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Top 10 Benefits of an Access Control System for Your Business

Want to make sure your business is safe and secure? An access control system can help! Discover top benefits of access control systems for your business!

Top 10 Benefits of an Access Control System for Your Business

A secure access control system is top of mind for businesses small and large. Access control security is especially critical when your business deals with confidential and sensitive data. Protecting your business from theft, break-ins, or damage to property and equipment is important for every type of business owner.

Physical security and preventing data breaches are integral parts of a successful business plan. The right access control system will benefit your business's bottom line, whether you have 5 employees or 5,000. There are so many benefits of the access control system for all types of businesses, especially warehouses where goods and equipment are stored for lengthy periods.

What Is Electronic Access Control?

Electronic access control is a type of access control that uses electrically powered locks and different types of credential readers. These kinds of modern access control systems utilize RFID technology, cellular networks, and the “internet of things” to revolutionize the world of access control. Innovations like magnetic strips will protect your property with secure doors.

How Does an Access Control System Work?

Access Control System

Controlling access is of key importance for every business to secure data, financial records, and even office supplies. Authorized users who want to gain access to the business must provide the right credentials either physically, or digitally with a key card, mobile device, fingerprint, or something similar.

The employee requests access at a card reader which sends the information to an access control unit, this then grants or refuses access according to the validity of the credentials. Once the ACU authorizes the user to enter the premises it will trigger the door to unlock allowing entrance.

IT managers, office administrators, or heads of security will define the access control parameters which will grant or refuse access to users via a management dashboard or portal. Managers can utilize discretionary access control to customize settings to control access based on time of day, employ rank, or based on shifts to limit access.

Components of Electronic Access Control System

An access control system is an invaluable tool to manage access and protect a business and its client data to ensure physical security. The different components play an integral part in the infrastructure of an access control system.

  • Electronic locks: Fail-safe locks that unlock when fed by power, typically used for spaces that need to remain secure even in the event of a power outage. These types of doors will need push bars to be used in case of emergencies. 
  • Card readers: These devices pick up a signal that reads data stored on the magnetic strip of a key card or chip.
  • Access control panel: This device is in a secure location, when the credentials are scanned to the control panel, its settings will grant or refuse access. 
  • Access control server: This component works in tandem with the access control panel to grant physical access. In addition, it tracks data and is often stored in a remote location or utilizes a cloud-based service. 

10 Benefits of Access Control Systems

1. Ease of Access for Employees

An access control system allows you to give your employees access to different areas with ease using a PIN input or a keycard scanner. Being able to “set and forget” access to these rooms will ensure employees are getting what they need to do their work, but only going where they are authorized.

2. Freedom from Traditional Keys

Access Control System For Your Business Benefits

Physical office door keys can be a pain, they can get lost, they can break, or they can just be difficult to immediately identify on your already full key ring. If they get lost, they pose a serious security threat to your business, and they can cost a lot of money to replace, especially if you also need to replace the locks in the office.

Access control systems are keyless door entry systems that will save you time, money, and frustration. A keycard or fob is more easily deactivated and replaced, allowing you to maintain a high level of security in your building.

3. Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

Access control systems can add another level of security because tracking who enters and who exits the building or any specific room within it, as well as when they came and left, can be an advantage in the case of an accident or theft, as you can know who was in the area when the incident occurred. It can also be helpful in ensuring people are working when they should be.

4. Saving Money and Energy

Don’t underestimate the importance of access control systems. They’re an effective tool in saving your business money, energy, and manpower. Lock money in secure areas where only authorized personnel can access it, reducing the need for security guards.

You can also integrate an access control system with your lighting, cooling, and heating systems. Set the lights to only turn on when someone enters the room and set the temperatures to adjust when no one is around, reducing energy costs.

5. Setting Dates and Times of Access

Business Benefits Access Control

Access control systems have scheduling features, allowing you to give access to specific doors and rooms to specific people for specific days and times. That’s a lot of details that you can just set and forget about afterwards.

For example, if your business was holding a conference then many stakeholders, partners, and employees would be invited. An access control system makes it easy to give them access to the necessary rooms and offices for the duration of the conference, and remove it immediately after it ends.

6. Safe Working Environment

Maintain a safe work environment by restricting unauthorized people from entering. You can run background checks on anyone before allowing access, keeping your business safe from unwanted visitors.

Access control systems are also helpful in an emergency. In the case of a fire or other emergency, standard lock and key doors will stay locked, preventing a quick exit for your employees. Access control systems have fail safe locks that unlock doors when the power cuts out, so no one will waste time trying to manually unlock the door.

7. Flexibility

Organizing different levels of access with physical keys can be exhausting, time consuming, and confusing. An access control system offers flexibility for your security in that it’s an effective solution to almost all of your building's security needs. Allowing the particular programming of access to specific areas to certain employees, increases security.

Access can be easily restricted, added or adjusted to accommodate your business growth including new employees, as well as existing employee position changes, promotions, and departures. Access control systems make manual key systems obsolete, offering flexibility and ease of use.

8. Integration

Access Control Benefits for Business

Integration is another key benefit of an access control system, further layering protection over staff, equipment, and assets. Access control systems can be integrated with your existing security efforts, like alarms and CCTV. A good example of their cohesion is if an access control system detects someone entering a restricted area, a CCTV camera records who the intruder is, and the video can later be used as evidence, if necessary.

9. Reducing The Crime Rate

Access control systems can help reduce the crime rate, as they restrict access to buildings and offices. Effectively keeping potential offenders out will decrease the chances of theft of expensive equipment and supplies and damage to the property. It can also protect employees from possible violent crimes.

Intruder threats are not the only thing that you can protect against; since an access control system tracks staff movement through the building, it deters employee misconduct.

10. Remote Access

It’s expensive to staff your business 24/7. When contractors, delivery drivers, or suppliers show up at inopportune times, like after hours, allowing remote access to the building can be a lifesaver. Access control systems can include video intercoms in order to safely grant access.


At Forbel, we guide you to ensure that your access control security solutions will fit the needs of your business. Access control is an excellent way to guarantee the best form of physical security and the latest technology to protect you, your business, your staff, your clients, your client data, and your office supplies.

Among the many benefits of access control, it can save money and help your security personnel. If you are looking for reliable installers in Chicago or need help designing or integrating your security system for businesses in multiple locations, such as Milwaukee and Indianapolis, contact our experts for a free consultation.


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Dzmitry Beliayeu
Dzmitry Beliayeu

Dzmitry Beliayeu is a commercial building security expert, technology consultant, and licensed alarm contractor

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