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Commercial Video Intercom Systems for Your Business: a Guide

A video intercom system for businesses allows them to regularly perform security audits. Learn the benefits of video intercom systems for your business here!

Commercial Video Intercom Systems for Your Business: a Guide

Nowadays, small and medium-sized businesses face a variety of security concerns.

It's vital for commercial property owners to protect their investments, whether it's their physical space, their employees, or their products.

A video intercom system for business allows you to regularly audit security and monitor entrances and exits while lowering the risk of vandalism and other criminal activities.

What Is a Commercial Video Intercom System?

No business or commercial space should be without an intercom system. It is an entry system designed for commercial buildings that transmits video and audio, allowing tenants and visitors to communicate via video call. Visitors can also open doors remotely with commercial intercom systems that have a door release.

Depending on the type of commercial video intercom, you'll either have a one-way or a two-way system. Video intercoms with one-way video allow tenants to see visitors during video calls, but visitors cannot see tenants. With a two-way video intercom system for business, tenants and visitors can see each other.

A commercial video intercom system, like other types of intercom systems, gives you an extra layer of security ensuring your business is always well protected.

Benefits of Commercial Video Intercom Systems

Commercial intercom systems are in high demand due to their performance, reliability, and functionality. They offer the following benefits:

1. Security

Why are commercial video intercoms a priority for office security? Well, they provide a visual way to verify identity before granting access. This is especially important in multi-tenant buildings where security and front desk staff must deal with large numbers of regular and occasional visitors.

With commercial intercoms, users can identify visitors and, if necessary, ask for additional information before granting access. A commercial video intercom integrated with a visitor management system allows security teams to track visitors when they are on the premises and maintain a record of all visitors for compliance or analysis.

2. Safety

Video Intercom System for Commercial Buildings

Any business can benefit from a video intercom. A commercial business intercom system can include video communications as well as intercom phone systems, which reduce staffing needs and increase safety as security staff doesn't have to physically open doors.

It is both convenient and secure to have a digital phone system with intercom functionality. Security is a key feature of any building. With a rise in delivery and variable schedules, having the ability to control access remotely is an important part of implementing safety management. 

3. Lower the Risk of Crime

Intercom systems, especially those with video capabilities, are a psychological deterrent. Their presence immediately warns criminals of the risk of revealing their identities. Therefore, seeing these systems outside a building may deter unauthorized entry. 

Then there are annoying or bothersome people, such as hawkers, who you probably don’t want to see or talk to. In this case, a commercial intercom system prevents you from letting them into your property by “accident”.

4. Communication

The workplace needs to accommodate visitors or deliveries as smoothly as possible. Having a wireless video intercom system for business in your building is a convenient solution. 

Unlike traditional systems where users can only handle access requests at their desks, a commercial door intercom system linked to their smartphones allows employees to check in visitors and unlock the door from anywhere. 

Therefore, it is still possible for users to handle requests remotely if they are away from the office or attending meetings.

5. Enhanced Visitor Experience

Commercial video intercoms provide a variety of ways for businesses to give visitors convenient access. By pressing the intercom, users can initiate a request, and an AI-based system will route them to the correct user. This creates a great first impression and enhances the overall visitor experience.

Other commercial video intercom systems allow visitors to access a facility using QR codes without contacting anyone. Additionally, they eliminate the need to touch a commercial video intercom doorbell, allowing visitors to unlock the door by scanning their code instead.

6. After-hours Assistance

 If an employee isn't available, an advanced intercom system uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to route visitors' requests to another user profile, such as reception, another employee in that department, or even a voicemail box.

It is possible for AI call routing systems to synchronize with employee calendar apps, access permissions, or door schedules to ensure they are contacted at the right time.

What Does a Video Intercom System for Commercial Buildings Consist of?

Commercial Video Intercom System

A video intercom system provides security and facilitates communication. The parts of an intercom system include:


The base station

This is the central component of an intercom system; it is also referred to as a master station. A base station connects all other intercom parts such as desk stations or wall mounts.

Intercom substation(s)

Intercom substations enable tenants to communicate with visitors outside the building. A one-way intercom system requires a camera at the base station and a monitor at every substation, while a two-way intercom system requires both a camera and monitor at all stations.


Commercial intercoms with cameras fall into two broad categories: wired and wireless.


The wires connect the base intercom system with the intercom substation to transmit and receive audio and video.


A wireless intercom system is a device that enables voice and video communication without the need to run wires between intercom stations. Some wired intercom systems can incorporate wireless elements.

How Does a Commercial Video Intercom System Work?

Benefits of Commercial Video Intercom System

Security is at the forefront of every business owner and commercial establishment thanks to the progress of technology which allows two-way communications via a video intercom system.

