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How Much Does Access Control System Cost Per Door?

How Much Does Access Control System Cost Per Door?

Many factors can affect the cost of an access control system. There are many types of access control systems that offer different levels of security with a variety of features. These digital security systems are important for all kinds of businesses. Access control systems are at the cutting edge of safety and security for everyone, especially commercial buildings.

What Is The Average Cost of an Access Control System in Chicago?

The many factors that will influence the cost of an access control system are the type of system, how many doors will have an access control system, wired or wireless, and the kind or size of the business. On average, the costs can vary between $400 to $10,000.

Cost Factor #1: The Type of Access Control System

Average Cost of an Access Control System

The type of access control system will directly influence the cost:

  • Login access systems (keypad access)
  • Intercom access control systems
  • Biometric readers (such as for facial and fingerprint scans)
  • Key card entry systems
  • Key fob access control systems
  • Smartphone access control systems

Cost of Keypad Access Control Systems

Keypad access control systems are a great security solution for many businesses because they are affordable. These keyless systems can be accessed with a 4-digit pin. They consist of minimal hardware and wiring, which makes them easy to use and install. Their installation can range from $400 to $1,800 per door.

Cost of Intercom Access Control Systems

Intercom access control systems are available in different configurations and with different features. Pricing for each type of system is, therefore, dependent upon these factors. The installation and set-up are simple process that can be completed within a couple of hours. Video intercoms allow you to see who is at the door, and some more expensive options will even allow you to record images. This type of system can range from $500 to $10,000 depending on which intercom system and how many will need to be installed.

Cost of Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric access control systems cost more than the standard access control systems, but they are more secure. Because of their technological capabilities and features, scanners are costly, and the price may be impacted by whether you’re getting a biometric access control system that will read fingerprints, palm prints, or do iris scans. Generally, the price may range from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of the facility and how many doors will need to be set up with this system.

Cost of Key Card Entry Systems

Key card access control systems are common these days in offices and warehouses. The average cost for this type of system ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the type of reader, the number of doors that will need to be set up, and existing wiring present on the premises. It is important to note that keycards can cost from $10 to $15 per card, but the price estimated here does not include service fees.

Cost of Key Fob Access Control Systems

Key fobs are popular door entry devices; however, their popularity is overshadowed by the maintenance costs involved. The average cost of a key fob access control system ranges from $1,000 to $ 4,000. This fee does not include the cards. Because the card is being waved in front of the card scanner, this makes the upkeep more challenging with additional routine upgrades that must be performed.

Cost of Smartphone Access Control

Thanks to technological advancements in the security field, different access control systems are regularly invented, upgraded, and improved. Smartphone access control systems are gaining popularity because they are an affordable option, and it is easy system to maintain because of automatic upgrades. This type of system can range between $700 to $1,400 per door. Access can be granted or removed easily because it is done via the cloud.

Cost Factor #2: Licensing Fees

Access Contol System Cost

Licensing fees are an ongoing cost when purchasing an access control system because you purchase the right to use the software that allows your system to run and operate the access controls for your doors. On average licensing fees will range from $25 to $50, this includes the maintenance and upgrades performed on the systems regularly to ensure it works properly.

Cost Factor #3: Installation

A variety of factors will determine the installation cost of your access control system. It is important first to map out what the security needs are of your business, this will help you decide what kind of access security system will be best suited for you. Once you have figured out what kind of system you want to install, you must investigate what if any existing wiring there is on-site from previous security systems. Having existing wiring may reduce your installation costs; it can also add to the price if significant electrical upgrades must be made to install the access control system.

Another significant factor in the installation cost is the number of access points, in other words, doors that will be equipped with the access control system. In addition, the number of employees who will eventually have access to it can also add to the installation fees, but this depends on the access control system chosen.

Lastly, many businesses opt to integrate their access control system with other types of security measures such as surveillance cameras, this can also add to your installation fees.

How Do The Features of Access Control Systems Affect The Price

What is the cost of an access control system

Many features can impact the price of an access control system. It is obvious that the more features present, the more costly yet convenient the system.

Here are the main features that will influence the cost:

  • Access authority: This is when access is not equally distributed within the ranks of the establishment. Certain people will be able to access certain areas while others may not.
  • Alarm notifications: This is the system that can notify the relevant parties of whether a situation is urgent or not.
  • Custom reports: Many access control systems can be programmed to send reports on door activity, invalid access attempts, and even track within the facility.
  • Elevator control: Where the access control system can limit access to certain floors as pre-programmed.

There are numerous more features, but all in all, they do add on to the cost but are often well worth it.


Any office space or warehouse should certainly feel secure and protected these days. It is worth the investment rather than having to pick up the pieces after an undesired event. Protect what matters to you and get your access control system. This is an investment that will protect your business.

Contact Fobel Alarms today to get professional access control systems to protect your property!

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