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Cannabis Security Requirements in Illinois

In this article, we've put up the most necessary tools to ensure a high level of cannabis safety. Read further and find many valuable things for yourself!

Cannabis Security Requirements in Illinois

In 2020, Illinois became the 11th State in America to decriminalize recreational cannabis use. Facilities that grow, store, and sell cannabis are required by law to follow specific security regulations to ensure that their employees, customers, and their products are safe.

Security plan requirements for a marijuana dispensary will demand special planning to secure the facilities. Illinois cannabis security requirements must be followed to operate a marijuana dispensary in the State. We will attempt to break down cannabis security solutions to aid you in finding the information you may need.

Cannabis Dispensary Security​ in Illinois

Cannabis dispensary security plans are a minimal standardized requirement by the State, allowing dispensaries to operate freely. These measures must include the following:

  • Locked doors and barriers must be installed in the entrance to limit access to the premises to authorized personnel only.
  • Capacity control must be defined to regulate the right amount of people at any given time in the facility.
  • While the facility is operational, cannabis must be stored in enclosed cabinets behind lock and key and only accessible to authorized personnel.
  • When the dispensary is closed, the product must be stored in reinforced vaults, and access must be registered and restricted to prevent theft or loss.
  • Employees authorized to access the restricted vault must log the recorder on an electronic daily.
  • You must record what employees have the access code or combination lock codes to access the restricted vault area.
  • The firm must maintain access codes and locks in good condition.
  • It is important to ensure that no passwords or codes are leaked to individuals who have not authorized agents of the dispensary.
  • The security system must be functional 24/7.
  • Surveillance equipment must be installed and well-maintained, recording the inside and outside of the dispensary.

Restricted Access Areas at Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis security compliance is more than just following regulations. It ensures that your business, staff, customers, and product are secured. It is required to keep a log of all individuals who have access to restricted areas. The access codes and passwords must be tightly regulated and monitored daily with follow-up inventory logs to prevent and deter any criminal activity from taking place.

It is highly recommended for cannabis dispensaries also to have limits on the number of customers that can gain access to the premises at any given time to aid and facilitate the flow of people vs. the flow of products.

Cannabis dispensary

Security and Alarm at Cannabis Dispensaries

Hemp security plays an enormous role in the success of a cannabis dispensary. Having the right security plan and using adequate surveillance equipment is extremely important. Key elements of these security features are as follows:

  • Intrusion detection: A flashy digital alarm system will deter most criminals from attempting to steal a well-secured facility. Having intrusion detection at all exits can be especially helpful during off-hours when the dispensary is closed. The more bells and whistles you install, the less likely it is that your dispensary will fall victim to theft attempts.
  • Building security: Though most criminals may be scared away by a noisy alarm system, some professional thieves could see this as a challenge. It is not enough to ensure that your dispensary is locked up with an intrusion detection security system. Your dispensary is highly recommended to be as secure as a maximum-security facility to protect your product with electronic access control systems.
  • Security monitoring: Having a security company that remotely monitors activity at your cannabis dispensary and having a protocol in place that could help you get in touch with law enforcement rapidly and in real-time is a significant asset to ensuring your dispensary has that crucial layer of security it requires.
  • Panic button: A panic button is a critical security measure during the hours the cannabis dispensary is open. In the event of misfortune, an employee can press the panic button and alert the authorities.
  • Secure vault room: It is important to store excess merchandise in a safe vault room with more security to protect your product.

Video Surveillance at Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis security surveillance plays an essential role in a cannabis dispensary facility, and there are state-by-state requirements that must be adhered to for securing your dispensary lawfully. Security cameras in Illinois are a vital part of the whole security system required by the state for any dispensary. The video surveillance requirements are as follows:

  • Round-the-clock surveillance: There must be 24/7 surveillance. The firm must safeguard the footage for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Monitor size: The camera monitors must be equal to or greater than 19-inches to ensure that the video captured doesn’t have to be zoomed in too much when viewing in the event of an unfortunate incident.
  • Angled cameras: This is to capture the best footage that would aid in identifying individuals in case of an alleged crime.
  • Lighting: The camera covers areas must be well-lit day and night to allow for identification.
  • Unobstructed footage: when cameras record, they can see all the activity and that there are no blind spots that criminals could take advantage of in some instances.
  • Records: The footage must be time and date stamped. The dates and times must be accurate at all times.
  • Quality image: The camera used must have good zoom capabilities not to distort footage that may be needed in a case of an inquiry.
  • Power outage backup: It is important the cameras can still record even during power outages.
  • Immediate footage: Video footage must be easily accessed, transmitted, transferred, or printed to aid in investigations.

Cannabis Cultivation Security in Illinois

Cannabis grow facilities also require a certain level of security to be deemed lawfully operational as per the State of Illinois. A security plan that includes CCTV cameras and other security measures is a significant step in establishing a cannabis cultivation facility.

Cannabis security

CCTV for Cannabis Cultivation Security

Illinois marijuana cultivation centers need to adhere to a specified security plan that involves a regulated CCTV system with round-the-clock and seven days a week recording of the premises. The cameras also need to be functional during power outages.

The cameras must be in all areas of the cultivation center, including parking lots, storage areas, the farming area, offices, and any other areas affiliated with the center. The cameras must be placed at an angle to facilitate personnel identification, and their placement on the premises must be unobstructed.

The video footage must be transmitted onto a 12-inch or greater monitor, and there must be a 90-day backup of the footage. Cannabis security surveillance must be in a high-quality definition to aid in potential inquiries. The footage must be clear, and the surveillance system must have day and night capabilities to record the most accurate data.

The files must be easily backed up to be sent to the authorities during investigations. The recorded images must also display an accurate date and time stamp. There must be strict access control and restrictions to the surveillance operations room to ensure that no footage can be tampered with, manipulated, or erased.

Alarm system for Cannabis Cultivation Security

Cannabis security services in Illinois require marijuana cultivation centers to be up to date with the highest level of security to be deemed up to code. It is essential to have a cannabis security system to protect all exits, windows, and entry points and regulate access to authorized personnel. Areas that contain safes or storage areas must take additional precautions to ensure cannabis security compliance with the State’s regulations.

A Stealth duress alarm is a great way to protect your business in the event of an employee being forced to disarm the alarm system by force. A glass break protector alarm can ensure that if someone tries to break the windows at the facility, it will trigger an alarm. Panic button alarms must be installed throughout the facility in an unfortunate situation that may require the authorities to intervene.

A voice-activated alarm might also be a worthy investment in a cannabis cultivation center because these facilities tend to be larger, and triggering an alarm from a specific area might not always be possible during a crisis. Motion detectors must be placed on all the CCTV cameras to ensure all events are recorded before and after triggered alarms. A fire alarm and a carbon monoxide detector are essential elements of a marijuana security system plan.

Two additional factors must be considered when planning for this security system. Firstly, all systems must be compatible with each other to form a cohesive security strategy; secondly, it must send out a notification if one of these alarms is no longer functioning or has been tampered with. Cannabis grow facility requires the best security technology to protect your assets.

Cannabis Security services in Illinois

Marijuana cultivation and distribution is an ever-growing business with high opportunities for even more growth. If you are in that field or are planning to enter this field, you can trust your cannabis security solutions to professionals from Forbel who can guide you and help you build the most secure facility that follows the State of Illinois regulations. Contact us today!


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