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Unlocking Security: How to Reset Alarm Systems Without a Code

Struggling with alarm beeping? Learn how to reset a burglar alarm system without a code. Expert guidance for your security needs.

Unlocking Security: How to Reset Alarm Systems Without a Code

As a fellow small business owner and vigilant home protector, you understand the importance of a security system. But what happens when you don't know your master code?

We've all been there – that moment when you're faced with a burglar alarm system that needs resetting, and you realize you don't have the code handy. It's the kind of situation that can make you scratch your head in frustration. But don't worry, our team at Forbel is here to help you in this scenario, allowing you to regain control and get peace of mind.

Whether you're safeguarding your home or your bustling business space with a security system, know that resetting a burglar alarm system without a code is easier than you think. In this guide, our experts will walk you through the steps and provide you with the confidence to take charge of your security. With the expertise of home and commercial alarm system installers in Chicago just a call away, you're in good hands. Let's explore hassle-free resets for your alarm systems and ensure your peace of mind!

Why Is It Important to Know How to Reset Your Security System?

Why Is It Important to Know How to Reset Your Security System?

Dealing with an incessantly blaring alarm system or outdated settings that render your security measures useless can be a major pain point for businesses. Knowing when to reset your alarm system's code is crucial, especially when you need to silence a persistent alarm.

Here are some common scenarios that might necessitate a reset for your security system:

  • Power disruptions: Commercial power cuts, blackouts, or brownouts can disrupt your alarm's functionality;
  • Forgotten or incorrect codes: Remembering codes can be tricky, and entering the wrong one or forgetting it altogether can lead to alarm issues;
  • New business setup: When moving to a new business location, you'll need to reconfigure your alarm systems to ensure security;
  • Battery failures: If the backup battery malfunctions, your alarm system's performance might suffer, requiring a reset;
  • Configuration changes: After power interruptions or system maintenance, settings like date and time might need to be reset.

Knowing how to effectively reset your burglar alarm is crucial to prevent complications and fully utilize the security it provides. Equipping yourself with the knowledge to address these challenges ensures that your alarm system remains reliable and free from any annoying inconveniences.

Step-by-Step Guides: Resetting Your Burglar Alarm System in Various Scenarios

If you're in a situation where your business's burglar alarm system, a key component of your security infrastructure, requires a reset can be frustrating. Whether you're up against power disruptions, misplaced codes, or instances of tampering, understanding how to reset your security system will give you peace of mind.

Our experts at Forbel, a leading integrator of security solutions for businesses, have meticulously crafted step-by-step guides to help you navigate through various scenarios without confusion.

Resetting After a Power Cut

Resetting After a Power Cut

Has your business ever been hit by an unexpected power outage that caused disruptions in your burglar alarm system? No worries – we're here to guide you through the process of getting your alarm system back on track after a power cut. This will give you peace of mind knowing you won't have to deal with the annoyance of constant beeping alarms.

Step 1: Unplug the Plug-in Transformer

When your commercial burglar alarm system needs a reset after a power cut, the initial step is to unplug the plug-in transformer. This device connects your alarm system to the electrical grid. By unplugging it, you're disconnecting the system from its power source.

Step 2: Disconnect the Power Backup Battery

For a comprehensive power reset, you'll also need to disconnect the power backup battery. This battery ensures that your alarm system remains functional during power outages. Locate the battery within your control panel or designated area and disconnect it.

Step 3: Wait for a Few Minutes and Reconnect the Battery

After detaching both the plug-in transformer and the backup battery, give the system a few minutes to completely discharge any remaining power. This step helps eliminate any temporary memory or glitches. Then, reconnect the power backup battery to the system.

Step 4: Plug in the Transformer and Power Up the System

Once the power backup battery is reconnected, plug the plug-in transformer back into the electrical outlet. This restores the power source for your alarm system. During the power-up process, it's normal for the system to undergo a boot-up sequence or display lights indicating its operational status.

Step 5: Test the System

Now that your commercial burglar alarm system is re-energized, you'll want to test its functionality. Use your code to arm and disarm the system to make sure the reset worked. You can intentionally trigger the system by opening a window or door to verify that the alarms and alerts are performing as expected.

It may sound comprehensive, but these steps ensure that the alarm system is operating correctly and rectifies any potential alerts triggered during the power cut. If you encounter difficulties due to a lack of a default code or if the issue persists, you can consult the manufacturer's manual or seek professional assistance. As an alarm company, we understand that your business security is paramount, and we're here to support you through every step.

Resetting with a Lost Code

Resetting with a Lost Code

We've all been there – the dreaded and frustrating scenario of forgetting the master code. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through the process of resetting your burglar alarm, even when the user code has slipped your mind. And guess what? This knowledge is a game-changer. Say goodbye to the guessing games and those frantic hunts for the right code.

Step 1: Check for Default Code (If Available)

If you've forgotten or misplaced your burglar alarm's code, take a breath and don't panic. Start by looking at the user manual or any accompanying documentation for a default code. Certain systems are designed with a preset code specifically for moments like this. If you find one, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Contact Alarm Provider

If a default code isn't at your fingertips or doesn't work, it's time to reach out to your alarm system provider. They may have a record of your system's details and can offer guidance on how to proceed. They might even assist you in remotely resetting your code or provide alternative solutions.

