

  • Installation does not require an additional PC or software.
  • Displays with high brightness when in direct sunlight.
  • Custom reports and quick searches for commercial accounts, guests, and personnel access management.

Linear Intercom Disadvantages

  • Lack of integration options.
  • Need to have landlines installed in the whole building for connection.

Top Things to Consider When Buying an Intercom System for Business

best wireless intercom system for business

An intercom is an essential communication layer for many commercial settings, such as offices, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Today, there are a wide variety of styles and features, so it's essential to consider the following factors:

1. Wireless Intercom Systems vs. Wired Intercom Systems

A wired intercom has wires running between the base station and substations. They limit recipients to answering intercom calls from the hardware station to which the wiring is connected. Although wireless systems don’t require battery changes, installing them is time-consuming and expensive.

Wireless intercoms have gained a lot of popularity. In addition to being relatively quick to install, the best wireless intercom systems enable easier access to inaccessible areas, can be easily extended, and are suitable for connecting other wireless systems. A wireless intercom system for your business can also be connected through a phone or computer for remote monitoring.

2. Cost

Most intercom systems fall within the $500-$5000 price range, with the most expensive units exceeding $5,000. Choosing an intercom system's type, make, brand, and features will largely depend on your budget.

3. Audio vs. Video Intercom Systems

Audio intercom systems send and transmit only voice. A video and audio intercom include both a speaker and a camera, so tenants can hear voices and see who is speaking.

In addition to increasing tenant safety, a multi-unit video intercom system for businesses inspires confidence in building supervision to protect tenants' homes. A cutting-edge system allows you to see, speak, and let in visitors no matter where you are in the world!

Moreover, recording visitor data via video can be helpful if security threats occur in a business, such as theft and anti-social behavior. Identifying who is present in a building is essential to solve an assault or theft.

4. Integration with Other Security Systems

Integrating an intercom with access and security ensures a businessmen's security and improves communication. Video intercoms are usually compatible with other security equipment, meaning you can incorporate them into your current system for added security. For this reason, finding an intercom system compatible with your current security setup is best.

The Best Intercom System for Business: the Bottom Line

The best wireless intercom system for your business brings a host of benefits. Most importantly, it ensures you’re only allowing those people who belong to enter your business. If you’re unsure which brand to choose, we can help.

Forbel is a professional intercom system installer in Chicago, and what’s more, we can even help you design and improve your whole security system. Our security system design consultants service Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis. Contact us today to discuss your security options.


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