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Salient Systems Installer in Chicago

Forbel is a proud partner and installer of the Salient System platform – a leading video surveillance solutions provider. Do you want to strengthen your existing security system with scalable and seamlessly integrated technologies? We help companies in Chicago (Illinois) enhance their video analytics capabilities with unmatched NVR solutions from Salient Security.

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Salient Systems Certified Partner

Forbel has partnered with Salient Systems to be the go-to security brand for video surveillance in Chicago and surrounding areas.

As a certified installer of the Salient Security platform, Forbel can implement these sophisticated systems into any technological environment.

Salient Systems provides highly scalable, secure, and simplistic solutions that can meet any budget. Salient offers a wide range of mountable systems and software for small and medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises.

The platform is designed to be efficient and highly responsive yet remains easy to use by security staff. You will always have full knowledge of what happens on your property.

Forbel provides seamless integration of Salient Security video surveillance and analytics systems. We can install the advanced hardware components and configure the software. In addition, our experts will train your employees to use these tools.


The Salient Security platform expands the operational capabilities of video surveillance management with advanced hardware and software solutions.

The platform offers a wide variety of industry-leading Integrated Servers and Network Video Recorders equipped with sufficient processing power and memory to meet a wide range of specific needs.

Salient Systems also provides intelligent video surveillance applications for desktop PCs and mobile devices. With its seamless third-party integration, advanced monitoring capabilities, and user-intuitive interface, your staff will easily access live and recorded footage from any camera.

And what about implementation? Forbel makes it easy to install these exceptionally reliable and efficient video surveillance solutions in any environment.

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why choose Forbel

Our commitment to safety and security is what motivates us to provide you with any security solution you may need. We will thoroughly and tirelessly work with you to determine which one is the best for your situation.

Excellent Customer Support

From consultations to installation, we will be hands-on in every step. These solutions were also made with accessibility in mind.

Reliable Security Partners

We work with security partners who are also the best at what they do. We want nothing more than for you to feel safe with our security systems.

10+ Years of Excellent Service

All in all, we’ve had 1,000+ happy customers, 50,000+ security devices installed, and 8,000,000 square feet protected by these systems.

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