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SIP Intercom: What Is It & Why Your Business Needs One

SIP Intercom: What Is It & Why Your Business Needs One

Who knew there were so many intercom options to choose from? While it may have seemed like an easy endeavor, finding the right access control option for your business, apartment, or school is essential to a smooth-running location. If you’re looking for the best security option for your business, an SIP intercom system is one of the many options at your disposal. But is it right for you? Let’s break it down.

What Is a SIP Intercom?

So, what is an SIP intercom? A SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, the intercom is an electronic system that allows tenants to use the intercom to speak with someone looking to gain entry. With this system, a tenant or employee can grant someone access, buzzing them in without actually going to the door.

Like IP systems, an SIP doorbell intercom utilizes the internet to transmit data, reducing the need for wiring for a more efficient, easier-to-install system. Plus, with an access control system that relies on the internet, the need for a physical person to allow entry into space is eliminated, creating more ease and convenience when unlocking doors. This is beneficial to a number of locations - from apartments to offices, student housing, and more.

Components of a SIP Intercom System

Components of a SIP Intercom System

When it comes to the elements of an SIP video intercom system, there are four parts to consider. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Base Station: The base station is the hardware implemented at the property’s entrance, including the SIP intercom speaker. This allows residents and visitors to communicate through the base station when deciding if they will grant entry.
  2. Server: Serving as the central hub of the SIP intercom station, the server hosts a database of credentials, working to manage the intercom system using the cloud for the most convenient storage.
  3. Substations: The substation is what tenants use to talk with those looking to gain entry. This can be within a resident's unit, or even connected to their smartphone.
  4. Door Strike: Last is the door strike. This is essentially the “door open” functionality that a resident or authorized personnel can press to signal for the door to unlock for a warranted visitor.

How Does a SIP Intercom Work?

A SIP video door intercom works through the internet connection, allowing the system to transmit either audio or video (or both!) between the tenant's substations and the base station where a visitor is. This type of intercom is designed to allow two computers, or “stations”, to connect and transmit data during a session.

When it comes to options for transmitting audio or video with an SIP intercom door station, some providers may rely on VoIP. This stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, although it’s used relatively interchangeable with IP intercom and SIP intercom terminology.

No matter the exact system you use, an SIP intercom will allow visitors and residents or staff to interact directly, ensuring safe and secure entry to only those who truly are permitted to do so, creating the safe environment we all deserve.

The Difference Between SIP and VoIP

To choose the right system for your location, understanding the difference between an SIP doorbell intercom and VoIP is essential. The two options aren’t directly comparable, but they do work together to offer the service you’re looking for. Here’s how it’s done.

When talking about VoIP, we are referring to a system that transmits voice communications via the internet instead of using a typical phone line. Since broadband is so popular, VoIP has gained traction, too.

Now, this is where it gets complicated. So, VoIP is the technology that allows for internet-transmitted messages. We got that. Now, when thinking about SIP, it’s the technology that supports VoIP. So, for an SIP intercom speaker to make a call, it needs VoIP.

Why Your Business Needs an SIP Intercom

Why Your Business Needs an SIP Intercom

There are a whole host of benefits to incorporating an SIP intercom into your business’s security system, and we are here to explain each to help you make the best decision for your location.

Wireless Option

We are all about convenience, and with a wireless option for your SIP video door intercom, you get just that. In limiting the use of wires, you can guarantee a more seamless installation process that impacts the structure of your building less as there’s no need for intricate wiring to go into place.

Integration of SIP Intercom with Telephone Services

Talk about ease. An SIP intercom allows you to integrate your system with telephone services, allowing messages and communications from the door system to communicate with tenants’ and employees’ cell phones. This allows for more convenient answering and communication between stations.

Easy Management

Since multiple devices can be linked to this wireless system, an SIP intercom speaker allows for easy management of doors. With authorized personnel easily answering and allowing access, whether they are physically at the business or not, day-to-day communication, deliveries, and visitors can be managed with ease.

Broad Functionality

Since this is an internet-based system, SIP video intercom options have a heightened ability to store data. Not only can it store a great deal of data, but it does so at a super-fast speed, too. With virtual keys and passes, this system can support a number of options to make life easier and secure.


From increased security to convenient door entry, SIP intercoms are a wonderful addition to a range of buildings - from apartments to businesses, offices, and schools. This secure system, backed by the ever-evolving and improving internet, is built to last and evolve with you, storing data and updating it to suit your needs.

Whether you have more questions about SIP doorbell intercom options or are ready to install this system at your location, our experts at Forbel are here to help. To improve the security of your business’s access control, explore Forbel’s intercom solutions today.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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