Wall-mounted camera intercom systems are usually placed at entry points, such as doors or gates, and communicate with their substations on the inside to announce their arrival.

An intercom equipped with cameras and monitors will enable visitors and hosts to communicate through live feeds when prompted by a doorbell.

Nowadays, smart doorbells and commercial video intercom systems can be easily connected to mobile devices, making them convenient substations accessible from anywhere.

The use of commercial video intercoms with smartphones and other mobile devices is particularly effective since it provides a great deal of flexibility and security.

This allows the host to lock and unlock doors from any location. Video intercom systems for businesses are highly effective because they are user-friendly.

The Cost of a Video Intercom System for Business

The best commercial intercom systems cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000, with installation fees varying based on what kind of system your business requires.

Price fluctuations depend on the location of the base station and whether the system is wired or wireless. Furthermore, the fee does not include monthly fees for operating the intercoms.

Does your Business Need a Wireless Video Intercom with a Door Release?

A commercial video intercom system with a door release enables anyone inside the building to see who is at the gate or door and open the door/gate remotely. In work situations, you don't always have the time to open doors manually, which is why a door release is an efficient solution.

In high-trafficked commercial properties like offices, where people come and go continuously, all employees require remote access capabilities. As a result, your building will be safer, and your employees will be more productive. Door-release intercom options are available for wired and wireless systems.

How Does a Wireless Video Intercom System with Door Release Work?

Door-release intercom systems are divided into two categories: electronic locks and magnetic locks. The difference: Magnetic locks require power to lock doors, while electric locks require power to unlock doors.

Thus, the distinction comes down to the amount of energy they consume. Overall, however, they operate almost identically:

  1. A guest arrives at your business's building.
  2. They use hardware at the base station to contact the inside of the building.
  3. An insider at the substation is alerted to the visitor.
  4. Upon answering the call, the insider will decide whether to grant access to the visitor.

How Much Does a Wireless Video Intercom Cost?

video intercom system

Calculating the cost of a video intercom system with door release involves many factors.

A wired intercom with a camera will be much pricier than a wireless system since wires need to be run through the walls. The cost also depends on the installation team and how fast they get the job done. 

Lastly, there are software fees to consider that enable remote property management, updates, etc. On average, the total cost of a commercial video intercom system ranges between $1,500 to $8,000.

The Best Commercial and Business Video Intercoms

It's challenging to find a video entry system that fits seamlessly into your building since there are so many models to choose from. Below are the four most popular brands of commercial intercom systems for commercial buildings.

Aiphone IXG Series

Designed for multi-tenant security applications, the Aiphone IXG Series is a complete network-based communication solution. Its modular system design makes it easy to add more door stations, emergency stations, master stations, and substations as you need.

By combining common security platforms with the IXG Series, your system can act like an enterprise-level Security Operations Center (SOC). For instance, multiple buildings can be closely monitored by one guard, reducing potential labor costs for additional security personnel.

Swiftlane Business Video Intercom Systems

A Swiftlane video intercom system for business provides two-way audio and video intercom calling for secure visitor and guest management. Its cloud-based end-to-end smart technology makes building access possible via face recognition, mobile access, video intercom, visitor PINs, key cards, and voice recognition.

Swiftlane technology lets security personnel answer calls from anywhere, and they are received as normal phone calls without having to monitor app push notifications. As such, business owners using Swiftlane intercoms can reduce their operational burden, accelerate lease processes, and provide reliable remote management capabilities.

2N Commercial Video Intercom Systems

2N video intercom systems offer maximum comfort and safety. 2N IP intercoms and 2N answering units also provide two-way communication with visitors. Audio quality can be automatically adjusted to ensure you hear HD-quality sound even in noisy surroundings. 

With 2N's IP video intercom system, you can receive pictures of your visitor's face directly in your e-mail. Additionally, the 2N ® Indoor Touch multifunctional communicator makes it easy for you to allow your visitors to use your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Regardless of the type of business property, ButterflyMX intercom systems make property access simple. ButterflyMX provides security and convenience for owners, managers, and tenants of commercial buildings.

Its commercial video entry system allows you to remotely grant guest access and open and manage doors via your smartphone. Retrofits and installations of ButterflyMX are easy since no wiring or hardware needs to be built.

In addition, it seamlessly integrates with leading property management systems, access control systems, keyless locks, and other protection solutions.

Get Your Commercial Video Intercom System Installed by Forbel

Forbel Alarms is a leading Chicago intercom system installer and provider. We pride ourselves on partnering with the best brands in the industry. Not only that but our security system design consultants can help you integrate various surveillance components into a comprehensive business security system.

Keep your business safe and secure with a professional security expert. Contact us today!

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Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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