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Amazon Key for Business: All You Need to Know

Nowadays has been a growing rise in online purchases and Amazon deliveries are common. Let's read in this post what is Amazon key for business and how does it work?

Amazon Key for Business: All You Need to Know

What is Amazon key for business? It is a smart fob that allows Amazon delivery drivers to enter a building to deliver packages without the assistance of someone inside giving them access. In recent times, there has been a growing rise in online purchases and Amazon deliveries are common for private citizens and companies alike.

These types of electronic access control systems are installed for Amazon delivery drivers and they don’t interfere with the existing access control system in the building. Amazon key for business prevents the theft or destruction of packages.

What Is Amazon Key for Business?

With a growing demand for Amazon delivery services, the company brainstormed to simplify the process for customers, and delivery drivers and to maintain the integrity of the packages. Amazon key for business is a fob that is connected to the internet and placed above an existing access control system.  

Amazon has noticed that couriers wasted a lot of time waiting for doors to open to deliver packages and often these packages were left outside the buildings where they were prone to theft and damage from the elements. The key for business is the innovative solution for this issue. Today, it has become an indispensable tool for businesses across the board, especially for those who receive deliveries from Amazon on a regular basis.

How Does Amazon Key for Business Work?

Amazon key for business uses the latest technology to facilitate the delivery of packages. It is easy to use and below are the steps that are involved in getting the packages to your business.

  1. The courier arrives at the building with the packages that need to be delivered to your business.
  2. The driver uses the Amazon Flex app on their phone to unlock the gate or door that leads to your property.
  3. They can use the app to request access, or they can be granted automatic access depending on each business’ preference.
  4. Amazon then verifies the courier’s credentials and matches them to the package they are meant to deliver.
  5. Once Amazon has performed its security check, it will temporarily allow the courier access.
  6. The Amazon key for business is a device that is installed on top of the existing access control system.
  7. The key for business by Amazon will unlock the business’ access control system allowing the delivery personnel to gain access.
  8. The courier will then deliver the package to the correct location and exit the premises.

Key by Amazon: The Main Features

amazon key for business

The Amazon key’s commercial use is an efficient way for businesses to get their packages delivered safely and on time. Here are the key features of this innovative and smart fob:

  • Automated access for Amazon delivery personnel: Amazon key for business allows couriers to deliver your packages by gaining access through the key by Amazon which integrates with your existing access control systems.
  • Safety with a one-time entry allowance: Once the courier has gained access to the building and the package is delivered, the driver will have to confirm that the door or gate has been relocked.
  • No interference: While the courier is delivering the package, employees and residents can still use the access control systems naturally without interference.
  • Multi-factor authentication for security purposes: Amazon verifies the courier’s credentials before granting their delivery personnel access. They use GPS technology coupled with a delivery window to validate the delivery.
  • Delivery notification and video proof of delivery: An Amazon cloud cam can be added as an addition to the Amazon key for business, which allows the recipient to view a short video confirming the delivery of the package. After every delivery, a notification is sent to the recipient.
  • Compatibility: The Amazon key for business is compatible and can be integrated with most access control systems on the market today

Pros and Cons of the Key by Amazon

Just as with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to all services, this includes the Amazon key for business. Let’s take a closer look:


  • Increases efficiency: This kind of delivery system reduces the workload for the company’s employees who don’t need to make themselves available to receive the packages.
  • Smart delivery: It automates all deliveries which is a step toward the future.
  • Decreases damage to deliveries: Packages don’t need to be left outside making them vulnerable to the elements.
  • Reduces theft: Amazon’s security protocol enhances your delivery experience by delivering your packages, so they are less prone to theft.
  • Installation and Compatibility: Easy to install and compatible with most access control systems


  • Limited access: The Amazon key for business can only be used by Amazon delivery personnel and can’t be used for other types of couriers.
  • Privacy and security concerns: Not all tenants or business owners tend to hesitate to use the Amazon key for business because they value their security and the building’s privacy.
  • Not full-proof: Even though this service is efficient, damage to packages can still occur and additional measures must be put in place to ensure smooth delivery; this can include an Amazon Cloud cam which can offer video footage of the delivery.
  • Not 100% compatible: Even though most access control systems are compatible with the Amazon key for business, earlier models of access control systems may require upgrades before installation.
  • No theft protection: It is less likely for packages to be stolen by outsiders, but anyone who has access to the building could potentially steal it and Amazon doesn’t offer theft protection.

Amazon Key for Business: Cost of Installation & Service

Amazon key installation and services are free of charge which is a great bonus for all businesses and multi-unit buildings. However, the amazon key for business cost will include cloud cams, locks, and other hardware which must be purchased.


When receiving a copious amount of packages daily, efficiency is key, however, it must be noted that there are liability issues with this type of service. Forbel sure Amazon key for business is a great tool for any business but to protect your deliveries from theft additional security measures are recommended. Please contact us so wcan guide you in security measures that would be good to implement for your building.


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