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Parking Lot Video Surveillance - Guide for Property Owners

Parking Lot Video Surveillance - Guide for Property Owners

Parking lots are a common place for violent crimes- in fact, they rank in the top 3 locations where most severe criminal activity occurs. Parking lots also tend to be darker places where vehicles can obstruct visibility to people within the lot.

Parking lot video surveillance is an extremely important investment for any business that offers its customers and staff a parking solution. It must be a place that is safe to use because businesses attached to a parking lot where a crime occurs may be liable. First and foremost, safety is key; then protecting your business from liability suits; finally, a parking lot security camera system can also reduce your costs for insurance in the long run.

The Importance of CCTV Cameras in Parking Lots

Parking lots are soft targets when it comes to crime. Thieves will seek out parking lots that are poorly lit and not well-equipped with CCTV cameras to strike. The importance of CCTV cameras in parking lots can’t be overstated.

Crime prevention is extremely important in areas such as parking lots. Having strategically placed CCTV cameras will deter the criminals. Car theft is a grave concern for criminal activity in parking lots, but security cameras can prevent theft and also a slew of other criminal activities.

A parking lot surveillance camera system can also be used to offer evidence once a crime has been committed, which is why the quality of the footage must be of the highest importance. Grainy, dark, unrecognizable footage may not be enough to identify the criminals.

CCTV Cameras in Parking Lots

Types of Parking Cameras

There are many features and types of parking lot security cameras that are on the market today. To ensure that your lot is safe from illicit activities, it is pivotal to choose the right option that will enhance security and reassure your patrons that they and their property are safe. Two of the principal options are the traditional analog CCTV camera and the more modern NVR camera which uses Ethernet and IP technology to record footage.

The CCTV analog camera sends video using a cable to a VCR or DVR recorder and footage can then be viewed and kept for evidence purposes. The recording space for these cameras is limited depending on the space on the VCR or DVR device.

IP cameras, on the other hand, are digital cameras that send a signal via an Ethernet cable to a network for storage.

These days, the more popular options tend to incorporate both analog and digital components for a hybrid security solution.

What to Look for When Choosing CCTV Cameras for Parking

CCTV cameras for parking lots are crucial tools to ensure safety. There are many factors to consider before investing in a parking lot security camera system to minimize the costs while optimizing security standards.


The parking lot surveillance camera system must be weatherproof since most parking lots are either outdoor or underground. Similarly to typical outdoor cameras, they must come equipped with a weatherproof cover or casing. This can keep moisture, dirt, or dust from damaging the internal components of the camera and therefore protect the integrity of the footage.

Motion Sensor

When choosing parking lot cameras, it is important to choose ones that have motion detector sensors that will either start recording or zooming in when the sensors are activated either by a loud change in volume or a sudden shift in temperature or a change in movement.

Motion detection cameras can be programmed to be triggered by a variety of things. Here are a few to consider when programming a parking lot camera:

  • When cars arrive or leave
  • When flood lights turn on
  • When an alarm is triggered

Having a motion detector built-in your parking lot security camera system set to only record when triggered can be useful when evidence is needed, or footage needs to be reviewed. This can save time, money, and space.

Night Vision

Parking lots tend to be equally busy day and night, but enhanced security may be needed during the darker periods of the day because that is typically when theft, vandalism, or any other illicit activity is more likely to occur.

Night vision features in CCTV cameras allow them to record footage in low light or no light conditions while not disrupting the image quality during light conditions or daylight hours. Night vision cameras come equipped with infra-red LEDs to ensure that no matter what time of day it is your parking lot will be safe. This is a prime feature for any parking lot video surveillance system.


Choosing CCTV Cameras for Parking

Footage quality can be valuable, especially when the footage is used as evidence. Because parking lots are ranked as high crime targets, it is important to invest in a high-resolution security camera. Unfortunately, the higher the resolution, the higher the price.

Can you put a price on security? Resolution is calculated by pixel dimensions (p); For security cameras, it is recommended to get a camera of 1440p or more for best image quality. Cameras with high resolution are a must for parking lots. However, if your parking lot is in a secure, low-crime area then perhaps a lower resolution camera can be acceptable.

Analog or Digital

There are major advantages and disadvantages to both types of CCTV cameras, whether it is an analog or digital IP CCTV camera system. This is the reason why more sophisticated security systems today use a hybrid system comprising both types of cameras.

Analog CCTV cameras send a signal to a DVR device using a coaxial cable and eventually, it is stored on a hard drive. This method is useful in on-site security monitoring. An IP security camera records the footage digitally and then it is stored on a computer network and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.


Camera placement is essential to ensure that you get the most out of your parking lot surveillance camera system. With the constant flow of cars coming and leaving a parking lot, tracking vehicles and interactions can be challenging.

Therefore, it is optimal to refer to a professional camera company that can have their experts guide you in the best placement for your video surveillance to make sure your parking lot is safe and secure.


Many factors can influence the cost of a parking lot security camera system. The number of cameras, the placement of the cameras, the type of cameras, etc. It is noteworthy to remember that security is a priority for any business or property owner and this includes parking lot managers especially.

High-quality parking lot cameras are essential to ensure safety and security for all the people that use the parking lot. It is important to always trust an expert because not all high-priced cameras will be the best suited for your parking lot.


Commercial parking lots must be safe places. A CCTV surveillance camera system is an important tool to ensure that everyone who parks their car in your lot feels protected and secure.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts eagerly await to help you design a security system for your commercial parking lot that will keep your guests safe whilst keeping trouble at bay.


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