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Types of Access Control Readers

Access control readers provide security for companies all around the world. Find out more about access control readers and choose the best option for your business.

Types of Access Control Readers

No security system is complete without an access control card reader that best suits your commercial property. This is the ultimate device for any security system, as it allows you to manage access to a property safely.

Whether you’re managing properties like office buildings or other types of commercial properties in Chicago, an access control reader is indispensable to your security apparatus. There are many types of access controls, and it is important to find the right one for you. 

Key Card Readers

There are different types of access keycard reader systems, like key fob access, which is a magnetic stripe card that works similarly to credit cards. You swipe these cards onto a reader to gain access to a building. 

The proximity card reader system allows the card to communicate with the reader from a distance so there is no contact between the card and the reader. Once you have decided on a keycard reader system, the next step will be to decide whether you want a wired or wireless one. 

Wireless Key Card Readers

A wireless access control system will allow the user to gain access to a building by using wireless technology such as electronic locks and readers that don’t require installing wires or cables. This is a good option for smaller properties or historical properties that restrict architectural changes. 

Wired Key Card Readers

Biometric Fingertip Reader

Wired access control systems need to run wiring or cables from the power source to the locking mechanism and the readers. This is a common option today when building new properties, but it requires professional installation and can be a costly but necessary upgrade. 

Keypad and PIN Readers

An access control keypad is a security system that requires the user to enter a PIN or passcode to enter a door or gate. This type of system is frequently used in office buildings and apartment buildings. This in turn, means that no credentials need to be shown to access the building but rather just the code. 

Keypad access control systems are usually used in low security and high traffic buildings. This type of access control system is easy to use and convenient, but it does also have drawbacks. The biggest downside of this type of access control system is vulnerability since passcodes are easily passed on. 

Two-Factor or Multifactor Authentication Readers

As previously mentioned, keypad readers lack security since the passcodes can be easily transferred onto people who weren’t originally granted access or given the passcodes. One of the ways that this can be remedied when talking about door card readers or PIN readers is to implement a two-factor authentication method. 

This makes the card or passcode insufficient for gaining access, requiring an additional authentication method, such as other credentials, to gain access. Combining a card reader with a PIN reader together can strengthen security. In addition, multifactor authentication can also be implemented as an upgrade for buildings that require greater amounts of security measures. 

Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprints are unique, and a fingerprint reader is an electronic security system that will authenticate a fingerprint before granting someone access to the facility. Biometric readers access control systems can range from iris to facial recognition to allow someone access, but most commonly the biometric fingerprint is used. 

A biometric access card will combine a fingerprint reader with a card reader for ultimate security for buildings that require the strictest security measures. Biometric access card access control systems are mainly used for banks, research labs, military facilities, and other highly secure establishments where access must be restricted. 

Video Key Card Readers

An access control card reader with video allows every attempt to access a building using a keycard to be memorialized with a video recording. This is to ensure that the person using the keycard is the person who was originally given the card. 

This is the standard for most buildings that require an enhanced security measure. Many office buildings these days upgrade to this method of access control to monitor access and make sure that no cards were stolen. 

Forbel - your trusted Chicago Access Control Experts!

When it comes to access control systems there are sometimes too many to choose from! Often, finding the right fit and the right combination for your business can only be achieved by contacting your local security experts in Forbel, who can help make sure only the right people are walking through your doors. Contact us!


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