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How to Choose the Best Security System Integrator

Security system integrators can bring your commercial building security to the next level! Read how they can help your business and how to choose the best security solution integrator!

How to Choose the Best Security System Integrator

The security of your property is a top priority, and the quality of the security system is ultimately determined by how well integrated the installed security devices are. Whether you own a multi-family complex or a warehouse and logistic property, you can always ensure optimum security for your property by choosing the right commercial security system integrator.

What Are Security Integrators?

A security integrator works to integrate security devices or subsystems into a single functional unit. The physical security devices that are integrated could range from video surveillance systems to access control, intrusion alarms, and any other kind of security solutions.

Note that security integrators sometimes may not be security equipment or device installers in themselves. Nevertheless, working with security integrators is an essential part of your commercial property security solution as they are responsible for helping security devices to function smoothly as a single system.

The primary function of a security systems integrator is to interconnect working security operations, whether new or old. This harmony is a very important feature in properties that employ more than one or two security solutions. It is therefore no surprise that more and more commercial property owners who naturally require some security devices in their properties are embracing the use of systems integrators.

While there are several types of security integrators working in different capacities, the best security system integrators are those that are capable of supporting your operations at every phase of the security system cycle.

What Can Security System Integrators Do for Your Business?

security solutions integrator

Often, business owners tend to underestimate the importance of working with security system integrators. As a commercial property owner, here are four ways a security systems integrator can help your business:

Create a Fully Customized Security System

Security solutions are most effective when they are customized to fit your unique needs. A security solutions integrator can help do the job of customizing all your security devices at once, such that they work together to achieve that common goal you desire. You can customize your security equipment with security technology trends such that they provide you with only the data that matters to you or such that they only alert you for certain kinds of security breaches.

There are no limits to the types of security solutions you can integrate upon installation. From video surveillance to access control and intercom systems, the choice is yours to determine what devices you would want to work in harmony.

Create a Stronger Physical Security System

With physical security threats becoming more frequent and with perpetrators becoming more innovative, one trick that will provide you with a stronger security system is to integrate available security solutions. Doing this allows for easy monitoring at a glance and makes breaches and device malfunctioning easier to detect.

Not only that, systems integrators can help you install protective devices that can help to strengthen your network against cyber breaches that may want to interfere with the whole system. Thus, a single protective device installed by your integrator provides protection for all your security devices.

Train It and Security Teams on Using the New Integrations

If you have been looking for a means to train your security team for optimum performance, your security systems integrator will be able to help you with this. Particularly, the integrator can guide your team to manage your newly integrated security system effectively. This is generally a procedure that opens after every integration service.

Integrators can also help your team set measures for easily accessing and retrieving security data, managing access control, and how to make do with whatever information they obtain.

This routine in turn provides an opportunity for your security team and IT members to scale up their procedures for the smooth running of your business' security system.

Provide Maintenance and Necessary Service

Needless to say, you will require periodic maintenance for your physical security solutions, whether or not they are integrated. While an installer can help you with maintenance for individual devices, the integrator can help with the maintenance of already integrated systems.

This may include checking the integrity of connections, identifying points of connection problems, and integrating newly added security devices. Software maintenance may be possible remotely too - however, the integrator may need to be physically present to perform maintenance on fully integrated hardware.

What Does a Full-Service Systems Integrator Look Like?

security system integrators
  • Risk Assessment

Perhaps, risk assessment is the most important step the security solutions integrator is available to guide you with. Your integrator should be able to help you identify assets and happening events in your property that are of high risk. This will be in accordance with the ASIS 7-step General security risk assessment guideline.

  • Financing Options

Your integrator works with your budget and financial abilities to help you choose integrations that will work for you without needing you to break the back.

Most system integrators have plans that make payment for services easier. Speaking with your integrator may enable you to get a discount, or you may be able to identify a plan that lets you pay less over time.

  • Design

A poor design will jeopardize your security irrespective of the quality of integration done. Your security systems integrator will help you to clearly define a design that is functional and best suits the structure of your commercial property, its location, and the kind of activities carried out there.

The design will also bear emergency events in mind and will provide a structure that is simple enough for your security and IT team to maintain.

Note that the job of ensuring quality security design is not for security system integrators alone. It is important to have this in mind at the point of installing all security components even before they are integrated. To achieve this, it is essential to work with security system design consultants at the point of installation.

  • Installation & Commissioning

Systems integrators work to ensure their installations and integrations meet regulatory compliance measures. While state regulation guidelines may differ from state to state, the federal guidelines are the same. All of these guidelines ensure that installations are safe, performed excellently, and done by experts. There should also be training for security team members after installation so they can carry on management procedures from there.

  • System Maintenance and Service

As you add more security devices or as certain components become outdated, you will require periodic maintenance for your security systems to continue to function effectively. Your integrator will be available to provide these repairs and tweaks as necessary.

How to Choose the Right Security Solutions Integrator

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Here's how to identify a security systems integrator who will be the best fit for you:

  • Knowledge and Expertise: You'd want to find out if a potential integrator is knowledgeable about the latest security products in the market, especially the ones you'd want or that you've already installed on your property. Testimonials from previous customers may also offer you insight into the quality of the services offered by the integrator.
  • Customized Services: A good security solutions integrator should be able to offer services that attend to each client's specific needs.
  • Proper Certification: The security of your business is a very delicate subject and you want to ensure it's in the right hands. It is important to find out if the integrator has the proper certification to work on your project and if the integrator is regulated to work in your location.
  • Maintenance and Management Services: What provisions does the integrator have for maintenance and upkeep after the initial integration? Will the integrator be offering training that will give your team members the necessary knowledge to manage the integrated system?

Forbel - Your Full-Service Security Integrator in Illinois and Wisconsin

Installing quality security services without integrating means you’re missing out on important benefits. You can maximize your security components the most when you integrate them into a single working system.

Forbel is that company that can help you with all of your securing needs, from consultation to installation, integration, and subsequent maintenance. We are available to render our services in Illinois, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and other locations. Contact us today.


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