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9 Types of Security Cameras for Your Commercial Building

9 Types of Security Cameras for Your Commercial Building

There is a wide range of security cameras and finding the right one for you can get overwhelming. Because of the different types of security cameras on the market, it is important to remember the goal: you need a system that will protect your business, employees, and goods.

Indoor Cameras

Security cameras keep a watchful eye over your commercial space and serve as a deterrent to illicit activity. In the unfortunate event of a criminal act, indoor cameras can be used to gather evidence against the perpetrator whilst also helping in the recovery of the stolen goods.

For example, indoor dome cameras have features such as 360-degree camera rotation and are vandal resistant which makes these types of cameras a perfect fit for shops and restaurants.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor cameras outside of a business act as an effective deterrent for suspicious individuals like loiterers, burglars, or vandals. They can help in the investigatory stage after an alleged crime was committed to apprehending the culprits. Video surveillance is a must-have tool for every commercial property. Outdoor cameras often come equipped with a variety of features and are usually weather-resistant.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras have a unique design: they are shaped like a rifle bullet or a lipstick case. This is due to their casings, which are made of special water-, dust-, dirt-, and weather-resistant materials. They work as binoculars, in the sense that they can capture video footage from far-ranging distances.

As mentioned above, they are sturdy cameras designed for outdoor use and their casing can protect the footage against glare or rain or anything that could tamper with the quality of the video. Bullet cameras work well in surveilling long distances which differentiate them from most other CCTV cameras on the market. Bullet cameras are ideal in challenging environments that can be afflicted by dirt and dust.

Also, due to their noticeable shape, they are highly visible and pose a significant challenge to criminals. These are some of the reasons why bullet cameras have always been a top option for commercial properties when it comes to a surveillance system. They can be used in a wide range of industries, but they are optimal choices for more isolated commercial properties such as factories or farms located in rural areas where surveillance is sparse.

Ceiling Cameras

There are a lot of similarities between a bullet camera and a dome camera, but there are many glaring differences as well. Dome cameras are more discreet due to their dome-shaped casing. This makes the dome camera hard to spot and it makes it difficult to see the direction where it points to.

Dome cameras, because of their design, are an easy fit in any type of building and they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They also cover all angles with their 360-degree rotation, which is a big feature in this type of camera. In addition, due to the protective dome of the camera, makes it difficult to access it and tamper with the footage.

Depending on the make and model of a dome camera, certain variations may apply, but most dome cameras offer high-resolution and have built-in night vision capabilities. Many dome cameras are also weather-resistant, which makes them a great option for outdoor uses as well, especially when coupled with night vision. Dome cameras are ideal for service industries such as shops, hotels, and restaurants, where you want to monitor for a heightened level of security, but you don’t want to be intrusive.

Smart Security Cameras with Voice Assistants

Smart voice integrated cameras are the newest arrival to the security camera family. These types of cameras allow you to control the device using your voice and smartphone apps. These highly intelligent cameras allow you to customize your settings and review footage using only your voice.

These cameras are the next generation and a leap forward in the security field. They integrate fully with other smart devices that are connected to your business or commercial property.

Voice Assistants Cameras

Motion Detector Cameras

Motion detection cameras use a PIR sensor that detects the warmth of a human body using a hidden infrared sensor. A motion detection camera gets activated the moment it senses a warm body crossing the secured area. The camera, once it detects this intrusion, will start recording and can even be programmed to send an alert.

It is recommended when setting up a motion detection camera, to keep it away from windows or vents because they can trigger false alarms due to the changes in temperature in those areas. These types of cameras are highly efficient because they save you an enormous amount of time, as they only record footage when triggered. For this same reason it also saves you storage space for actual relevant footage.

Adjustable Security Cameras

Adjustable cameras offer an additional layer of security in the sense that they allow you to customize what the camera will record: the angle, the range, and pinpoint areas of interest. They differ widely from traditional fixed cameras and achieve a greater level of security. These cameras use motor-driven actuators and adjustable lenses to record their footage.

Wireless Cameras

As the name states, a wireless security camera is wireless; it is easy to install and it doesn’t need a sophisticated cabling system to function nor does it need to be connected to a landline. Instead, it connects using Wi-Fi or can easily be connected to a smartphone via an app.

These types of cameras are very user-friendly, and the footage can be viewed from anywhere at any time. In addition, these cameras allow you to view previously recorded footage by selecting times and dates. The footage recorded by wireless cameras can also be downloaded and kept on a device, computer, or the cloud for extended periods.

Wireless cameras are also more technologically advanced and have a wide range of capabilities due to the innovative software that is programmed into them. Because they are easy to install, they are also easy to move around and be repositioned throughout the commercial space, as needed. They are a great solution because they don’t require professional installation.

Wireless Cameras

Cameras with a Security System

For some smaller businesses, having only one strategically placed camera may be enough, but that isn’t always the case. Many stores, businesses, and other types of commercial properties require a system of cameras linked together that communicate with each other and you can update you on the situation on your property 24/7.

Having an updated security system could save you and your business from theft or property damage. Cameras with a security system will offer you an unparalleled layer of security and ensure that every inch of your commercial property is being fully surveilled. It is an individual and important decision to make but depending on the size and type of your property, it may be an invaluable investment.

Contact our experts at Forbel to design a video surveillance system that will consist of the types of cameras that are ideal for your commercial building. There is no time like the present to find the security system that will best suit you. Contact us today!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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