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Commercial Security System Integration: an Ultimate Guide

Integrated security systems can greatly improve commercial building security. Read our guide to learn benefits and understand who you need to implement integration.

Commercial Security System Integration: an Ultimate Guide

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a commercial building is keeping it secure while ensuring access is simple and convenient for the occupants. An effective way to do this without getting overwhelmed is by employing security system integration. Doing this helps you deal with the nuances of having several key fobs, card readers, and so on.

If you are wondering, “what is an integrated security system?” Then this post is for you. Here, Forbel will explore what integrated security systems are, their benefits, and how to go about installing one.

What Is Security System Integration?

Security system integration is a technological innovation that helps to put all the security measures of a building in sync such that it becomes easy to control all security system components together. That way, you are able to manage all parts from one central hub. Integrated security solutions also allow for interconnection of devices, remote control from different points, if permitted, and the ability to connect technology devices to the central hub.

Integrated security solutions differ from other security approaches, such as adding security systems piecemeal. Adding security systems piecemeal would more or less complicate the management process for your security system as several of your components will be operating on different software and network lines. This is not the case with security system integration, which aims to make maintenance and control of the security system more manageable.

Typically, integrated security systems include some or all of the following components:

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Video monitoring
  • Video review and analysis
  • Audio warning speaker
  • License plate recognition.
integrated security systems

How Can Integrated Security Systems Benefit Your Business?

Integration of several security components into one system has a lot of benefits to offer your commercial property. Of course, you could say it all boils down to ease. For specifics, however, below are some of the benefits of using integrated security systems.

1. Increase Building’s Safety and Security

Many security measures are working in sync to achieve a common goal, offering top-level safety to property owners who use integrated security solutions. All components of the security system interact smoothly and can be monitored remotely. Besides, the technology of integrated solutions makes clerical or managerial errors less likely to occur.

For example, the systems manager can deactivate the accessibility of a previous tenant in a couple of clicks without having to change locks or be bothered about duplicate keys that may cause security breaches.

Not to mention, integrated systems provide a highly-secured means for multiple access, such as is needed in residential buildings and shopping complexes. This also makes it easier for tenants to navigate security access to common areas of the building, such as the elevator and the main entrance.

2. Centralize Network Security

Integrated security systems are managed through centralized platforms. This would give the security manager an overview of all components at a glance and will enhance smoother operations. For example, the manager could initiate or disable an action across all system components at once and from one location. Also, security problems can be reviewed by one expert official and wouldn’t require hiring multiple security service providers. In addition, the centralized security system integration makes it harder for the security system of such a building to be breached.

3. Reduce Security Costs

When you opt for security system integration, it is like buying commodities in sets rather than buying each piece individually. This saves you money in the long run as you get the benefit of installing in bulk. Also, there is only one workspace for monitoring components, so you don’t have to employ different workers to install or maintain one part of your security system. In addition, the maintenance of an integrated security system can be done holistically rather than individually. All these contribute, in no small measure, to reducing installation and maintenance costs and offer you more value for money spent.

4. Improve Emergency Response and Communication

Integrated security systems do better in terms of swift communication and real-time monitoring. Aptness and precision are highly important factors where security is concerned, and every second does count. The integrated nature of these security systems makes communication of threats faster and therefore facilitates prompt response on the part of building occupants.

More often than not, integrated systems enable threats and breaches to be detected and addressed immediately without affecting the activities going on the property.

5. Can be Customized for your Property

Integrated security solutions can be customized to meet your unique commercial system security needs. Whether it’s a small business with a one-office setting, a company with several blocks of offices, or a residential property, you can incorporate the appropriate security measures that will work best for the property.

For example, an audio warning speaker may be an essential security component you want to have in your building. With integrated security systems, you needn’t have the warning speaker installed separately and running through a different network. You can always integrate it into other security measures like video surveillance and access control so you can have all of them managed from the same point. Better said, this innovation allows you to explore and incorporate all possible security measures into your system.

Who You Need to Integrate Security Systems on Your Property?

Installing integrated security solutions is a process that requires expert hands. Therefore, if you are considering having one on your commercial property, it is important to employ the service of the following professionals:

Security Integrator

The security integrator is responsible for linking all existing security hardware components together. The job of the security integrator is not to install new security systems. However, the integrator can help you utilize security components that are already on the ground by integrating them together. That way, you won’t have to spend money on new ones.

At Forbel, our team of security integrators is available to help you with security camera installation and access control system installation.

security solutions integrator

Physical Security System Design Consultant

The physical security consultant is a professional who offers advice on integrating, installing, and upgrading new security systems. The professional is not necessarily responsible for the installation process but can connect you to the right installers you need. Physical security consultants are required during the early stages of property construction or when considering an overall change of security systems.

Forbel also boasts of a team of professional security system design consultants available to help you make key decisions based on your security needs.

Security System Integration: a Real World Case by Forbel

For years, Forbel has been helping commercial property owners address their security needs through integrated security systems installation. Our company boasts of numerous implementation ideas which have been successfully utilized for integrating security systems.

One of our solutions, an integrated security system for a trucking company in Chicago, was designed to serve the security needs of one of our client's new facilities. The trucking company requested that Forbel create a working security strategy that would monitor the company’s operation process and protect company assets across the 128,000 sq ft facility.

We met the company’s needs by designing an integrated system that featured over a hundred security devices. Our team of cabling technicians and installers did the job of installing and setting up security components such as HD cameras, intrusion alarms, access control, and fire alarm systems. We also structured cabling for computers and phones and installed other needed infrastructure such as wireless access points.

Not only did our team install the integrated security system in accordance with the company’s specifications, but we also ensured the project was completed without accruing unnecessary extra costs.

Commercial Security Integration & Consulting in Illinois and Wisconsin

Forbel is a top-rated security integration company located in Illinois. Our company serves the security needs of commercial and residential properties within Illinois, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and other locations.

Security system integration could be a complex process for property owners to wrap their heads around. Forbel is more than eager to undertake the process for you. Our range of services includes consultation and advising, risk assessment, and hardware installation of security system components. 

In the end, we create a wholesome security system that can be managed centrally and offers the topmost security for our clients. Contact us today to begin your journey to holistic security system operations for your commercial facility.

Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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