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Benefits of Commercial Video Intercom System for Your Business

Benefits of Commercial Video Intercom System for Your Business

These days there are many security concerns when operating a small or medium-sized business. As a commercial property owner, one must protect its investment, whether it’s physical space, employees, or goods. A video intercom system for businesses allows them to regularly perform security audits and monitor the comings and goings while lowering the risk of vandalism or other criminal activities.

What Is a Commercial Video Intercom System?

An intercom system is a tool that no business or commercial space should be without. A commercial video intercom system will transmit video and audio, allowing the business to monitor who can access the premises and communicate via video call. Intercom systems also allow you to grant access to visitors to your site remotely and safely. It is a device that audio visually gives you an extra layer of security to ensure that your business is always well protected.

What Does a Video Intercom System for Commercial Buildings Consist Of?

Video Intercom System for Commercial Buildings

A video intercom system consists of 2 hardware components called a base station on the outside and substations on the inside. In addition, another component is the wiring of the system.


The Base Station

It is a central component of an intercom system; it is also referred to as a master station. It connects all other intercom parts such as desk stations or wall mounts.

Intercom Substation(s)

Intercom system substations allow communication with the outside and allow people to grant access to visitors using a “door open” button.

A one-way intercom system requires a camera at the base station and subsequently requires a monitor at every substation. Whilst a two-way intercom system requires both a camera and monitor at all stations.


There are many commercial intercoms, but they can be easily classified into two broad categories: wired and wireless.


The wires connect the base intercom system with the intercom substation to transmit and receive audio and video.


A wireless intercom system is a device that enables voice and video communication without the need to run wires between the intercom stations.

It is noteworthy that some wired intercom systems can incorporate wireless elements.

Can I Use a Commercial Video Intercom with Smartphones?

Technology has evolved leaps and bounds since the original invention of the phone and even the intercom. Our smartphones are used for everything, it seems the features and capabilities of smartphones today are boundless. So, it is no surprise then that intercom technology has partnered with smartphones today to make security that much more accessible and in many ways.

Intercoms That Can Connect from Landline to Smartphone

Pick up the home phone and press the button that puts the phone in intercom mode. Dial the number of the phone you want to connect it to.

Intercoms That Are Designed to Be Paired with Smartphones

There are a variety of smart intercoms known as smart door openers, which can be paired with a smartphone.

Apps That Can Be Paired with Intercom Devices

There are virtually a limitless number of apps that can pair with your intercom and turn your smartphone into a substation via Bluetooth technology.

How Does a Commercial Video Intercom System Work?

Commercial Video Intercom System

Security is at the forefront of every business owner and commercial establishment thanks to the progress of technology which allows two-way communications via a video intercom system.

Typically, a device is mounted at an entry point such as a door or gate, and the wall-mounted intercom will communicate with its substations on the inside to announce their arrivals. This intercom will be equipped with cameras and monitors on both ends to facilitate communication via a live feed from visitor to host and vice versa when prompted by a doorbell type of device.

These days smart doorbells and video intercom systems can be easily linked to mobile devices, turning them into convenient substations that can grant access from anywhere at any time.

Commercial video intercoms are especially effective when combined with smartphones and other mobile devices as it offers many features which provide a great level of flexibility and security. This allows the host to lock and unlock doors from any location. Video intercom systems are highly effective because they are user-friendly.

Cost of Video Intercom System for Business

The price of a commercial intercom system can vary between $1000 to $7000, and installation fees will depend on what kind of system your business requires. The variations that can impact the price will be the location of the base station and whether the system purchased is wired or wireless. In addition, it is important to note that the fee does not include monthly fees to operate the intercom system.

Benefits of Commercial Video Intercom System

Benefits of Commercial Video Intercom System


A video intercom system can take and date photos of guests upon arrival that can be stored and reviewed in case of any type of misfortune.


It can prevent any uninvited visitors from gaining access that could harm the business or its staff.

Lower The Risk of Crime

It deters bad actors from attempting access and committing crimes or vandalism.


It allows an organic free flow of communication from visitors at the base station and hosts at substations

After-Hours Assistance

This feature allows visitors and hosts to contact their security teams remotely, even outside official work hours.

Best Commercial Video Intercom Systems in Chicago Installed by Forbel

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