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Apartment Security Systems Design and Installation: Key Factors to Consider

The apartment security system is crucial when designing apartment and multi-family complexes. Read our top things to consider at the early stage of planning.

Apartment Security Systems Design and Installation: Key Factors to Consider

Apartment security system design and installation is a rapidly growing industry. It is something landlords and homeowners must be intentional about installing apartment security systems in their homes. Not only that, it is important that these multi-family residential security systems are incorporated into the early stages of planning and designing a home.

The unique nature of multi-family complexes requires an equally unique security system design. These buildings typically feature a heavy population of residents, a high influx of guests, maintenance workers, and other third-party visitors. These put multi-family complexes at risk of security breaches unless the appropriate apartment security systems are installed.

Apartment Security System Design: Where to Start

The essence of this post is to serve as a basic guide for all multifamily complex homeowners who are intentional about incorporating the appropriate building security system design. You might want to start by doing the following:

Incorporate Apartment Security System Design Early in Your Planning: It is important that you do not wait until you are halfway done or already done with the construction process before putting security measures in view. Key structures like entrances, staircases, parking lots, and elevators ought to be designed with security in mind. Otherwise, incorporating security system design becomes harder later on.

Partner with Experienced Security System Design Consultants: Just as you would use a qualified construction company to build a home, it is important to also work closely with expert security system design consultants. This helps you install quality apartment security systems which will save you costs in the long run and ensure the safety of your property and the occupants.

Conduct Threat Assessments: Threat assessments conducted by experienced service providers can hint you on your location’s level of risk and security situation. This will in turn guide your security measures. You are sure of what exactly to secure against and this puts you at peace.

Develop a Working Security Plan: With the information you get from a detailed threat assessment, you can work with your security consultant to develop an effective plan for your multifamily security systems. This plan should include technologies to work with, what kind of security staff to employ if need be, and other details that are important to the security of your multifamily complex.

Choose the Right Security Solutions: From video surveillance to access control and key management systems, there are many security solutions available. Work with a security consultant to choose the best security system for your apartment.

Things to Consider During Apartment Security System Installation

apartment security systems

There are a couple of things to consider when installing security systems for apartments.

The Experience of the Security System Installers

You need to ask yourself: is the security system installation company experienced enough to install my choice apartment security system? You may also want to consider other features like the availability for system maintenance and attending to troubleshooting issues.

At Forbel, we are a professional security system integrator with adequate expertise and experience to care for all your technical security system needs.

Size of the Apartment Complex

The size of your home can determine what types of apartment security systems are most suitable for you and how robust the security system should be. Much more than that, it determines the type of security materials you will be investing in. For example, larger buildings will require more door looks and cameras and will spend more on wiring if needed.


Needless to say, the budget is also an important factor to consider when installing apartment security systems. Your budget should guide your options. You might want to explore these options with a security system consultant so you end up selecting measures that are not only cost-effective but also secure.

Post-Installation Management

Equally important, your choice of multifamily security systems should be those that are easy to maintain and troubleshoot. Usually, a good security systems installer will also provide post-installation management services. On the other hand, you may need to employ skilled persons who will be in charge of your security system after it is installed.

What Are the Components of Apartment Building Security?

There are several security components that make up a wholesome multifamily security system. Some of them are:

Apartment Building Security Camera Systems

security system design

From video surveillance to doorbell cameras, apartment complex security cameras are an effective multifamily complex security technology. You will likely need to retain the help of a security camera installation company to initiate this system, however. Major video surveillance typically requires management by professional personnel. As an added bonus, recordings can be sent to the cloud for remote access.

Alarm Systems for Apartment Complexes

It is important to have alarms installed on high-security doors such as apartment doors, bike rooms, and other key access points. Alarms will not only inform you of intrusions but can also ensure doors are opened only through access control. Alarm systems are often installed and managed by intrusion detection companies.

Apartment Building Access Control

Multifamily access control systems are an improvisation to the traditional key-lock and key card systems used in each family apartment. Access control systems now range from facial recognition systems to fingerprints and smartphone-accessed entrance mechanisms.

Intercom System

Intercom systems for apartments allow for versatile security options in your home. An intercom system typically includes doorbells, multi-tenant video intercoms, and access to a telephone line and SIP-based intercoms for tenants. It is important to employ professional access control installers when installing intercom systems.

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are essential parts of apartment complex security systems. A good fire alarm system must offer the fastest response time with a highly sensitive central station monitoring system. The fire alarm system installation must also be properly done to prevent glitches during moments when the alarm is needed to function.

Key Security Points in the Apartment Complex

apartment building security system

While it is important for multifamily security systems to be wholesome, certain key areas in the building require top-notch security measures for topmost security. These points are typically the access points during security breaches and therefore require adequate security measures

Garage Security in Apartment Buildings

The garage is perhaps the most open part of a multifamily apartment. It is accessible to all and sundry and therefore is a very vulnerable point. Measures like apartment complex security cameras and intercom entry systems can help create an integrated security plan against car theft and other security issues of concern.

Elevator Security in Apartment Buildings

Amongst sites that are the major targets of a building security system design, the elevator should be one of them. As a high-traffic area, security measures like access control systems, cameras, video surveillance, and sometimes, intrusion detection systems are very appropriate.

Common Spaces Security in Apartment Buildings

Aside from the elevator and garage, other common spaces in multifamily complexes require special attention to security. Spots such as children's playgrounds, swimming pools, hallways, stairways, lobbies, fitness facilities, and fire escapes should be granted adequate attention.

Since each common spot is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all security measure for these locations. Usually, security cameras, intercoms, and video surveillance are effective security design measures for these areas.

Individual Unit Security in Apartment Buildings

It is important that individual units within a multifamily apartment are properly secured. Keyless access control measures are more effective and future-forward compared to traditional lock and key systems. Smart technologies ensure security is not sabotaged when old tenants move out and new ones move in.

Final Thoughts on Apartment Complex Security

building security system design

Security system design is a key aspect of an apartment’s construction process. It is incredibly important to give it an equal priority as other aspects of an apartment’s construction or maintenance. Also, it is essential to focus on the right things and work with professional multifamily security systems installers.

At Forbel, we offer professional consultation and installation services for clients who are particular about installing future-forward technical security systems in their multifamily complexes. We are not only a local integrator in Chicago, but our team of experts also provides security design consulting and installation services for projects in Milwaukee and Indianapolis.

To employ our services or make further inquiries, visit our website and contact us!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu

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