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9 Tips to Improve The Security of Your Retail Space

9 Tips to Improve The Security of Your Retail Space

Every business owner, especially retail store owners, understands that they must prepare for certain crimes, such as burglaries. Metropolitan areas tend to be high-risk locales for such crimes due to the density of the population, and Chicago is no exception. Retail security is at the forefront of any store management team and understanding the factors that contribute to these types of crimes is essential. It is important to have guidelines in place that can protect your staff, your property, and your goods.

Develop Protocols for Cash Register Monitoring

Improve Retail Store Security

Cash registers are a vital part of any store, and they control the lifeline of the business— the money. The most notable retail security tip must be to secure the cash registers and safes, as well as ensuring that all employees who deal with the money follow a uniform procedure for safety purposes. Thieves and robbers rarely attempt burglaries or the like if they see a small chance of reward. For the best retail security, reduce your risks by implementing the following:

  • Always have at least 2 employees during opening and closing.
  • Keep small amounts of money in the cash register and place the excess in a safe.
  • Bank deposits should be made regularly.
  • Limit visibility of the cash register.
  • When employees swap shifts make sure a manager witnesses the countdown to ensure that no money is missing.

Develop Protocols for The Sales Floor

The risk of burglary will vary depending on the location, opening hours, and the goods being sold. If your store is in a low-risk crime area or is heavily trafficked or sells goods that are less attractive to thieves, you may not encounter the same risk factor as another establishment that doesn’t fall under these criteria. It is worth mentioning that any store can potentially fall victim to burglary, which is why having the right measures in place is highly recommended. See below:

  • Properly train your staff to greet patrons and regularly ask them if they need help.
  • Don’t tempt potential thieves with easy access to pricier inventory.
  • Make cash registers and safes hidden and far from the reach of customers.
  • Keep the store clean and tidy so that every nook and cranny is visible by the employees.

Make Sure You Have More Than One Employee on Duty

As mentioned above, it is important to have, at the very least, 2 employees during closing and opening hours of the store. There is generally safety in numbers! Ideally, there should always be a pair of employees watching each other’s backs. The employees on duty should be in clear, constant communication with each other, whether it is verbal or not. If an employee must go into the backroom or storage room, the other employee must be aware of this. In addition, all employees must have a clear view of phones, panic buttons, and exits.

Instruct Employees How to Deal With Suspicious Customers

Improving Security of Retail Store

Retail security can be a challenging task when dealing with suspicious individuals, in the retail world they are identified as “external risks”. These types of threats may come in the form of shoplifters, credit card fraudsters, ORCs (organized retail crime syndicates), or even individuals casing your store for a potential robbery or burglary. Train your staff to deal with these risks:

  • Greet every customer and make eye contact.
  • Talk to every customer and find out if they are locals or new to the area.
  • In case of a suspicious individual, the employee must alert his coworkers.

Sketchy individuals will most likely leave if they feel that they have been spotted.

Don’t Forget About Managing Backrooms and Other Areas

A key retail store security procedure must be to do a regular inventory to identify what products are in the backroom or storage facility. This will help you run an efficient business and help you avoid overstocking your storage area, but it will also prevent or diminish employee theft. All employees must be fully aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to a storage room. To enhance retail security, an employee must let his coworkers know if they need to go into the back room.

Invest in Quality Security System

The best way to secure your business is by investing in a security system. This will alert the authorities in the event of a break-in or vandalism that may occur after hours. This is an important tool to ensure your business remains safeguarded even when closed. The relevant employees must be trained on the ability to activate and deactivate the system during the opening and closing of the store.

Add Security Cameras

How to Improve Retail Store Security

Retail security is incomplete without a good camera security system. This level of security will protect your staff, your business and will act as the ultimate deterrent to anyone wishing to steal, shoplift, vandalize, or harm your store in any way. Good video surveillance is key in allowing you to track activity in your store. Do not hesitate or wait to get a surveillance system for your business, start protecting it today. In the event of an unfortunate situation, the footage from your security system can be used as evidence.

Integrate Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control can strengthen your business’ security. An electronic access control panel will allow you to grant customized access to staff to certain areas of the store whilst also tracking their comings and goings. In addition, this type of system will also be able to notify authorities immediately in the event of a forceable entry attempt after hours. This is an indispensable tool for any business, but essential for the types of commercial properties that deal in high-end inventory.

Install Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system is a must-have for any business, especially the ones that carry high-priced items. This is of the utmost importance to receive help from the authorities when someone tries to enter your store uninvited after hours. This is a key for retail store security to ensure maximum property safety.

In our society, crime is not uncommon, it is important that if you are a business owner or store manager that you take security seriously. Crimes such as burglary, shoplifting, and vandalism can affect your bottom line. Don’t wait for something to happen, be proactive and ensure your business’s safety. If you are in the Chicago area, contact us at Forbel. We will protect you and your business.


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