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Dome vs Bullet Camera: What Is the Difference?

Knowing the difference between a dome and a bullet camera helps to understand which one to choose for your business. Do you know this difference? Let's know it!

Dome vs Bullet Camera: What Is the Difference?

Security cameras are an important component of a video surveillance system. What is the difference between a dome and a bullet camera? It’s all a question of angles. In a nutshell, bullet cameras are known for their range, while dome cameras are known for filming a wider view angle of the footage. Chicago businesses view video surveillance systems as an invaluable tool to protect their facilities. 

What Is a Dome Camera?

A dome camera system gets its name by its shape; dome cameras have a distinctive dome-like shape. With their ability to withstand the elements, they are sturdy enough to be both used indoors and outdoors. These types of cameras can also be used in daylight or low-light environments because they come equipped with infrared LEDs.

Dome camera systems are typically used in:

Other industries that utilize dome cameras are hospitals, storage facilities, schools, office buildings, and many other commercial industries. 

A dome security camera

Pros of Dome Camera

Dome CCTV cameras are a very popular CCTV camera because they offer a wide range of benefits. Many dome cameras also come equipped with features that make them a key element of the surveillance industry. 

  • They are discreet: All cameras are noticeable to a certain extent, but dome cameras are far less eye-catching than bullet-shaped cameras.
  • They are less prone to bird nests: Their shape prevents birds from perching on them, which may seem like a small thing, but many CCTV cameras can be destroyed in this way.
  • They are less prone to vandalism: Dome cameras can’t be tampered with easily or vandalized. 
  • Angle view: They can record at a wider angle. 

Cons of Dome Camera

Being aware of the cons of dome CCTV cameras can help you make the right decision when it comes time to choose the right type of camera for your business.

  • Harder to reposition: This is connected to the installation, which can be more challenging than the bullet-shaped camera. 
  • Require regular cleaning: Dust, dirt, and debris can easily accumulate on the dome affecting the footage it records, so regular cleaning is mandatory.
  • Limited range.

What Is a Bullet Camera?

Bullet security cameras are surveillance cameras that are bullet-shaped. Their cylindrical shape makes them highly visible, and they can record long-range footage, which is why they are sought-after cameras. These types of cameras are typically mounted on walls and tend to be used more outdoors however they can also be used indoors. Bullet security cameras are a visible deterrent to trespassers, vandals, or criminals. 

A bullet security camera

Pros of Bullet Camera

More than just being a visible deterrent because of their unique shape, bullet security cameras offer many advantages to commercial security.

  • Longer range: They are known for capturing long-range footage.
  • Easy installation: Bullet cameras are easy to install and, once installed, can also be repositioned with ease to capture any direction of your choosing.
  • Outdoor and indoor use: Even though they are more frequently used outside, they can be used indoors as well.
  • Weatherproof: Bullet cameras come enclosed in a strong protective casing that safeguards them from the elements.
  • Night vision capabilities: Many bullet cameras come equipped with IR (infrared) and are capable of recording footage in low light. 

Cons of Bullet Camera

Even though bullet security cameras offer many advantages, they do have some disadvantages that must be considered.

  • Not discreet: They are highly visible, which can be good, but this also means that they can be easily discovered.
  • Not tamperproof: Because they are visible, they can be easily found and tampered with or even moved. They are not as durable as dome cameras.
  • Prone to bird nests: Their shape is inviting for birds which over time can damage or affect the footage filmed by bullet CCTV cameras. 

What Is the difference between dome and bullet cameras?


Both bullet security cameras and dome CCTV cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors. Forbel knows the difference between the two is that dome cameras are hung on ceilings, and bullet cameras are mounted on walls, mainly because of their differing shapes. 

Bullet security cameras are easier to install and can be repositioned without having to be reinstalled, while dome cameras are more fixed into place. Repositioning a dome security camera requires its removal and reinstallation which can also add additional costs. 

Camera Range

Bullet cameras are known for their range. This is due to their shape, which allows them to accommodate larger lenses than dome cameras. Dome CCTV cameras, however, offer a wider viewing angle to the bullet security camera. 

Other factors can influence a camera’s range, such as sensor chips and the types of lenses that are used in the camera. The range of a camera will vary based on make and model and what features the specific camera has to offer. 

what is difference between dome and bullet camera


Camera technology has increased leaps and bounds from its original conception. Most modern cameras, both bullet, and dome come equipped with infrared LEDs, which allow them to record in any situation, day or night. 

Lighting used to be a challenging area for security cameras, but cameras today function as well in low-light environments as they do in very lit ones. The quality of the recorded image will not be affected by the infrared capability of the camera but rather on its other features, which can vary depending on make and model.  

Dome vs bullet camera: What to Choose for Your Business?

What’s better, dome or bullet cameras? There are minor differences between these two types of cameras. They each offer a certain level of security, and each has its strong features and drawbacks. 

Some will argue those dome cameras are better, but that is debatable, as dome CCTV cameras are more discreet, while bullet security cameras offer a more visual deterrent. Ideally, to protect your commercial property fully, the best choice is a hybrid option where your security system incorporates both dome and bullet cameras. 


Before designing or upgrading a security system, it is important to be well versed in the differences between dome CCTV cameras and bullet security cameras. Understanding the needs of your business’ security is a key factor. Forbel is ready to help. Contact us today for any questions or for video surveillance solutions in Chicago.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu

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