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11 Ways to Improve Commercial Building Security

Whether you run a large commercial operation, a small warehouse, or a medium-sized retail store, your building security may define your future and your success.

11 Ways to Improve Commercial Building Security

We think it’s important to get it right, which is why we have laid out 11 simple tips you can follow to ensure your building security system is up to date.

1. Install Digital Video Surveillance

Improve Commercial Building Security

Digital video surveillance is a modern form of CCTV. It’s one of the ultimate building security tools and can be incorporated into a wider building security system. These systems typically cost more to install and require a more complicated computer setup, but they offer higher resolution video footage that captures the image of intruders in a much more clear and accurate way.

Digital video surveillance, installed by professionals, gives you the chance to see wider sections of your property, see intruders clearly at night and during the day, and get the evidence you need if the intrusion becomes a police matter. These systems can be set to record all the time, or combined with other security systems allowing the cameras to start recording when motion is sensed on your property.

2. Install Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarm systems are one of your first go-to solutions for building safety. It’s one of the first building safety tips any security expert will give you, and it offers an immediate defense against someone attempting to break into your commercial building. Monitored alarm systems are managed remotely, and watch your premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Systems are designed to trigger alarms, alert authorities, or even contact you directly via phone call or text message if motion is detected in a protected building. Monitored alarms may also depend on other triggers, including the opening of doors, damage done to windows, or forced entry.

These systems vary greatly depending on your need and your budget. The most basic system will trigger a loud alarm that alerts people in the surrounding area and encourages intruders to leave, and more advanced systems can trigger CCTV recording, or automatically request the police arrive on the scene.

3. Analog CCTV

Commercial building security has always relied on traditional CCTV and it is still widely used. It is incredibly easy to install, making it ideal for those on a budget or for smaller properties that don’t need complicated setups, and it records intruders at a quality that has long been considered acceptable.

You’ll get a lower frame rate, generally lower quality footage, and less overall coverage, but if these things are unimportant, analog CCTV is a simple and effective system.

4. Perform A Threat Analysis

A threat analysis is something every business owner should consider. It will dictate what kind of security systems and tools you use, and even how much you may be willing to spend. The threat analysis should look at points of entry and potential vulnerabilities in your basic security system, which is typically the locks on your doors and windows.

You should also consider, if you work in a commercial environment, how likely it is that customers may steal products, or whether your employees may steal products.

Every possibility should be considered and used to help you decide the tools you use and the systems you install. Security experts can help you perform these analyses and choose the right systems, using their wealth of experience defending small and large commercial properties.

5. Consider Intercoms and Door Entry Systems

Intercom systems make it easier for you to know who is coming in and out of your building, or even entering specific rooms. It also stops people entering your building, or specific rooms, without permission. Building intercom allows audio or video communication between people in different parts of the building, requiring people to identify themselves.

It also keeps a log of who enters and can take video footage of that person entering to ensure it wasn’t a fraudulent entry.

For any business dealing with sensitive information or expensive products, this is really one of the ultimate building security tools.

6. Warn Intruders

Improve Building Security

It might sound counterintuitive to warn intruders that you have cameras recording them, but it’s not. By making it clear that you are taking measures to protect your property, you give intruders a reason not to attempt to steal from your business.

Whether you use warning signs that specifically detail that CCTV is in operation, or whether you make sure cameras are visible, you will immediately give intruders a reason to second guess their decision. They may be able to cover up one camera, but do they know where the other ones are?

Make it clear that you are serious about building security and you’ll significantly reduce your chances of experiencing unlawful entry or burglarizing.

7. Don't Forget to Secure Parking Spots

When you’re thinking about defending your property and improving security, it’s easy to forget about your parking area. This is actually a really important part of your property to secure, and there are some simple ways you can do it. Remember that this is the place where your employees start their day and end their day. Criminals may use this space as an opportunity to steal, hurt, or even just intimidate people.

If you’re planning on installing CCTV, make sure you also install CCTV in your parking areas.

8. Territorial Reinforcement and Chain Link Fences

Perhaps the simplest step you can take in protecting your property is clearly defining your territorial boundaries. Through the use of walls, chain link fences, and signs, you should make it clear what is public property and what is your property. You may also wish to inform people of their access rights.

If your property is not frequented by customers, remind people with signs that unauthorized entry is not allowed and that you will prosecute intruders.

Chain link fences with locks also provide the obvious advantage of only allowing people with appropriate access privileges, and keys, the ability to easily get in and out.

9. Always Reevaluate

Commercial Building Security

Every building security expert will tell you the importance of re-evaluating your building access control systems and other security measures periodically. Your needs change over time, threats change over time, and what was once an effective security system may be made less effective by changes to your operations.

If you begin using different access points, or if you start handling more expensive and valuable products, then you should reconsider the security systems you already have installed.

Aim to review your security systems either every year or whenever you make significant changes to your business that change the way you and your team members work.

10. Don't Forget Maintenance and Checks

Maintaining your security setup is also essential. Whether you do it yourself or rely on a team of security experts who can perform regular maintenance and checks, you can ensure that your property remains protected. You could potentially even catch flaws in the system or tampering that may have occurred at the hands of criminals.

11. Trust Expert Advice

Finally, if you feel like you’re not certain what you need, don’t just guess. Trust a team of professionals who understand how to most effectively secure your property, what weaknesses and vulnerabilities to look out for, and how to ensure every possibility is covered.

Contact a team you can trust, like our experienced security experts at Forbel, and we’ll provide a full analysis of your property and invest the time and effort required to keep your building safe.

Reliable Contractors and Custom Security Solutions

At Forbel, we cater to businesses big and small. We implement complex and high-tech security systems, and we can develop cost-effective, simple protective measures to keep your business safe. We do this with a combination of reliable, experienced contractors, top-of-the-range security equipment from the best suppliers and manufacturers, and years of experience in the industry.

For a consultation, to learn more about our services, or to receive a quote, reach out online or give us a call at 847-595-1900.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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