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Commercial Door Buzzer Systems - Guide for Business Owners

What is a commercial door buzzer system and what does it include? How does it work in offices and other buildings? Let's find out information from this article!

Commercial Door Buzzer Systems - Guide for Business Owners

A commercial door buzzer system is an indispensable tool for any type of business. This type of system will allow you to manage the access of your commercial property in real-time and will allow your employees better knowledge of who is standing at the door before they even knock or ring a doorbell. This allows you to ensure that whenever your office, store, or warehouse needs to be locked it will be locked, however, it can also be opened remotely if need be. Property management is key to a successful business enterprise, please read on for a detailed guide on how this technological marvel can enhance your business practices.

What Is a Commercial Door Buzzer System?

A commercial buzzer system is a building entry system that allows staff inside the building to screen guests and visitors before granting them access to the premises. This is an important part of the day-to-day mechanism that allows a building to remain secure and ensures safety for the employees and visitors alike. Property management and commercial security for businesses rely heavily on a commercial buzzer system.


There are many types and brands of commercial door buzzer systems on the market today, but the basic components of buzzer entry systems are common across the board. The general idea is that there is hardware on the outside and hardware on the inside. The outer hardware usually consists of a buzzer with which the guests will press like a doorbell, and this will then be answered by a person within the building who will subsequently press another button which will then open the door allowing the guest access to the building.

  • Camera: This feature will allow the tenants to be able to see the person requesting access at the door.
  • Mobile applications: Many commercial buzzer systems these days will be linked to an app allowing for remote opening of the door by a tenant using their smartphone or tablet.
  • Cloud-based software: This paired with a commercial door buzzer allows property management to safeguard data on the cloud and manage access control remotely.


Cost of a commercial door buzzer system

The cost of a commercial door buzzer system ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 but this fee is subject to change depending on the type of commercial door buzzer you purchase. For example, the price will significantly vary whether you purchase a wired or wireless system. Also, the total price will depend on the infrastructure of the property the buzzer is being installed on because the above-mentioned fee does not include installation charges which will vary from installer to installer. Then it is also important to consider monthly software fees that will be added for the more hi-tech systems that are cloud-based which are also not included in the above-mentioned price range because that will depend on your network provider. These are considerations to weigh before deciding on the type of commercial door buzzer that your business will require.

Types of Commercial Door Buzzers

There are 2 main categories of commercial door buzzer systems:

  • Wired: This means that wirings are involved in the hardware of the buzzer system and that these types of buzzer systems are the more traditional types that we see today outside of most apartment buildings.
  • Wireless: These types of buzzer systems are more cutting edge, advanced, and are cloud-based which allow for more flexible usage of the intercom system.

But within these 2 categories there are 3 types of commercial door buzzer systems:

  • Door buzzer system with access reader: These types of door buzzers are very convenient for commercial uses because they don’t just allow employees within a building to grant access to the visitors, but they allow all staff and people with authorized credentials such as fob cards or keycards to press them against the access reader to enter a building.
  • Commercial buzzer system with a camera: This enables the person within the building to see who is at the door before granting them access. There are 2 subtypes of these commercial door buzzers: one with a one-way camera or a 2-way camera. The one-way camera means that the person on the inside can see who is at the door, but the guest cannot see who is on the inside.
  • Smartphone or tablet enabled door buzzer system: This type of door buzzer is compatible with smartphones and tablets and allows tenants to grant access to the building via apps on their smartphone or tablet devices.

The wireless commercial buzzer system is a system as the name suggests which allows people on the outside and the inside to communicate via radio waves or Wi-Fi. This system will use smartphones or tablets to allow the people on the inside to grant access to the guests.

Whether you are looking into getting a wired or wireless commercial door buzzer it is important to note that wired systems tend to be more expensive since the installation and wiring of the buildings can be complex which will affect the price. However, wired systems don’t rely on Wi-Fi which makes them indispensable, especially in areas where Wi-Fi may not be as accessible.

It is important to remember that a commercial door buzzer system is put in place to ensure the safety of the property and the employees. Security buzzer systems alert property management if someone tries to breach the premises while not being granted access. This feature can play an important role in any business’ security system. Some of these can even alert the authorities in the event of a crisis.

How Does It Work?


A commercial buzzer system consists of hardware on the outside of the door entrance which would allow a guest to press a button and request access to the building. In many cases such as apartment buildings or office buildings, there can be a wide range of buttons to press depending on who you are visiting in the building. The other component is the hardware on the inside which would allow the tenant or employee to press another button to grant the visitor access. There are many variations of these types of buzzers which may require additional components such as intercoms or video cameras either one-way or two-way depending on the level of security that the building requires. It is key to remember that when it comes to an efficient commercial door buzzer communication is important. Technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the advent of the crude and basic intercom system which offers businesses a wide range of systems with different levels of security depending on the individual needs of each business. It is noteworthy to remember that if you choose a cloud-based or wireless commercial door buzzer that you have great access to Wi-Fi.

Benefits of Door Buzzer System for Business

Business door buzzer entry systems have evolved so much with the rise of technology. The security field is one of the arenas which has been well-served thus far by hi-tech progress. These days, businesses have access to all the tools and knowledge to ensure prosperous growth without fear. Commercial buzzer systems offer peace of mind that is priceless to all business owners but that is only one advantage. Let’s look at many more benefits that a commercial door buzzer system can offer your business:

  1. Reduce insurance fees: Having in place a security system or even just a door buzzer can lower your annual insurance fees.
  2. Reduce the risk of theft or vandalism: This is also an important benefit of a commercial door buzzer system.
  3. Protect your employees: We live in uncertain times and protecting one’s employees is a priority for every business owner.
  4. Restrict access: Commercial door buzzers can also allow you to restrict sensitive areas of your commercial property.
  5. Monitoring: Many entry buzzers today come equipped with security cameras which would enable 24/7 monitoring.
  6. Alert buzzer: There are many entry buzzers today that also come equipped with a panic button which would allow staff to quickly alert authorities in the event of a crisis.

All these benefits cannot be overlooked when thinking of the safety of your property. A business is an investment and being able to control access to the premises and therefore protect your property and your staff will enable you to protect your investment.


The benefits of commercial door buzzers are limitless but finding the perfect one that will suit your business may seem a bit overwhelming with all the different options on the market. Wired or wireless? A buzzer with or without a camera? Forbel here to help, please contact our experts who will help you find the right fit and setup that will protect your property, staff, and clients. It is time to buzz in the future.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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