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How To Choose An Apartment Intercom System - 8 Key Factors to Consider

How To Choose An Apartment Intercom System - 8 Key Factors to Consider

An apartment intercom system is a great way to ensure that your tenants have full control over who is granted access to the building. It is an invaluable security solution for any building that has more than 6 apartments. An intercom system, sometimes called a buzzer, is an electronic device equipped with 2-way communication which allows the tenants and guests to communicate via a microphone, speakers, and cameras.

Mobile App

In today’s hi-tech world, there is very little that we can’t do with a smartphone, it seems like apps have taken over every aspect of our lives from ordering food and rides, getting information, and so much more. Many intercom systems today can be connected to apps, and it is highly recommended because it will allow your tenants to gain access to the building with ease, open gates and doors, and manage overall building access. In addition, apps work well with video intercom systems, which allow the users to see who is at the door.

Wireless or Wired Intercom System

There is a wide range of intercom systems on the market today, we can categorize all intercom systems to be either wired or wireless.

Wireless systems are ideal when it comes to older apartment buildings that may require substantial modifications in the wiring process which could significantly raise installation costs.

Wired intercom systems tend to be more reliable in a certain way since they don’t depend on the strength of the WiFi signal, this is also a great consideration. This makes wireless intercoms better for smaller apartment complexes but can become an issue for larger ones.

It is noteworthy that wireless systems are much easier to install, which makes them a more cost-effective solution.

Video Intercoms

Video Intercoms

Intercoms are a necessity of all residential buildings, but having a video intercom system is far superior to just a regular old-school intercom. Due to the advancement in technology, having a video intercom system installed is not necessarily more expensive, depending on the type of intercom. It allows your tenants to not just simply communicate in a 2-way fashion, but also allows them to see who is at the door and enables an extra layer of security for the entire building.

It is important that all intercoms be installed at entry gates or doors, but it is extremely important to install a video intercom mounted in such a way that the guest is clearly visible when ringing the intercom. This type of intercom system has many advantages, mainly being able to see the visitors requesting access, and also aiding in discreetly reporting intruders that are attempting to enter the premises. This is a useful tool to bolster building security and prevent, or at the very least, deter unwanted criminal behavior.

Access Control Integration

Residential buildings cater to their tenants, and they require a high level of convenience. An apartment access control system gives the manager of the property and its tenants an unparalleled level of comfort. One of the main goals of any property manager is ensuring the safety of the property, the tenants, and the guests.

An apartment access control integration allows the management to directly communicate with the tenants and vice versa. This is an invaluable tool to ease transitions when people are coming and going, and when tenants are moving in and out. Intercom systems for residential buildings propel the property into the future with ease, comfort, and convenience.

The more a residential property promotes safety with smart technology, the more this raises the building’s demand. People seek outbuildings that will keep them and their families safe and allow for a high standard of living. Smart locks and access control systems are the standard of the future, especially in urban areas.

The main barrier to these hi-tech upgrades to a residential property may be the costs involved, however, choosing an integrated system will give the building owner or manager control over all technology installed thereafter which makes this a great choice for all property owners.

Touchless Access Control

Touchless Access Control

Technology has provided us with the tools and knowledge to ease our everyday lives, and in the world of security, it is no different. Door entry systems play a key role in securing our homes, buildings, shops, and many other buildings. Due to the unfortunate reality of COVID-19, we turn more and more to touchless technology to minimize unnecessary physical contact to keep ourselves and others safe. Touchless access control systems offer us maximum convenience with minimum cost to the owners facilitating exchanges remotely.

With the aid of a touchless access control system, tenants can grant access to repair staff or receive deliveries without ever needing to be physically present. It is important when choosing an intercom system for your residential property that you choose one which is compatible with touchless technology. This is an important choice to weigh for safety and convenience purposes.

Multiple Entrances Support

Most buildings have more than one entrance, and of course, the main entrance is usually the highest-trafficked area. The best intercom systems will allow for unrestricted control of all the entrances of the building. Multiple building entrances should be equipped with the same intercom system as the main entrance would be in order to offer convenience and safety for the tenants and the managers of the buildings.

The best unit complexes will give tenants an option and grant them access to all relevant doors in the building and give them full control over which doors can open. This level of convenience is easily achieved with the advent of technology and touchless intercom systems, which allow tenants to control by merely pressing a button remotely.

Remote Calling and Access

Intercom Access by phone

Technology has opened a door for us that makes our lives easier, safer, and more convenient. Features like ringing a doorbell when a tenant isn’t home and receiving dead silence are so outdated.

These days it is as easy as anything for a visitor to ring a bell and have their call answered whether their host is at home or not. This is convenient, especially if one is running late, or forgot about a meeting. The visitor can then connect to its host via call, and for smartphone users via video call much like a remote surveillance monitoring system.

Multiple Property Access Methods

There are many options when it comes to intercom entry systems, all of which promote safety, quality, and a high standard of living. These types of intercom systems, coupled with a surveillance system, will ensure that your property becomes a haven for your tenants. Here are a few widely popular entry systems:

  • Keypads: This is a traditional method used today by most buildings, it involves physically entering a code into a keypad which would then grant anyone with this code access to the building.
  • Smartphone intercoms: These allow the residents of the property to gain access using an app on their mobile phones. This method is becoming increasingly more popular over time, as everything can be done via apps these days.
  • Bluetooth devices: This would allow anyone connected to a Bluetooth device to use their phone or another Bluetooth accessible device to enter if they have the Bluetooth passkey for that building.
  • QR codes intercoms: This allows anyone with the QR code to scan it at the entrance and enter the building.
  • Biometric control systems: These control systems will use facial recognition software or fingerprint software to grant access to a building. The biometric system is not widespread when it comes to residential buildings due to the complex nature of its setup. This will most likely gain in popularity in the future as biometric technology progresses.


These days, people are willing to spend a lot of money on things that truly matter. When you have a family, you want to give them the best life and this starts and ends with safety. As a property manager or building owner, you have a responsibility to your tenants and surely you want your tenants and property to always be protected. Entrust the selection and installation of an intercom system for your apartment complex to professionals. Contact Forbel, the future is at your doorstep and your fingertips.

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