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The Pros & Cons of Fisheye Cameras for Your Business

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of using fisheye security cameras for your business. Learn about how they work and how they can help you protect your property.

The Pros & Cons of Fisheye Cameras for Your Business

Security is one of the most significant priorities for all business owners. Most commercial property managers heavily rely on the latest, most efficient surveillance tools to protect commercial sites from vandals and intruders in Chicago. 

When you start designing your CCTV business security system, it’s essential to be aware of all the devices that can aid you in achieving the best results for your property. Fisheye security camera systems provide a superior level of safety and security. 

What Is a Fisheye Security Camera?

Fisheye security cameras offer 180 degrees and 360 degrees dynamic viewing angles that are much wider than most other cameras on the market. They come equipped with ultra-wide-angle lenses that can give the effect of a fisheye, hence their name. This unique feature allows for greater viewing angles, decreasing the chance of blind spots when recording. 

How Do Fisheye Cameras Work?

Fisheye security cameras offer a more comprehensive viewing range thanks to the composition of the lenses. The circular image lens of a fisheye camera rests in the film or sensor area. However, it will be different depending on what type of fisheye camera you get, and this will directly distort the image to increase the range of the footage that the camera will record. This wide-angle security camera will cover a greater area than the standard CCTV camera. 

Where Fisheye Cameras Can Be Used

Fisheye CCTV cameras cover larger areas than standard security cameras used in multiple industries and commercial properties. Here are some common examples of their commercial use:

In fact, fisheye security cameras are utilized in every industry and are an excellent security solution for a wide range of businesses. 

fisheye cctv camera

Benefits of Fisheye Cameras for commercial CCTV Systems

Fisheye security cameras offer many benefits to businesses, big and small. They are a versatile security solution that can complement and complete any commercial property’s security system. 

Panoramic Surveillance Reducing Blind Spots

Fisheye security cameras allow businesses to secure a larger perimeter with a single camera. They are often used in retail stores because they are discreet and don't give customers the impression that they are being surveyed. 

This type of camera will allow you to view the comings and goings in your establishment without a heavy security camera presence. For example, a fisheye CCTV camera will record multiple entrances and exits in a parking lot. 

Cost-Effective for small businesses

The previous point about monitoring a larger area with one fisheye security camera makes this an attractive option for smaller businesses. Instead of having an intricate system that requires multiple cameras or multi-sensor units, a fisheye camera will capture all the blind spots in one. 

Fisheye security cameras are also more straightforward in design than other cameras, making training staff on using them easier. Also, these types of cameras record panoramic footage that would be more costly with different types of cameras, such as multi-sensor ones. 

Live mode editing options.

Live mode editing options are an invaluable and unique tool for any business. To pan, tilt, and zoom in on live footage as recorded make fisheye security cameras a necessary investigative device. 

The wide-angle panoramic filming ability can accomplish this within a single frame, which allows a security team to look around and view details that a different type of camera may have missed. 

fisheye pros and cons

Disadvantages of a Fisheye Camera for Commercial Video Surveillance

Fisheye security cameras are an essential surveillance tool, but they also come with their own set of drawbacks. These must be considered before designing your security system for your commercial property. 

Fisheye Warping

Fisheye security cameras record a helpful panoramic view; however, the footage tends to be distorted or appear curved. To fix this issue, the network video recorder (NVR) will need to be equipped with a de-warping mechanism which will add to the cost of this type of security system. The software will flatten the recorded image to be viewed free of fisheye distortion. 

Lower resolution

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) is a key feature of fisheye security cameras. Because of their fisheye lens, recorded images may not be as clear as those recorded by a multi-sensor security camera. The footage at the far edges of the screen will also be more distorted. The video footage will still be viewed, but the image quality will be affected by the fisheye lens. 

Limited Installation options

Designing a security system that will protect your business requires planning. In the case of fisheye security cameras, placement and installation must be considered. Fisheye cameras offer a wide-angle panoramic feature that is unparalleled to other security cameras on the market. 

The only way to fully take advantage of this feature is to install your fisheye camera in the center of a room in plain view, which will reduce the level of discretion. However, hiding a fisheye camera in the corner of a room will significantly impact its effectiveness. 


A fisheye security camera system can be used in various industries. When designing a security system, consider whether a fisheye security camera would be the right choice for your business. Contact us today, and Forbel will help you make the right choice for your commercial property. 


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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