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Does your business need a Wireless Video Intercom with Door Release?

Does your business need a Wireless Video Intercom with Door Release?

There are 2 types of wireless video intercom systems and they both use Wi-Fi to connect the entrance to the interior of the building. The more basic and less expensive wireless video intercom systems will not feature a built-in door release whilst their more sophisticated counterparts will.

Why does your business or commercial property need a door-release feature embedded in the video intercom system? In Chicago commercial video intercom systems with door release will transform the way you view security.

What Is a Commercial Wireless Video Intercom with Door Release?

Commercial video intercom systems with door-release will allow anyone inside the building to see who is at the gate or door and open the door remotely. These types of video intercoms are efficient solutions because when at work we don’t always have that second or minute to get to the door and manually open it. This kind of practice is outdated, and in our competitive world today there is little to no room for these distractions.

For example, in commercial properties like offices where people come and go constantly, these high-trafficked areas require that all employees can grant access remotely when needed. This will make your building safer and your employees more efficient.

How Does a Wireless Video Intercom System with Door Release Work?

The intricacies involved when it comes to commercial video intercom systems with door-release are not as perplexing as we may imagine at first glance. There are 2 sub-categories of the door-release intercom system: one is an electronic lock, and the other is a magnetic lock.

The difference between these 2 is that magnetic locks require power to lock doors, while electric locks require power to unlock doors. In other words, it comes down to the amount of energy they use. But all in all, they function almost the same way:

  • A guest arrives at a commercial building.
  • They use hardware situated at the base station to call the inside of the building.
  • The insider at the substation is notified of the visitor.
  • The insider will answer the call and then decide whether to grant the visitor access.

The differences between an electric lock vs a magnetic one can be described as such:

  • Electric: These types of locks operate when an electric strike latches the doors in place within a piece of metal. This piece will keep the door locked in place until it receives an electrical signal which will loosen the metal piece and therefore open the door.
  • Magnetic: These types of locks, also known as maglocks, need a constant source of electrical power to keep the doors locked. When they don’t receive this power, the door will unlock. Maglocks are often used in lower security entryways such as gates.

How Much Does a Wireless Video Intercom Cost?

There are many factors involved when trying to calculate the cost of a commercial video intercom system with door-release.

There is a considerable installation fee, if you are installing a wired system, it will be much pricier than a wireless system since wires need to be run through the walls and this will make the installation process more costly. The second fact to consider is the installation team and how quickly they can manage to get the job done and what it entails. The third factor is the ongoing cloud-based software fees which are nominal but are still noteworthy.

The software fees will cover a wide range of features such as video calling, remote property management, and routine updates; these features can be customized which will also cause a variation to the bottom line. On average though, a commercial wireless video intercom system will range between $1,500 to $8,000 depending on the amount of work that will be required.

Video Intercom System Cost

Benefits of a Wireless Video Intercom With Door Release for Your Business

Commercial properties are the beating hearts of any business; these days, more than ever, people rely on technology to ensure that their staff and investments are always well protected and secure from all threats they may encounter.

  1. The ability to manage the visitors to your facility: In the past, businesses had to rely on hearing someone’s voice and deciding whether to grant them access. Today we have audio and visual capabilities that enhance our business’s sense of security.
  2. Report intruders with ease: This is a benefit that can’t be overlooked. The ability to see who is attempting to enter the building and the option to alert the authorities re-enforces the notion of security for any commercial property.
  3. Improves inter-office management: This allows each business to customize its video intercom system to make communication between offices, floors, and staff that much easier. This is especially practical in the unfortunate event of an emergency.
  4. Crime prevention: For any security system, whether it be a camera planted outside the building or a video intercom system, the goal for most business owners is to prevent vandalism and other crimes that could damage the property.
  5. Access control management: This is perhaps the most notable of benefits. It grants the ability to manage access to restricted areas to ensure the integrity of your business.

Commercial video intercom systems are the most vital piece of infrastructure for any business— apart from the property itself. These systems protect the business and secure the staff. If you own a business, do not hesitate! Upgrade or get a modern intercom system that will grant you a great level of peace of mind so you can focus on your business. Contact us!

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