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IP Access Control: What It Is & How It Benefits Your Business

IP Access Control: What It Is & How It Benefits Your Business

Feeling safe and secure is something everyone is looking for, whether it’s at home or at work. And the best way to achieve this? With IP access control systems.

IP-based systems are a great way to keep your business secure while storing data for a robust protection system. By incorporating IP-based access control systems, you can keep your business safe from theft, intrusion, and crime, whether you’re physically present or not.

To help you better understand all the perks of IP access control systems, we are sharing exactly what these systems are and how they will benefit your business. Let’s dive right in!

What Is IP Access Control?

IP access control is a tool used to provide electronic access control using the internet to check credentials, allowing only authorized personnel to enter a location. Through this system, a user’s credentials are transmitted to a server which then verifies that they are in fact permitted.

Not sure if this is a commonly used tactic? Think again. It’s likely that you’ve actually interacted with a number of IP door access control systems. With many business and apartment buildings relying on these systems, they are a trusted, commonly used security solution to ensure that only those authorized at a location gain entrance, keeping your property safe.

How Does IP Access Control Work?

How Does IP Access Control Work

Using an internet connection to transmit data, IP access control systems work by sharing information through an internet connection to an access reader. Through this process, the access reader is able to check the credentials of someone looking to gain access, ensuring that only those permitted get in.

Need a little more detail? Let’s break it down:

  1. First, a resident or employee presents their key fob, key card, phone, or even fingerprint to the IP door controller so it can read the data.
  2. Next, the reader transmits the credentials to a computer server so the system can check if the credentials are permitted.
  3. Now that the computer software has the credentials, it searches against the stored data to permit or deny entry.
  4. Lastly, the system sends a signal to the door to unlock it, allowing for secure entry.

This no-hassle system keeps locations safe, backed by software that’s built to last.

The Difference Between IP-Based and Traditional Access Control Systems

There are quite a few differences between an IP-based system and the traditional access control systems from years past. Let’s break it down.

  1. Different from a traditional system, IP access control connects to your LAN or WAN, allowing it to track all data and record everyone that enters and exits a location - something that can prove immensely beneficial in the long run.
  2. With IP door access control systems, you can support many access cards and readers due to the use of Ethernet to transmit data about the entry. This system uses an on-board network interface, while a traditional system has a terminal server in order to work.
  3. Unlike a traditional system, an IP-based access control system can support mobile management, meaning you can set up, view, and manage a building’s entry from your device, whether you’re present or not.

An IP-based system goes above and beyond the capabilities of a traditional system, allowing for a truly secure and convenient entry system.

IP Access Control Benefits

The benefits of IP-based access control options are endless. From easy management and installation to convenience for both residents and business owners, IP systems are incredibly beneficial when ensuring the security of your business.

To understand all the perks of these systems, we are sharing the top benefits. Check it out!

Easy Installation

Unlike other security solutions, an IP system only requires two wires, one Power over Ethernet wire to support the technology and connect to the internet, as well as a wire connecting the system to the door to permit entry. This allows for quick and painless installation, avoiding the process of placing a ton of wires in your space.

Easy Management

IP door access control systems make the role of property staff and owners a whole lot easier.

With an IP system, you can manage remotely, allowing you to easily change access permissions and update those permitted, as well as view data from the system of who has entered and exited.

And that’s not all. IP systems can integrate with property management software so the two are synced, saving you the hassle of adjusting access permissions when someone moves in or out of a building.

Convenience for Residents

Your residents and employees will appreciate an IP access control system, too. This convenient option can offer an array of features, including:

  • Two-way video calling
  • Integrations with other smart services, such as smart locks or thermostats
  • Mobile applications so permitted individuals can unlock doors from their phone
  • Delivery passes for convenient courier entry
  • Multi-use keys that can even be programmed to work at certain times

Control Over All Business Locations

IP Access Control Benefits

Since IP-based access control systems operate using just an internet connection, all of your systems that are connected through the same network will be conveniently viewable to you on a web browser, mobile application, or program. This means if you have multiple locations you’re monitoring, you can keep track of each in one, convenient location. With this, you can manage and maintain the security processes, without being physically present.

Multiple Controllers Are Supported

No matter how large your business is, an IP access control system can handle it. The systems can support multiple controllers, all on one platform. With this, you can do a lot to increase your efficiency. This will also help save you time, as well as money when it comes to installation. In seamless adding of controllers, you have an increased ability to grow your business, simply adding more controllers as needed.


Technology is ever-improving, so it’s not surprising that the latest IP door access control system options are faster and more reliable than the traditional version. Since they are able to handle a lot of data, sending and receiving information at full speed with your network, it’s a super reliable choice. And when it comes to having a lot of users accessing your system, you want it to be able to handle everyone.

IP Access Control Drawbacks

To give you the full scope of IP access control systems, it’s time to cover some drawbacks. While the pros certainly outweigh the cons, there are a few things to consider when opting for IP-based access control.

Network Needed

Without an internet network, you can’t really have an IP access control system. Internet is essential to functionality and helps ensure the full reliability of the system. Additionally, if you have a network that is prone to equipment failure or experiences extremely high traffic, it may affect the functionality of your system, and when it comes to creating a secure space, we certainly don’t want a low-quality network getting in the way.

Cyber Attack Vulnerability

With network-based systems, there comes a certain degree of concern about cyber hackers. While this was a problem with older IP access control systems, the latest technology is equipped to withstand these attacks with upgraded operating systems built to secure your controllers from hackers. Data encryption can also help boost the security of your system.


At the end of the day, there’s no doubt that IP door access control systems are a superior, upgraded, and modern alternative to your old, traditional, wired system. Utilizing the internet as a way to transmit large quantities of data, an IP system is built to grow with your business, allowing for convenient scaling while communicating wirelessly for a safe and secure environment.

Convinced of the perks of IP-based access control? Us, too. When it comes to security, our team at Forbel is the expert. To learn more about the systems Forbel offers and to get started finding the right one for your location, check out our access control options today.


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