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Cannabis Security Guide for Dispensaries & Grow Facilities

In this article, we've prepared a guide for successful business growth, containing the peculiarities of industry rules and the ensure of cannabis security.

Cannabis Security Guide for Dispensaries & Grow Facilities

Marijuana dispensaries and cannabis grow facilities are becoming an ever-growing presence in the Chicago marketplace. This industry’s success relies heavily on strict cannabis security. It is a highly profitable industry that appeals to consumers and operators alike.

Marijuana industries must lay out a detailed business plan that includes cannabis security solutions to protect the business and its customers. With large amounts of product and cash, these businesses must adhere to local regulations to prevent abuses or crimes and ensure that the business grows successfully.

Cannabis Security Compliance

Few industries are required to adhere to strict security guidelines, but the cannabis industry falls under this category. Non-compliance with these security measures can be subject to legal penalties.

Federal Regulations for Cannabis Security

As of recently, there are still no federal regulations regarding cannabis grow facilities, cannabis storage facilities, or marijuana dispensaries because the government hasn’t yet legalized the use of cannabis products on a federal level.

The fact that there are no federal regulations may seem that operating in the cannabis industry on a state-by-state level is easier, but this is just an illusion. Adherence to cannabis security is still a serious matter in the eyes of the state.

State Regulations for Cannabis Security

The cannabis grows industry and marijuana dispensaries are subject to state regulations, and each state has a different array of laws and regulations required for this industry. It is essential to be well-versed in these requirements before embarking on this business venture. For example, Chicago cannabis requirements will widely differ from other states. These regulations must be followed on an individual state level.

Security plans for cannabis facilities

Cannabis grow facility

Cannabis security is an important part of the industry. There are different needs for cannabis grow facilities versus storage facilities versus marijuana dispensaries. Because of the diverse needs of cultivation and sales, unique security plans must be put in place.

Each facility must devise its security plan to adhere to the state’s regulations while still catering to its needs. The size of the business and the number of buildings must also play an intricate role when designing the right security plan.

Security for cannabis grow facility

Marijuana farming plays a key role in the cannabis industry for obvious reasons. The cannabis cultivation industry often overlooks security measures because of its remote location and the limit of people that access the site. However, because they grow a product that is highly sought after and valuable, they must adhere to the regulations to prevent theft or damage to the facility or the product.

A strict security plan can ensure that the cannabis grows facility avoids unnecessary legal entanglements. Security restrictions and close monitoring are essential to ensure that the cannabis grows facility prospers.

Security for cannabis dispensaries

A marijuana dispensary is a great start-up with a high revenue stream. However, this fast-paced and ever-growing industry is at high risk for theft because of its revenues. The risk of theft or robberies is significant in marijuana dispensaries, and this means having a heightened level of security for these distribution centers is essential.

A security plan for a dispensary must be thoroughly designed to protect the customers, staff, product, and overall business from all threats that it may face. A dispensary security system must include security cameras and door access restrictions to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent crimes from occurring.

Security for other cannabis facilities

The core of the cannabis industry lies with the marijuana farms and dispensaries, which is why they require a level of security that is superior to most other types of businesses. However, cannabis cultivation and marijuana dispensaries aren’t the only businesses that must adhere to stricter security regulations.

Any storage facility or transportation company connected to the cannabis grow facility or dispensary must align itself with the state regulations and adhere to the same cannabis security directives that involve the entire cannabis industry especially, its manufacturing and distribution.

Cannabis Security Solutions

The cannabis industry is a lucrative enterprise, but with that also comes many security risks. Security solutions must be put in place to ensure that no criminal activity is connected to your facility through theft of merchandise or money.

Video Surveillance for cannabis security

Cannabis security

Video surveillance for cannabis security plays a pivotal role in the set of requirements to lawfully operate a marijuana business. It doesn’t matter what type of cannabis facility you have. The regulations must be followed.

Cannabis security systems with cameras allow you to keep track of every aspect of your day-to-day business dealings within the cannabis industry. It is not only about compliance with state regulations but a way for you to ensure the constant prosperous growth of your business while detouring theft or other criminal acts from occurring.

Illinois State requirements for video surveillance for cannabis security are as follows:

  • The Illinois regulations require a 90-day video storage retention for storage.
  • The frame rate for the camera is eight frames per second to make sure that the video footage is clear enough to identify faces and even license plates.
  • All recordings must be date and time-stamped.
  • Clear photo stills can be captured from the video footage in the event of an investigation.
  • All cameras must be connected to the internet and be accessible to law enforcement in case of an incident.
  • The placement of the cameras must be unobstructed so that there must be no blind spots.

Access Control for cannabis security

Access control for marijuana businesses is a key element of the cannabis security requirements. Access control for this industry is far more reaching than just keypads or keycards. These updated access control systems will allow you to monitor and restrict access to sensitive areas and give you complete control of the premises and the amount of access each employee gets within the facility.

These types of security measures will reduce theft and vandalism. There are different types of access control: cloud-based, which allows you to monitor access remotely via the internet, and mobile-based, which enables you to use a mobile device to control access.

Access control for cannabis security is crucial in successfully maintaining a facility. The different access control methods include keypads, keycards, biometric fingerprint or iris, smartphones. Access monitoring is as important as a tool for cannabis security as security cameras. It is an integral part of the security system.

Intrusion Detection for cannabis security

Intrusion detection services for cannabis security will enhance your security system to comply with the state’s regulations fully. In addition, IDS will ensure that if there is an attempted break-in or intrusion of any kind, the sensors will be able to alert you, the right personnel, and even involve the authorities if the case is severe enough.

This is an ultimate addition to your cannabis security to ensure that everything from the cannabis grows facility, storage, testing lab, transportation, and marijuana dispensary will function safely under the proper regulations and requirements stated by the State of Illinois.


Cannabis security compliance is of the utmost importance when designing a security system for your cannabis facility. Entrust your business into the hands of professionals from Forbel, a leading commercial security company, who knows what kind of system is best for you and what the regulations require. Contact us for more information.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

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