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Motion Detection Cameras - A Guide for Property Owners

Motion Detection Cameras - A Guide for Property Owners

Motion detection cameras are a prime part of video surveillance of any commercial security system.

What Are Motion Detection Cameras?

A sensor camera detects heat or energy given off by living bodies, such as humans or animals, using a PIR sensor or passive infrared sensor. Any motion captured within about 15 feet of the vicinity of the camera will activate it and the camera will start recording. It is noteworthy that PIR sensor motion detectors should not be placed near windows or vents because they record heat changes in the environment and therefore can trigger false positives.

On the other hand, there are software-based detection cameras that analyze pixel changes from frame to frame to detect activity and start recording. Both types of motion detection cameras are invaluable tools that wholly complete a functional and powerful security system.

How Do Motion Sensor Cameras Work?

Before we jump into precisely how motion detection cameras work, we must first define the basic mechanics of a security camera. The lens of a security camera will start recording once the light hits it and the pixelated image crystallizes and forms video footage. Therefore, strategically placing a camera to capture the largest and widest area is always a primal goal when setting up a security camera.

A motion detection camera will have the added PIR or software-based sensors that will trigger the recording of the footage when it detects a certain level of energy emitted by either a human or animal. Most motion detection cameras can be programmed to send alerts once the recording has been triggered which adds to the efficacy of this type of camera.

It is, however, important to adjust sensitivity levels on the camera to avoid getting false positives that can be triggered by something as small as a rodent running too close or a gust of wind. The higher the sensitivity of these motion sensors, the more likely it will record even the smallest disturbances in its environment, which is why when installing these types of cameras, a professional should be consulted to achieve the best results.

Motion detection cameras are indispensable tools. A professional will help you find the right placing and sensitivity level for your commercial property to be fully guarded. This will enable you to always be present and notified of any disturbances and prevent break-ins.

Motion Detection Cameras!

Benefits For Businesses

There are tremendous benefits of motion detection cameras, especially during the off-hours or when foot traffic has slowed. Motion detection cameras will play a critical role in complementing your basic security system and upgrading it to a significantly safer level. Here are the main benefits:

  • They are highly dependable, when the motion sensors are triggered, you will be alerted and will have an opportunity to watch the footage recorded.
  • It will save you space when it comes to storing your footage.
  • It will save you loads of time and we understand in the business world that time is money. Motion detection cameras will enable you to watch relevant video footage and no longer waste your time going through empty video images.


Forbel specialists will help you to optimally configure the operation of your video surveillance system. Contact us for a consultation, there’s no time to wait. Get ready to move into the future and protect your commercial property with the latest in surveillance technology.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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