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What Are the Benefits Of Hiring Security System Design Consultants?

Who are the security system design consultants? Why are they important for new construction or existing commercial and residential properties like vast multifamily complexes?

What Are the Benefits Of Hiring Security System Design Consultants?

The success of your company, business, enterprise, office building, or residential complex heavily relies on your security system. Security systems are not inexpensive, but they are necessary.

When it comes time to set up or upgrade your security system for your commercial property, it is essential to hire security system design consultants. You must have a team that can acknowledge your unique challenges and offers the correct course of action that would best benefit your commercial property.

These days, security technology is an integral part of a building’s electrical system, and many security devices must be built into that building’s architecture. When hiring a security consultant, you ensure that the product will be specifically designed to your property’s distinctive needs and according to a predesigned plan.

A security design consultant will guide you, advise you, and make sure that your plan will be correctly implemented. It is critical for business owners or property managers to protect their employees, customers, and buildings for the long term, so a security system is an important investment for the future.

What Are Security System Design Consultants?

Now that we understand the importance of a security system design consultant for a commercial property, it’s time to discuss what is a security consultant; it is a team or individual that works to advise a property manager or owner on what security measures are critical for ultimate security.

A security consultant also supervises the implementation of these effective measures laid out to maximize safety for the client. There are different types of security consultants. Security management consultants deal with the human side of threat assessment and security, such as hiring a security team and writing protocols in the event of a breach.

A technical security consultant handles the technical side of the security system. They design the security system and work alongside electricians and architects to implement the right security system for their clients according to their plans.

What Do Security Design Consulting Services Include?

commercial security cameras

Security consulting services encompass a wide range of services, from the assessment stage to the execution stage of a robust security system that caters to each client’s needs.

  • Security assessments: A security design consultant works in tandem with the client to gather information and assess the security situation. All this is for the eventual purpose of creating a design that would be efficient, prevent threats, and strengthen vulnerable points of entry.  
  • Layout the recommendations: A security consulting team will rely on combined expertise to offer valuable recommendations for any type of building to either design a security system that will be beneficial for years to come or a necessary upgrade to increase safety.
  • Design the security system plans: A security consultant will layout the design using a CAD drawing to ensure that the plan will be properly executed.
  • Manage the installation process: Security consultants work with architects and installers to ensure that no mistakes are made in this stage of the installation.

Building Security Systems Assessment

A building security system assessment is an important tool to clearly understand your security needs. This detailed evaluation will document, using a site survey of your current security system, threats, challenges, and vulnerabilities to help define whether your building requires any changes. You may need an upgraded security system or retrofitted security system to eliminate the risks of the numerous potential threats your building may encounter.

Design Planning & Recommendation

Once the assessment has been completed, the next stage is security planning and design; a critical component here is that the security consultant guides the clients. When creating a security system plan, a consultant will make recommendations on video surveillance, intercoms and door entry, fire alarms placement, electronic access control, commercial audio/video, and other systems that can protect your building.

When considering a security system layout plan, it is key to partner with a distributor and consultant team that works with well-known security brands and can procure all the necessary equipment. At Forbel, we offer professionalism, expertise, and security system knowledge, and we are also an official distributor of the most popular security brands in the industry.

Security Systems Design and Engineering: Drawings and Blueprints

CAD security drawings and security blueprints are key tools for designing a security system. Whether you are creating an alarm system design, access control system design, video surveillance system design, role-based access control system design, or a combination of some or all of these, you need to partner with a security consulting team that can offer you unmatched expertise.

Implementation, Installation, Integration

security consulting

Security system installation must be executed according to the plans agreed upon, and when last-minute changes are made, they must be immediately implemented. This is especially important when dealing with integrated security systems, where all components must function cohesively and all devices must communicate in unison.

Commissioning of Security Systems

Communication with installers, suppliers, electricians, and architects is an important role of a security design consultant. The successful implementation of the installation per the blueprints is necessary to obtain the desired result. Security systems are an integral part of any commercial property.

Who Needs Security Design Consulting and How Do They Benefit from It?

All commercial properties in a wide range of industries benefit from a security system design consultant, they can be a grand advantage. Let’s look at some of the benefits:

  • Project management: A security consultant will take on the role of a project manager to alleviate the stress and they will make sure that everything works according to plans.
  • Procurement: Security systems require many devices and communication with suppliers must be seamless.
  • Technology integration: All devices must work harmoniously together to form the best-suited security system, and a consultant will ensure that all integration is done.
  • Turnkey solutions: A consultant will ensure that the system is ready to use as soon as the project is completed, easy, and user-friendly.

Architects & Architectural Agencies

Architects and architectural agencies can highly benefit from a security design consultant when creating blueprints for future constructions that require a certain level of security. A security system design consultant is best equipped to aid in fire alarms, CCTV, smoke detectors, access control devices, and other security equipment placement.


It is important to note that developers benefit the most from security system design consultants, they manage the entire security system project for them. This includes all aspects of security systems such as alarm systems, fire alarms, access control systems, CCTV, and others.

At Forbel, our consultants take on all the technical security responsibilities; we will communicate with contractors, fire departments, security system suppliers, and installers. We provide the best quality services concerning security system projects. We will make sure that implementation, integration, and commissioning are done to ensure the best security systems for our clients in accordance with the layouts and security requirement standards.

Contractors & General Contractors

security consultants

Contractors and general contractors have a lot on their plate when starting a project. The sooner they hire a security system design consultant the better. This will allow them to delegate the security system to a consulting company like Forbel which specializes in turnkey security solutions from the ground up to the final commissioning.

Property Owners

Many property owners or managers hire subcontractors or do small projects on their own. When it comes to security, however, it is best to hire a company like Forbel, which specializes in security systems design. When it comes to security it is always best to not take any chances.

Which Buildings Need Security Design Consulting the Most?

Security system designs and security engineering are a complex but important part of owning a commercial property. The type of property, business, and the size of the building will determine how much you need a security systems design consultant, however, nowadays most buildings opt for security, and a consultant will help you figure out what type is best suited for your needs.

Vast Multifamily Complexes & Condos

Multifamily complexes require CCTV and access control that is user-friendly and efficient since people’s lives depend on it. Condo security system design is unique and it is always important to consult before investing in any kind of security system without adequate knowledge.

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial building security systems are especially huge and complex. It is important to consult with a specialist to find the right security solution when it comes to office buildings. Commercial security camera placement can be especially challenging without the right design expertise. A security system design consultant is a perfect solution for developers and architects.  

Logistics & Distribution Centers, Warehouses

commercial security

Warehouse security systems are especially crucial for this industry and logistics security solutions can have a significant impact on a day-to-day operation.

Medical Facilities

Hospital security systems safeguard medicine, patients, staff, and medical documentation so it is extremely important for hospitals and healthcare facilities to have adequate security systems with a focus on CCTV and access control solutions.


Security technology has become embedded in a building’s infrastructure. Most commercial properties either already have security systems in place or are looking to obtain them, upgrade and retrofit their security systems. It is important when choosing a security system design consulting company that you choose one that is trustworthy, has unparalleled expertise, unmatched professionalism, and is suitable to tackle any project big or small in any industry type. If you own or manage a commercial property and you feel that you need to upgrade, please contact us at Forbel for exceptional service.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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