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Stratis Installer in Chicago

Forbel is a trusted partner and installer of Stratis security and management services for smart buildings and apartments in and around Chicago, IL. Our company provides integration of Stratis intelligent home solutions – the most optimal way for landlords and residents to achieve total control over their property and maximize protection.

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Stratis Certified Partner

Stratis offers leading-edge technological solutions for smart housing in Chicago and even allows users to control lightning and regulate the temperature in any apartment. Best of all, Stratis makes it easy to automate these processes with an advanced yet straightforward user interface.

With a certified Stratis installer like Forbel, residents and landlords can maximize security as well as improve their level of comfort.

Stratis door systems provide total electronic control over who can access the building and each lock inside. This system allows users to monitor energy usage in apartments and even detect leaks in the water management department to avoid repairs. In addition, the Stratis key system allows you to open any locks remotely via the mobile app.

Industries Using Stratis Smart Solutions

Forbel is a leading security system integration company that provides organizations and individuals in the Chicago metro area with a wide array of cutting-edge security solutions.  

Our commitment to delivering the most technologically innovative security solutions to our clients is just one reason why Forbel became an official partner and installer for Stratis. This collaboration has given our clients access to the professional integration of Stratis smart housing and intelligent building services in Chicago and beyond.

Forbel ensures the proper implementation of all sophisticated technology in any property management system. Our vetted security experts will make sure that Stratis smart housing features work in any environment and integrate seamlessly with all the necessary third-party software.

Furthermore, experts at Forbel will walk clients through the installation and configuration process. As a result, you and your staff will know all about the ins and outs of the intelligent building control and security solutions.

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why choose Forbel

Our commitment to safety and security is what motivates us to provide you with any security solution you may need. We will thoroughly and tirelessly work with you to determine which one is the best for your situation.

Excellent Customer Support

From consultations to installation, we will be hands-on in every step. These solutions were also made with accessibility in mind.

Reliable Security Partners

We work with security partners who are also the best at what they do. We want nothing more than for you to feel safe with our security systems.

10+ Years of Excellent Service

All in all, we’ve had 1,000+ happy customers, 50,000+ security devices installed, and 8,000,000 square feet protected by these systems.

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