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Outdoor Intercom Systems: Why Does Your Building Need It

Outdoor Intercom Systems: Why Does Your Building Need It

We are all looking for safe spaces these days, and where you live should be a safe place. Outdoor intercom systems provide you with a sense of security that is unmatched. It allows people who live or work in those buildings to be comfortable knowing that guests were fully vetted before they were allowed to come in.

What Is an Outdoor Intercom System?

An intercom system is an electronic device that allows two-way communication. It is the ultimate peephole, it allows tenants from the entire building, no matter how big it is, to hear or see who is at the door. This intercom system technology has been transformed in the digital age and has become very advanced. It is a necessary tool, especially these days, as we see crime rising and criminals become braver. This protects against letting unsavory characters from entering your building uninvited. Intercom systems are continuously evolving thanks to technology to keep people aware and safe.

Let's take a look at outdoor intercom system types.

Types of Outdoor Intercom Systems

Types of Outdoor Intercom Systems

1. Wireless Outdoor Intercoms

Wireless technology is changing our lives and has for the last decade or so. The advent of the wireless world has made telecommunications easier, and it is an ever-changing field. Wireless outdoor intercom systems are basically intercom systems that don’t require traditional copper wires to run between the intercoms and their respective stations, rather they use radio waves to send and receive signals. These outdoor wireless intercoms are easy to install and require minimal upkeep. They eliminate the complicated process of installing complex wiring, all they need is to be plugged into a power source and they are ready to use. Outdoor intercom systems are gaining in popularity these days and are being used everywhere: outside of residential buildings, outside of commercial buildings, outside of warehouses, outside of gated communities; it seems that they are everywhere.

There are 2 sub-categories of wireless outdoor intercoms which are IP intercoms and Wi-Fi Intercoms. IP intercoms use the internet whilst Wi-Fi intercoms use a wireless Wi-Fi connection. For the latter, your intercom will heavily rely on your W-Fi connection, so it is important that you have a strong connection.

2. Wired Outdoor Intercoms

Wired outdoor intercoms are a more traditional approach to intercom installation because they, as the name suggests, require wires to run between the outdoor intercom and all the units that will be connected to it. For wired outdoor intercoms installation is more complicated because of the wiring and this will make the wired outdoor intercom system expensive to install. Nowadays, most buildings use wireless outdoor intercoms for convenience but wired intercoms are still quite prevalent especially in older buildings.

3. Outdoor Intercom Phones

An outdoor phone intercom is a phone-like device mounted at the entrance of a building. This is neither considered a wired or wireless intercom because it uses a landline connection to communicate with the units inside the building. There are 2 types of these outdoor phone intercoms: one that connects to a phone-like intercom within each unit and another type that uses cell phones as an intercom receiver. A cellular connection box needs to be installed to enable the intercom to be used via cell service.

4. Outdoor Video Intercoms

Video intercom systems are highly popular these days because they allow guests and hosts to communicate audio-visually with either one-way or two-way video. This type of intercom system offers tenants of a building added security to properly vet who they allow or deny access to. They can be used in residential buildings or commercial buildings. Video intercom systems consist of an audio-video base station installed at the entrance of premises with designated substations within the building units.

Benefits of Outdoor Intercom for Your Property

Benefits of Outdoor Intercom

There are many benefits of outdoor intercoms, and they can be used in a variety of different establishments. Outdoor intercoms can be used for:

High Building Security

Where you live is your sanctuary, it is important that people feel safe in their homes. High building security will protect the tenants and give them peace of mind knowing that all guests in the building were granted access properly. An intercom system also deters vandals and criminals.

Easy Tenant and Visitor Access

Outdoor intercom systems also add a level of convenience, it’s easy to allow guests access to the building remotely if necessary. Intercom systems give tenants a way to communicate with whoever is at the door before buzzing them in. Once they have been granted access with a push of a button, they can let their visitor inside.

Remote Property Management

Property management has changed a lot over the years, people demand a higher level of service and accountability from property managers. Property managers must deliver quality tenant experiences to achieve their business goals and stay relevant in today’s market. Intercom systems allow property managers and tenants a consistent way of communicating with each other if the need arises.

Broad Integration Options

Outdoor intercom systems are highly developed and technologically advanced these days, they come with many attractive features that add a layer of security to your establishment. Intercom systems also integrate easily with other existing security features your building may already have, such as CCTV cameras. They can be used in a variety of different applications, making them flexible with broad integration options.


Outdoor intercom systems offer security, flexibility, convenience and are user-friendly. No matter what you are protecting and no matter what type of building you own, it is high time to think about getting an outdoor intercom system. There is no time like the present to embrace the wonders the future offers when it comes to safety and security. Contact Forbel Alarms today!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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