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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Fire Alarm System

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Fire Alarm System

A commercial fire alarm system is an important tool for any business. Choosing the right fire alarm system for your commercial property, and setting it up correctly, may have a lasting impact on the success of your business. The goal of a fire alarm system is to prevent damage to your staff, goods, and property. In Chicago, we at Forbel are your trusted installer of commercial fire alarm systems.

Types of Buildings That You Need a Fire Alarm System For

Fire Alarm System for Commercial Building

Small or large, all businesses have a vested interest in a functional and comprehensive fire alarm system. There is no escaping this reality when owning or managing a commercial property. This is a life-saving measure that can yield catastrophic results if mismanaged or ignored.

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial office buildings see a great amount of foot traffic and are generally highly populated workspaces, this means that having a state-of-the-art fire alarm system plays an integral role in the day-to-day of this type of facility.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are another type of property that requires a commercial fire alarm system, they are the heart of the neighborhood. These highly populated residential buildings need to ensure the safety of their residents. They must not ignore the dangers of a devastating fire that could impact the lives of so many on a personal level.

Industrial Facility

An industrial facility must have an up-to-date fire alarm system because these properties often deal with heavy machinery, toxic materials, and other dangerous products that can engulf a building in the unfortunate event of a fire. These buildings sometimes house highly flammable materials that can increase the risks of fire, the need for a commercial fire alarm system is of the utmost importance in these types of buildings.

Logistic Hubs

Logistic hubs are large structural buildings that house an enormous amount of goods to be transported throughout the country. The importance of a commercial fire alarm system can’t be understated, a fire event could impact the supply chain in the area and have devastating repercussions.

Type of Fire Alarm System for Your Business

Finding the right fire alarm system for your commercial property is key to a reliable system that will best protect your facility from fire. There are a few different types of commercial fire alarm systems:

  • Conventional fire alarm system: This is a more basic system; it will alert the occupants of a fire without giving out the exact location of the fire. A conventional fire alarm system has individual points of detection that are connected to a control box. This wired system is cost-effective, however, installation is more complex due to the wiring.  
  • Addressable fire alarm system: This is a fire alarm system that allows for a high level of customization and flexibility through monitoring options. This type of system consists of many devices that are each identified and connected to a control panel separately. This system will not only alert you where the fire is but also has self-monitoring and diagnostic capabilities that can alert you if a component is malfunctioning. Over time, upgrades and maintenance of this type of fire alarm system are less expensive than that of the conventional fire alarm system.
  • Hybrid fire alarm system: A hybrid system simply combines the conventional wired fire alarm system with features from the addressable fire alarm system making this an optimal choice for commercial properties.
Fire Alarm System for Your Business

Total Budget for Commercial Fire Alarm System

The cost of a fire alarm system will play a significant role in determining which system you will install. The cost will vary depending on many factors such as the type of system, the size of the commercial property, and the complexity of the system to be installed according to the business’ needs. When setting aside a total budget for a commercial fire alarm system, it is important to consider both the initial installation costs and the subsequent monitoring costs, which will vary depending on the type of system.

Installation Deadline

The deadline for installing a commercial fire alarm system depends on the state of the business. If your property is currently being built, then it is wise to install the commercial fire alarm system during the construction process to facilitate the installation of the system. However, if you are in the planning stage of your business, it is also a good time to incorporate a fire alarm system into your budget because every commercial property is required to have at the very least a basic fire alarm system. At Forbel Alarms, we always accommodate our clients and offer the best terms.

Local Codes and Regulations

If you are a business owner or property manager, fire safety is a major component of your managerial responsibilities. It is important to know that when installing or upgrading a commercial fire alarm system, local codes and regulations must be followed. Every country, state, and city has its own set of regulations in terms of fire alarm systems, this goes far beyond merely the locations of fire extinguishers and the like. Please refer to the following fire detection requirements for the city of Chicago.

Architectural Drawings of The Building

Сommercial Fire Alarm System What to Consider

The installation of a commercial fire alarm system is of the highest importance during the construction process of a new or remodeled structure. If you are a contractor or business owner and you have the original architectural drawings and schematics of your commercial facility, it will speed up the installation process and ensure that your building is up to code that much faster. This is a great tool that will aid in the design of your commercial fire alarm system and will play a role in what system will be best suited for your property.

Forbel Is Your Reliable Commercial Fire Alarm System Installer in Chicago

As we have outlined in this article, designing the perfect commercial fire alarm system requires a lot of thought and planning. It also requires an installer that you can trust to perform the best job to ensure that your property, your staff, and your business are protected. There is no time to waste, contact us at Forbel to start.

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