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Wired vs. Wireless Commercial Security System: Which One to Choose?

Pay attention and check out more about the wired and wireless commercial security system in our new blog and find the most suitable decision for your business.

Wired vs. Wireless Commercial Security System: Which One to Choose?

A security system is a vital component of any business. It is no surprise that property managers, retail stores, and offices in Chicago are always looking for the most convenient and safest security system. The needs of most business owners often boil down to which is the best wired and wireless security system for their unique needs.

What Are the Types of Security Systems for Business?

What is a security system, you might ask, and why are we putting them up for debate as an important accessory for every business?

A security system is a device or set of devices designed to detect an intrusion or unauthorized access into a territory or workspace. Usually, they work by possessing sensors or alarms that will immediately inform their owners of intrusions.

Security devices are usually classified into the following types:

  • Access Control: Access control systems determine who may or may not gain entry into a commercial space. The data within these systems will be able to recognize certain sets of people and grant them authorized entry while any other person comes face to face with a locked door.
  • Security Cameras and Video Surveillance: Perhaps security cameras are the most common security systems you’ll find around. These systems monitor whatever is happening through video footage.
  • Alarm Systems: Alarm systems will blast off once they detect suspicious activity or any other kind of breach. They can be directly connected to doors or other areas that require high security.
  • Sensors: Sensors are installed on doors to detect when they are opened, closed, or left ajar. Business owners can use laser, infrared, or microwave sensors for more advanced security purposes.
  • Emergency and Fire Safety Systems: These are important security devices that can immediately alert people in the vicinity should a fire break out or an emergency event occur.
  • Cybersecurity Systems: With the world growing more digital and more information stored as computer data, cybersecurity systems might be the next big security system all businesses should consider. They protect digital data and prevent them from getting corrupted, stolen, or hacked. Examples of cybersecurity systems are data encryption, anti-virus software, and firewall protection.

What Is a Wired Commercial Security System?

Wired security system

A security system for commercial use could be wired or wireless. Wired security systems, such as wired security cameras, are connected from sensors to control panels using wires concealed in the wall or floor. They may also need to be connected to a power outlet to function.


  • Reliable: With wires to transmit signals from the sensor to the operating device, a wired security system hardly ever experiences interference caused by humans, the weather, or other forces, making data transmission more stable.
  • Perfect for Long-Term Business: Businesses in their permanent space could consider using a wired security system. The cable connection through walls is ideal for long-term use as they bring less risk of spoilage.
  • Ability to Support Large Systems: The bigger your store, office, or commercial property, the larger your security device will need to accommodate the size. Wired security systems are ideal for these types of settings.


  • Lack of Portability: A wired security system cannot be easily moved if the business relocates. It requires all the wires and cables to be disconnected and reconnected at the new facility.
  • Vulnerable to Electricity Shortages: Wired security systems are susceptible to power outages because of the wires and cables which require electrical currents to send signals from point to point.
  • Costly Installation: The installation fee for a wired security system is much greater than for wireless systems because the wires make the installation process more complex.

What Is a Wireless Commercial Security System?

Wireless technology has revolutionized the security field. Wireless security cameras require no hardwired connection. Instead, they are controlled through remote access and as a bonus they are less affected by power outages.


  • Scalable: Unlike a wired system, a wireless security system can easily scale to meet your business’ needs at every stage. For example, you could easily swap from a wired electronic access control security system to an intrusion detection system as your business requires.
  • Flexibility: Wireless systems allow you to move sensors easily, so you can always update which areas you want to secure more than others. This works when using video surveillance, intrusion detection, and electronic access control systems.
  • Smarter: Wireless security systems are more compatible with cutting-edge technology; they often offer more advanced features that some wired security systems may not be able to offer.
  • Quick Installation: The installation process for wireless security systems tends to be much simpler than wired systems because there are no cables to be run through the commercial property, which also reduces installation fees.


  • Prone to Interference: wireless security systems and sensors rely on radio frequency and are vulnerable to interference which can cause failures.
  • Limited Range: As flexible as these systems are, they are limited by distance, so this kind of security solution may be acceptable for small or medium-sized businesses but could be problematic for larger commercial spaces.
  • Vulnerable to Hackers: All wireless technology is at risk of hacking. Burglars can jam the wireless systems, preventing the wireless alarm system from going off. There are solutions to these problems, such as complicated passwords and strong encryption, to make hacking more challenging.

Are Home Security Systems and Commercial Security Systems the Same?

Wireless alarm system

While differences may not be obvious, home and commercial security systems are not the same. They both have the same basic function of ensuring security and alerting intrusions. However, certain features make them more applicable for home or business use than the other.

Most home security systems are cheaper motion detectors with fewer persons to recognize for entry authorization. On the other hand, business security cameras and other detected systems are costlier with higher functions.

Despite their differences, they also have some features in common. A home or commercial security system may be wired or wireless, depending on preference and suitability. Also, they both allow video surveillance, but video recordings are prohibited in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, while audio recordings are not allowed in public spaces.

Wired vs. Wireless Security System: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

When you own a business, a security camera is required to safeguard and preserve your investment. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both wired and wireless alarm systems. Which one to choose depends greatly on your type of commercial property and your business's needs.

When choosing a security system, the most reliable choice is a hybrid solution. Hybrid security solutions are an effective measure to get the best of both worlds. Combining a hardwired security system as a backup to a wireless security system is the ultimate way to protect your commercial building.


Forbel knows all business owners want to have a hands-on approach to protecting their commercial property. It is important to have a partner who can guide you and find the right security solution for your business.

A wired or wireless alarm system can be a hard decision to make. For security solutions in Chicago, we offer you a helping hand in navigating this important decision to protect your investment, staff, customers, property, and business. Just contact us today!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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