Step 3: Reset to Factory Settings

When all else seems to elude you, resetting your alarm system to its factory settings becomes an option. Remember, this step requires careful consideration, as it wipes out all personalized settings and configurations. Usually, a specific process involving buttons or switches on the control panel is involved. You can look at your manual or the manufacturer's website for precise instructions.

To make the process of resetting your device to factory settings even easier, we've compiled a list of the most popular brands. This way, you can locate your device and access step-by-step instructions tailored to your device:

Step 4: Update the Code

Following a reset to factory settings, or if you've received a fresh code from your provider, it's crucial to establish a new, secure code. Access your control panel and follow the prompts to generate a new code. You'll want to choose something memorable but not easily guessable to ensure top-notch security. Test the new code to verify its effectiveness.

How to Reset a Burglar Alarm After Tampering

How to Reset a Burglar Alarm After Tampering

In all instances, if your home alarm is being tampered with, you'll receive a notification. A common tamper that can occur is if someone tries to remove the cover of the control panel of your home alarm system. Another common way to tamper with your alarm is if someone tries to dislodge the control panel which is called a base/back tamper.

In these instances, we always recommend contacting your security provider and having a professional examine your house alarm. However, regardless of the risk, some people still prefer to try and fix the issue by themselves and reset their alarm.

Please note, in that case, it's wise to have the alarm system’s manual on hand before attempting a reset:

  • Find the zone affected by the tamper (many alarms will alert you);
  • If the tamper switch is out of place, it's important to put it back in position;
  • Replace the cover;
  • Put the control panel back in its original position;
  • Enter the code twice.

If the tamper alert is still displayed on the screen, then a professional technician needs to look at it.

Brand Guidelines for Burglar Alarm Reset



DSC alarms can start beeping for several reasons, a yellow warning triangle will flash. To find out which type of error you are experiencing press *2, depending on what kind of DSC system you have, it'll either flash a code or what's wrong with the system. Here are the codes:

1. Service Required (press [1] for more information)

  • Low Battery (main battery in the panel)
  • Bell Circuit
  • System Trouble
  • System Tamper
  • Module Supervision
  • RF Jam Detected
  • PC5204 Low Battery
  • PC5204 AC Failure

2. AC Failure

  • Telephone Line Trouble
  • Failure to Communicate
  • Zone Fault (press [5] for more information)
  • Zone Tamper (press [6] for more information)
  • Device Low Battery (press [7] for more information)
  • Loss of System Time

Steps on how to reset your house alarm

  • Enter *72
  • Open the access door and enter your master code twice
  • Hold down the reset button for 2 seconds


A common error message that will be displayed on the screen for the system is bF (backup failure). It encompasses a wide range of issues, but it's easily fixed. Here are steps to take to troubleshoot it: Enter the command [Master Code] + [1] + [Master Code] + [1].



Qolsys is a user-friendly alarm system. It will detect an error and often the screen will go dark or freeze. In this case, it's important to reboot the system.

Here’s how to do that:

  • Access advanced settings by going to the start screen on your panel and pressing the small grey bar at the top;
  • Choose settings;
  • Choose advanced settings;
  • Enter the master code;
  • Choose panel reboot;
  • Press OK to confirm.

Personalized Reset Support: Count on Forbel for Professional Help with Your Alarm System

The next time you find yourself facing the challenge of resetting your burglar alarm system without a code, remember that it's not as daunting as it seems. With our comprehensive step-by-step guide, you're armed with the knowledge to confidently handle various scenarios that come your way.

From installation to replacement, our experts offer solutions that ensure your burglar alarm system is up and running flawlessly. Plus, if you're involved in commercial real estate, we offer turnkey solutions designed to cater to your unique needs. Your security system and peace of mind is our priority, so don't hesitate to reach out for support. Contact us today and regain control over your burglar alarm system with ease!


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor



Can I reset my alarm system on my own, or should I call a professional?

For issues with your home alarm system, such as beeping sounds or forgotten alarm codes, user manuals and online resources can guide you through many resets, utilizing the provided console access key. However, if there's still uncertainty or problems, you'll want to reach out to a professional alarm technician from your alarm company. This ensures that security systems remain intact and unintentional security risks are avoided. You'll get a seamless resolution through the proper utilization of the console access key.

What if I don't know the PIN code for disarming the alarm?

If you're unsure of the PIN code, particularly the installer code or user code, it's best not to arm the alarm unless the code is retrieved. Without the proper code, you won't be able to disarm the system. To address this, you may need to consider factory defaulting the panel and performing a complete reprogramming. To streamline this process, you can reach out to the company that initially installed the panel as they'll have access to the settings and sensor list records. This means they can reprogram the system more efficiently than starting from scratch.

How do I disconnect power to the alarm system during a reset?

The alarm system, as outlined in the alarm system manual, isn't typically linked to a dedicated circuit breaker. Instead, for the process of resetting, you should start by unplugging the plug-in transformer, which delivers power to the main control panel. This action will turn off the power supply to the system. We also advise you to disconnect the power backup battery to successfully reset the alarm board and ensure a complete reset of your home security system.

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